EasternHoneys Review: The best Asian marriage agency


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Users Statistics

Age groups

17-25 y.o. 9%

26-35 y.o. 24%

36-48 y.o. 56%

49-70 y.o. 11%

Gender groups

Male 70%

Female 30%

Queer or LGBT

Communication quality

Response rate 3 of 5

Real meeting rate 4 of 5

Anti-scam safety 4 of 5

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Pricing Details

Subscription feeNone

Membership feeNone

Start set of 20 credits Free

Profile video upload 25 or 100 credits

Profile photo comment 2 credits

Chat 1 min. 2 credits

Stickers and virtual gifts 5 credits

Chat photo 10 credits

Videochat50 credits

Mail opening Free or 10 credits

Mail sending 10 or 30 credits

Mail photo sending Free

Mail photo opening 10 credits

Mail video opening 50 credits

Gift delivery 100 credits

First date request 625 credits

Direct contacts request Free after 3000 credits

Price comparing to other sites

In comparison with other dating sites, EasternHoneys is middle-priced. Since it’s credit-based, there’s no gradation of memberships that often confuses the users and makes them feel non-qualified.

The system of payments is transparent enough, not complex or fraudulent like it happens elsewhere. One can easily watch their credits and spend them wisely, instead of losing all at once.

It is possible thanks to very simple and plain features, there are no hidden expenses. One just pays for his particular actions and services he chose, and he can use just the basic ones if he wants.

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Pricing advice from experts

Even on credit-based dating sites, it is possible to spend less if it’s an issue for you. Let’s see what it means in case with EasternHoneys which is meant for Asian hookups and marriages.

One can surely use the credits on chatting without video and photos. But make an exception at least once a week, especially if a girl became a kind of special to you. Exchange a few photos, it’s normal.

Asian girls often report they feel men online are trying to spend less on them, and it’s extremely obvious. It surely makes no sense to order the gifts delivery all the time, it’s costly and can be in vain.

But presenting a Birthday gift or a New Year gift is just natural, a girl notices very much if a guy ignores that, and makes a conclusion she isn’t so important at all. So, try to notice special dates.

ID Verification and why do I need it?

ID Verification is a useful option that allows to confirm the user is real, and to enjoy extra options available only to those who completed the process. Here are some of those options.

The contact information of your match can be requested only if you’re an ID verified member, even if you already exchanged a number of mails and you spent the necessary minimum of credits.

The first date can be arranged through the site also in case the user is verified. If not, he’ll not see this feature in his interface and even if he sends his request through some form, it’ll not be reviewed.

EasternHoneys Review

Finally, one can track his spendings online, on each girl or in general, only if his ID is confirmed. It’s a very convenient feature for everyone who tries to be wise with the money.

So it makes sense not to miss any of these extra opportunities, and to pass the ID verification as soon as possible, once you join the site. It will greatly increase your chances for real success.

Is EasternHoneys for contemporary dating?

Interracial dating is progressive enough by itself. But contemporary dating, as experts understand this definition, is usually connected with very casual sex, themed parties, LGBTQ communities, group sex.

In this meaning, EasternHoneys cannot be called really modern. It’s a classical site where hot Asian girls are hoping to find their lifetime partner, travel partner, a sugar daddy, or a casual sponsor.

It’s up to you whether to choose this site or newer ones, but remember when a woman in love she is capable of accepting any sexual whims of her partner. Plus, Asian girls are submissive by nature.

So, do not miss this wonderful chance to find your Asia mate on EH and start the most exciting adventures together. The light form of online dating on EH allows to work on several affairs at once.

Brief Summary

EasternHoneys is one of best-known Asian dating sites with +1.5 mln. members from different Asian countries, mostly capitals. They’re all real personals since the gift delivery is practiced.

The site is easy to use and pleasant visually, even if not as trendy as we used to see in 2020. It is purely classical in all regards, and brings positive results to those who are patient and persistent.

The quality of the girls is high enough and most of them are ready to share casual photos and private photos, not only studio ones. It’s always a good sign and kind of guarantees a great outcome.

Reportedly, each 20th acquaintance on EasternHoneys leads to the relationship, while each second one leads to the real life meeting. It’s perfect statistics for such a modest and average site.

So, dating experts normally recommend this site to their clients or friends, as people value their personal time a lot and it can be considerably saved here with such a rapid and convenient search.

26 thoughts on “EasternHoneys Review: The best Asian marriage agency”

  1. Asian women are not like Western women. In fact, the best thing that you can do is go with your gut instincts and trust the woman to give you a good time. As long as the woman is showing signs of wanting to open up to you, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t pursue the relationship.

  2. I adore asian females. So gorgeous, elegant, and exciting. Great asians are definitely the absolute best

  3. Tinder in america is likewise like that for females. Most ladies only want to see how a lot of wants they may be able to make themselves feel sexy or what ever

  4. The answer is simple. The biggest issue is the fact that Asian women are not comfortable with dating outside of their culture. A lot of Asian women will tell you that Asian men have a few problems that they are trying to hide from you. This may sound like an excuse, but you have to understand that these women are highly impressionable and if they think that their boyfriend is ignoring them or that he is being less than supportive in the relationship, they will resent him for the rest of their lives.

  5. Asian women are very different from Western women. I have watched several marriages break up because there was a mistake. That is why you must act responsibly and take things slowly with women that you are dating online, unless you get too attached to them.

  6. It is not uncommon for non-Asian women to meet up with other non-Asian women while Asian men just don’t want to deal with it. What is really going on here? How can Asian men date non-Asian women and make their life more fulfilling?

  7. You do not want to just jump into something right away, especially if the woman seems interested in you. Instead, you should take it slow and decide if you really want to date the woman.

  8. I feel the need to sign up for this online dating internet site and travel to Chinese suppliers in expectations that Prozzie and i also could go on a day… a lady can dream

  9. Have you met someone you think might be right for you but are skeptical about Asian dating sites and marriage? There is a problem with Asian women who are married and dating outside of their culture. They could have some issues that they are embarrassed to discuss, so there is no chance they will open up to you.

  10. She then told me that she had been seeing another non-Asian woman, and she wanted to know if I would want to meet this woman. After I admitted that I was, in fact, single, she said that this was not what she was looking for because she thought that dating non-Asian women was not what she was looking for.

  11. I created a lot of good buddies with WeChat on my own numerous backpacking trips to China and Vietnam. Such as you explained, one half turn out to be prostitution but no less than they are straightforward and you also know right away their objective. In reality, I met my lovely wife because of WeChat. We were friends before we began online dating. So yeah, I really like WeChat 🙂

  12. Being treated differently by your boyfriend is a big issue when it comes to relationships. If a woman feels that her boyfriend is treating her badly, she is going to feel bad. If she feels that her boyfriend is less supportive and less concerned about her needs, she is going to resent him for the rest of her life.

  13. any individual ever tell you you look like dennis from it’s always bright and sunny *implication intensifies

  14. Asian women usually see a therapist once a month and they want to make sure that they do not screw this up. So, if you get the opportunity to date this Asian woman that has been dating an Indian man, then do so. The more you learn about how this woman’s culture works, the more you will understand that the man is not wrong for wanting to date her.

  15. I was with a non-Asian woman the other day and as she was driving us home, she stopped to look at my phone and asked me if I was married. When I told her that I was single, she said something to the effect of, “Oh, are you looking for a wife?” Of course, this is not something that I would ever do, but it hit me like a ton of bricks.

  16. guy, you gone total chinese around the modifying. this reminds me of the kinds of will show you see with the extreme edits and soudns

  17. You might think that it is rude of a guy to date an Asian woman in a relationship, but if you are thinking that, then you haven’t been with an Asian woman before. You also have no idea how the woman thinks. You must ask her about how the relationship works and then evaluate it accordingly.

  18. It doesn’t take much to get women in the mindset that you are on the same level as them. A man can’t do anything that his girlfriend wouldn’t want him to do in order to feel loved. Instead, women should do everything they can to get as much satisfaction out of the relationship as possible.

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