The basic truths of dating a Japanese woman

I remember the first time I went to Japan I was treated as a rock star. The ladies simply loved me and continued to ask if I was a model or actor. This was completely shocking to me, because in North America I generally received little to no attention from women. This was the starting point for my interest in dating women from Japan.

Soon after returning home from my trip to Japan, I started dating a woman who was Japanese. While the relationship did not last, the experience was great and I would defiantly be open to dating another Japanese women.

Going into the relationship I had a lot of preconceived notions, all turned out to be untrue. Below are the lessons I learned from dating my ex and hopefully they will help you successfully navigate a relationship with a Japanese women.

Bait and switch

Japanese women have a reputation of being are sweet, kind and submissive. In the beginning this was my experience. My girlfriend was very sweet and would cook for me, stop by my house with gifts and even clean up my apartment from time to time. However when we moved in together this nurturing and sweet behavior seemed to convert into dominate and controlling behavior very quickly. While this was not a complete turn off, I was surprised at the contrast in personality from pre and post moving in together.

The Chief financial officer

I have always had really good jobs that accompanied a great salary. Additionally I have always been in control of my own finances and never liked the idea of handing this responsibility over to my girl. However my ex was extremely controlling with my finances and even went as far as to asking to see my bank statements. I have chatted with other guys who have dated Japanese women and apparently this is the norm. In the Japanese culture women control the finances and this is completely normal. So, be prepared for your Japanese partner to try and take the reins.

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Passive- aggressive behavior

Japanese women generally seem to have a skill for speaking indirectly and playing head games with their partners. In Japan, it is common for people to beat around the bush rather than just come out and say what they think. This trait can be exhausting and frustrating in a relationship, but tolerable if you know what you are dealing with.

They do cheat

The reason that my ex and I ended our relationship is because she cheated on me. I somehow thought that the Japanese would be too polite to cheat. Stupid, I know. While of course every women regardless of their nationality or race cheat, but I thought it was worth a mention that yes Japanese women cheat too. I do believe that on average Japanese women cheat less than Americans but it is still a possibility and something to look out for.

In conclusion Japanese women are extremely good looking, well-polished and fun to date. Being aware of their little quirks and heads games you allow you to get past the bad and be able to fully enjoy the ride.

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