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How to successfully date a Filipino girl

In my opinion the most beautiful of the Asian women are the Filipinos. I have always been very nervous to approach them because of their beauty and this held me back when it came to actually dating a Filipino girl. After visiting the Philippines numerous times and meeting many of the lovely women, I can finally say I have mastered the art of successfully dating Filipino ladies .

Here are my four pro-tips for successfully landing and dating a Filipino girl.

Make sure she can speak English

Let us start with basics. In order to charm and win over any lady it is best if you can communicate with the spoken word and even better if those words are spoken in your native tongue. It can be very difficult to start a relationship with someone who does not speak your language and even worse if you do not speak theirs either. Thankfully, English is one of the official languages of the Philippines and the school system requires all students to learn it. It is therefore easy to find a Filipino woman in which you can hold conversations with. While of course there will be some language differences and miscommunications, but the basic are there. If you meet a Filipino who cannot speak English, move on. One this shows that she is most likely uneducated or even worse really unintelligent. Secondly there are plenty of Filipino women who do speak the language, so you can easily move on to find one who does speak English.

Let her friend tag along

It is quite common for Filipino women to ask if they can bring a friend to a first meeting or date, especially if that date is with a foreigner. Initially I thought this was weird and would prefer if they didn’t. But as I grew to understand and know the culture I was fine with it. From a women’s perspective meeting an unknown man can potentially be dangerous and anything to ease that stress for her, is fine with me. Plus who knows, if she doesn’t end up liking you maybe her friend will. In a way it doubles your chances.

Do not be fooled by the modest culture

In the Filipino culture they strongly value women who are modest and demure. The culture frowns upon provocative behavior and for this reason sexy clothing is generally not worn by the women. However do not assume because your date does not wear skimpy bath suits or revealing tops that she is a prude. I thought this was a bad sign initially and meant that these women would also be prudes in the bedroom, but do not worry behind closed doors there is plenty of sexy to be had.

They will not make the first move

If your dating strategy consists of sitting back and letting the girl come to you, you will never land a Filipino. Filipinos are generally shy, timid and never make the first move. If you notice that a girl is sort of hovering around you or gradually inching closer, this is a good sign she is interested and it would be wise to make a move.

I am very happy that I finally got the nerve to start chatting up Filipino ladies. They are gorgeous women who have a lot to offer any guy. While it may take some work to get used to their culture and figure out how they tick, it is total worth it.

Dating a Filipina Girl

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