Are all Thai girls only in it for the money?

After spending many years in Thailand the question I get the most often is whether all Thai girls are money hungry, gold diggers. Well of course you can’t generalize an entire region, so the answer is no. Although I have run into plenty of gold diggers, they are not the only type of Thai women.

Generally I tend to come across three types of women in Thailand; the gold diggers, the adventure seekers and the normal gals.

Gold Diggers

Like most regions where there is man with money, there are gold diggers. The gold diggers in Thailand are generally pretty easy to catch. They seem to be straight forward and will ask for things such as new phones or laptops and can even be as bold as to ask for apartments or homes. Most gold diggers are prepared to do anything as long as you provide them with gifts. So if you are looking for a Thai girlfriend or romantic partner you can easily secure this relationship with a gold digger but it will cost you. Of course you will not be giving the Thai girl straight up cash but the cost will come in the form of purchasing expensive presents.

Adventure Seekers

Adventure seekers are Thai girls dating that are highly interested and intrigued by dating people outside their race and nationality. North American daters are especially welcomed by such girls. Adventure seekers can usually be spotted by the nature in which they communicate; little knowledge of the English language and their giggly aversion to first offerings of anything exciting and new. At first when you approach an adventure girl she may shy away, but thankfully they always come around. In fact the persuading and coaxing is something the adventure seekers get off on, so do not hold back in this department. For this type of women you will also need to have some basic of Thai language skills and the more Thai you know the more fun you will have. Treating an adventure girl to nice dinners and expensive wine is mostly wasted money. These girls want to have the experience of being with an American man and are not looking for big elaborate dinners or material things.

The normal gals

The last type of girl I have encountered in Thailand is the type of girl that is both uninterested in money or the fact that you are North American. This type of girl falls in love with a man that is attractive to her regardless of race, cultural or wealth. So, for this type of girl there is no strategy when trying to secure a relationship because it will either happen organically or it won’t. Simple as that.

In my experience Thai girls are not all about money and material goods. Like most places in the world of course gold diggers can be found but there are also some really great down to earth girls. Thailand has a variety to offer and it is your choice to seek out what you desire.

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