Asian wife – all you should know about them

Asian people adhere to centuries-old traditions. Despite the enormous scientific and technological leap, Asian residents are in no hurry to revise their centuries-old views on life, including family life. In Asia, patriarchy reigns, and in a form unknown in any other country in the world.

How a future Asian wife is brought up

The education of humility begins long before an Asian girl meets her future couple. From early childhood, girls are taught that their main task is to find the most successful option for creating a family and later devote themselves to the hearth completely, without a trace.

We can confidently say that parents are engaged in the upbringing of an ideal Asian wife right from the moment of birth of a female child in the family. Everything is subject to the interests of the upcoming marriage. Even education is chosen in such a way that, if possible, it helps to arrange a profitable party for the girl.

If a girl has a brother, it doesn’t matter whether she is older or younger, then from a very young age she has been observing the difference in attitudes towards male and female children. Boys are treated much more respectfully, listen to their desires and more often pamper. From the son does not require what is mandatory for the daughter.

Such a different attitude towards children is farsightedly designed to demonstrate to girls their second-rate status and prepares them to be with a man in the role of a servant. In the family, the Asian wife is quiet, helpful, laconic, and always friendly.

Basic rules followed by an Asian wife

This is not fantasy or fiction, but a real set of rules for an Asian wife. Here are the basic rules of an Asian wife who can teach Western women how to build a good relationship with a guy or husband:

  • Your man is your overlord. An Asian wife never forgets that her man should receive the highest priority from her in her life. He is more important than herself, her parents, His external interests, and even his children, he is the most important thing in life.
  • Wake up early and cook breakfast. An Asian wife must wake up in the morning before her husband wakes up to make him a healthy breakfast and make sure that he will get a good start to his day. If he had to wake up and leave the house before her, she would still get up so that breakfast was already prepared and was waiting for him in the kitchen.
  • Never blame him! Never grunts at his man because of anything. If he wants to drink a lot after returning home, it is all connected with his work. If he forgets to take out the trash, then the Asian wife will do it on her own for him.
  • More at home. When he returns home after a busy day at work, his Asian wife tries to be at home. If she also has work during the day, then she will return home after her as soon as possible.
  • Smile and make him happy. When a man returns home, an Asian wife greets him with a heartfelt smile. If she has such an opportunity, then she will walk at least a dozen kilometers in order to bring him cold drinks.
  • Cook dinner with his favorite foods. The Asian wife will make the man a delicious dinner that he can eat shortly after returning.
  • Let go of fun with friends. An Asian wife is not angry if he wants to go out all night with friends or at a bar with friends. He escorts him with a smile and shows him that he cares about him, giving him a sandwich and beer with him on the road.

Why Western husbands choose an Asian wife

An Asian wife is the dream of any Western groom. All this because she is very faithful, flexible and loving. An Asian wife will never argue with her man. She always asks for permission about everything – before buying, before going out for a walk or meeting with her friends. If she plans to use her husband’s hard-earned money or funds from her own salary, the Asian wife always ask him before buying anything for herself.

Even with little doubt, the Asian wife gives her husband the choice. Let him decide what to watch on TV. Television is his prerogative and, therefore, he must decide which channel to watch. The same goes for movies and rentals.

An Asian wife is the dream of any Western groom

Asian wife is the most submissive of all women

Asian wife is always submissive and obedient. She does nothing that he would not like her husband and not when she does not complain. If a man doesn’t want to watch one reality show with her or wants to go out for a drink with friends, then she follows his rules. It will bring them both happiness.

If a man loves sexy underwear, then she wears it. The Asian wife is shy and shy in the company of other people, but when the lights go out, it’s the turn of the wild. He can make a man happy.

An Asian wife knows at least a couple of things about sports and can keep up the conversation. However, it always allows him to start discussions. The Asian wife always follows the figure and dresses beautifully. Always keeps the house in perfect cleanliness. She understands that her husband should not waste time searching for clean socks and underwear.

Why do Asian wife want to marry foreigners

Defenders of the patriarchy often engage in controversy with opponents condemning the desire to marry a foreigner. Favorite arguments in this case are the typical Asian relationship romanticism, beautiful courtship and reverent attitude towards lovers. But all this is a story for foreigners who do not know Asian realities.

In fact, nothing described above is not mentioned. Asian gentlemen, most often, come on empty-handed dates, and if the meeting takes place in a cafe or restaurant, it pays exclusively for itself. The candy-buffet period of the relationship is completely absent – there are no flowers, no walks under the moon, no hot oaths of allegiance to the grave.

Making a digression, we say that in Asia it is generally not customary to give spontaneous gifts, and especially to Asian wives. It has long been believed that if a woman needs something, then she will ask her husband to buy it, and if she is silent, then she has everything she needs and gifts are not needed.

Asian wives seek romance and love in the West

Asians are even worse with a display of tender feelings. In Asia, it is customary to be stiff and restrained, even in the family circle. Manifestations of love and tenderness in public are censured, and this applies not only to spouses, but even to grandmothers and grandchildren.

Dating Asians consist of conversations, walks, going to the movies, and holding hands is also not accepted. Everything about love can only happen between two, behind the closed bedroom doors, without random witnesses. Asian men make a marriage proposal quickly and efficiently, and to give romanticism or at least solemnity to this important event is not accepted. Therefore, the Asian wife is looking for romance abroad.

Family means a lot to an Asian wife

Family means a lot to an Asian wife

Asian family life can easily be described in just two words: humility and labor. There are only two scenarios of female happiness. In the first case, the Asian wife works in hard and often low-paid work, giving the earned up to a penny to the family. In the second, it’s another extreme, since in this case the spouse should forget about work and hobbies and devote herself completely to her family and children.

After marriage, women are not forced to leave work – she is free to choose the scenario of her future life. An Asian wife can even make a career, but with one important condition – this should not prevent her from taking perfect care of her family.

All household chores are the prerogative of the spouse. A man does nothing at home. He comes home from work and his main task is to relax. Even such small tasks as garbage removal, husbands should not be carried out. At the same time, a man can demand from his Asian wife an ideal order and cleanliness in the house.

Asian wife cooks well

While preparing dinner for her husband, an Asian wife will not be able to get off with one dish. Here pickles placed on the table in small bowls are accepted. Semi-finished products and primitive “fast” dishes do not pass here.

An Asian wife cooks daily, while seriously straining her imagination so that she can repeat as little as possible. After the meal, the wife herself cleans the table and washes the dishes – the husband does not touch this work with a finger. Raising and caring for children is also the responsibility of the Asian wife.

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