Chinese women want to marry an American

There is no doubt that Chinese women are attracting more and more foreigners. The success of “Chinese wives is explained by China’s growing popularity in the world. In the course of rapid economic growth, China’s position as a world power is becoming increasingly apparent. The views of Western men naturally appeal to Chinese women, and they like what they see. Perhaps this phenomenon would not be so widespread if it were not accompanied by a crisis of family and gender relations in the West.

Benefits of Chinese wives

While Chinese women marry for life, Western women increasingly see marriage as a career that can change at any time, especially if an opportunity arises. Unlike Western women, Chinese women willingly assume the traditional role of the “guardian of the hearth”.

Chinese women have managed to strike a balance between gender equality and maintaining traditional gender roles in marriage. Chinese women give Western men an incredible feeling that they have a right to a special attitude, more than just the equal rights that women in the West are so obsessed. In other words, Western men are tired of Western women.

Chinese girls are better suited for marriage because their culture is more conservative and family oriented. Chinese woman will love husband and treat him like the head of the family. Some of my friends are married to Chinese women, and their wives share a more respectful attitude towards husbands. Chinese women appreciate the love and attention from her husband. They recognize the merits and efforts of the husband to give the family a better life. Ask the western woman to make you a cup – she will say, “do it yourself”. In addition, the Chinese wife will bring coffee as soon as her husband comes home, will massage him if he asks, and generally creates an atmosphere of love and comfort.

How do Chinese women attract Americans

The American husbands of Chinese wives also unanimously note their particular devotion to the family. Chinese women are very family oriented. Family for them is the main thing. However, the Americans have different things: sometimes they don’t even see their parents for a long time. Many Chinese women give up their careers to take care of her husband and children.

Chinese girls in youth actively communicate with friends, go to cafes and restaurants, and walk often. Nevertheless, after marriage, they spend less time with friends. Ask your husband for permission before you go somewhere. It is felt that they first value the house, the family, and then everything else. It captivates American men.

Many of the men who are attracted to Chinese women already have negative experiences with Western women, including a very expensive divorce, and are disappointed in the changes that have occurred to women in the West in recent decades.

The exotic beauty and long youth of miniature Chinese women attract many men. To this day, Chinese women have been able to maintain an attractive appearance and monitor their health. While Western women, hiding behind the slogan of “healthy attitude to the body,” reached the point where obesity was considered the norm, Chinese women remain slim and fit.

Naturally, choosing between unhealthily fat women and slender, fit and physically attractive Chinese women, Western men are inclined to the latter. After all, men love with their eyes. They are pleased. In addition, in the West, many girls do not follow themselves. Bad habits, smoking, alcohol and swearing do not decorate them.

The exotic beauty and long youth of miniature Chinese women attract many men

Stereotypes about life with a Chinese woman

The popularity of “Chinese brides” is partly due to some stereotypes that are so actively disseminated by the press. Recently, Chinese women have always been portrayed in the Western press as “submissive, quiet, little flowers.”

Honestly, now something is unlikely to have changed. Many international dating sites with Chinese women try to maintain this image. Chinese women have incredible willpower; they violently defend their rights and beliefs, their home and especially their family and loved ones.

Australian journalist Richard Hughes, who lived in a happy marriage by a Chinese woman for almost 50 years, described the best character of Chinese women: “They are steel rods studded with flowers.” Interestingly, the typical ideas about Chinese women are rather controversial. On the one hand, they are “submissive flowers,” on the other, tyrannical materialists.

Chinese women want to marry western men

30 million Chinese men in 2020 will seek a partner, although perhaps this will not be reflected in the official statistics of China. Women are in a clear minority and have the opportunity to choose and choose: more and more of them do not want to marry the Chinese, but prefer western husbands for themselves.

Chinese women find Western men attractive for several reasons – it is called, in particular, that they are more confident, less pinched, with humor, it is especially emphasized that they are tall and muscular.

The modern Chinese woman is extremely spoiled for choice. So that she begins to consider the guy as a candidate for husbands, he must already have real estate, an apartment and a stable job with a good position. And also the opportunity to ensure a prosperous future not only for the wife, but also for her parents and other relatives.

Character of Chinese women

Redrawing men to their taste is simply a natural gift from Chinese women. In addition, it’s not enough for them to simply remake the man, they need him to devote all his time only to them. As soon as the husband wants to go somewhere to relax, the wife immediately asks: “Where are you going? With whom? Is there a woman? What age Beautiful? Are there prettier me? How did you meet them? ”The man only has to say: “ you know, I won’t go anywhere. ”

Despite their natural harmony, Chinese women strive for even greater thinness

Attitude towards children

Americans usually try to make their children grow up freely and happily. Here, very few parents are really obsessed with the idea of “bringing the offspring to people.” The Chinese, however, treat their children as harshly as subordinates do. From early childhood, they are forced to play the piano, practice Wushu and ballet, and learn Chinese and mathematics.

By the age of 18, and no later, the child should already finish graduate school, after which, having stepped over his youth, immediately settle down. At 30, retirement, and at 40, it’s time for the grave. All children love to play, the youth of any country loves to have fun, but in a Chinese family all this is strictly forbidden. It turns out that Chinese parents are not at all keen to release their child; their only goal is to torture him as soon as possible.

Goals in the life of Chinese women

Once you marry a girl from China, an infinite number of different goals will immediately appear in your life. Bought a house? You need one more. In addition, this one bought? Rebuild the first. Has a child graduated from one of the prestigious universities? Let it go to one more. Then it is also necessary that I go to work in a good company. Is there a million in the account? Here’s your next goal: now earn a million for each of the children. In fact, these are the Chinese: they run from one goal to another all their lives. In addition, while you are alive, there will be no end to goals.

Chinese beauty

China, despite all its progressiveness and speed of development, is a country where much more importance is attached to public opinion than in the west. Strong social pressure in ancient China led to the fact that the girl not only wanted to be beautiful, but was obliged to be one. The standards of Chinese beauty have undergone tremendous changes over the millennia, but both earlier and today, they amaze with their unusualness, reaching the extreme.

Despite their natural harmony, Chinese women strive for even greater thinness. By the way, in China it is almost impossible to pick up jeans of our 44th size – there are almost no girls in China with such a build, all have a maximum of 40.

We can say that beauty in Chinese is not silicone breasts, full lips and California tan. This is a straight nose, almond-shaped eyes, a narrow chin and tiny lips. It seems that Chinese beauty standards are less aggressive than European ones, but both the first and second are achieved, as a rule, by plastic surgery. Often, young Chinese women, receiving surgery as a gift for graduation from their parents, go to Korea, the Asian capital of plastic surgery. There is even a joke among them: “Why are all Koreans alike? Because they are operated by the same doctor! ”

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