Essential tips to get Asian girlfriend

In addition to the feminine qualities and attractiveness of an Asian girlfriend, many social moments work in their favor, there are a number of quite obvious factors in Western Europe that contribute to the popularity of Asian women.

For example, the possibility of combining business with pleasure – a man goes on vacation in sunny, hospitable Thailand to spend a vacation there and at the same time meet a potential bride. The warm sea, delicious food, romantic atmosphere, you know, actively contribute to the development of feelings.

It is ridiculous at first glance, but even culinary preferences contribute to the popularity of dates with an Asian girlfriend. In addition to dishes of national cuisine, and, also traditionally, Italian and Spanish, what other dishes are in demand around the world? Asian of course. Dishes from rice, vegetables and seafood not only look attractive in pictures, but are also promoted as a source of a healthy, fulfilling life, male strength and female beauty. They are proud and boast of their ability to cook sushi, or the right soy sauce, as well as an Asian girlfriend who knows how to cook all these things regularly at home.

Western grooms dream of an Asian girlfriend

Asian girlfriend knows how to cook delicious things at home

Psychologists explain the phenomenon of popularity and demand for dating with an Asian girlfriend as well because they for the most part remained committed to patriarchal relations, where a man is given a leading role in the family. White men in Europe are tired of feminism and the imposition of “gender equality”. One of the ways to restore the “normal state of affairs” for them is a wife from third world countries, where a man still dominates both at home and in society. But perhaps the simplest explanation for the phenomenon of an Asian girlfriend lies right before our eyes – material well-being. That for white woman – ordinary household amenities, for an Asian woman – luxurious conditions. That for a white wife – a mediocre income, for an Asian girlfriend – a quality lifestyle for herself and possible children. The richest Western European man for relatively little money can give himself a completely divine status in the eyes of his beloved woman, who will refuse?

The beauty and attractiveness of an Asian girlfriend

Asian women would rather die than go outside in the heat without an umbrella. Also, girls often travel on bikes (something between a motorcycle and a moped that can be recharged from electricity), in protective masks that cover the entire face, cardigans, and huge mittens in forty-degree heat so as not to tan and preserve as white skin as possible.

A small size, an oval face in the shape of the letter V, that is, a face tapering to the chin, is considered beautiful. A double chin and a round face shape are not considered beautiful. The huge popularity of just this type of face led to an increase in the number of maxillofacial plastic surgeries in every second Asian girlfriend. With such an operation, the bones of the skull and jaw are cut to give the face the desired shape. Asians believe that a narrower face helps them look younger and nicer. Asian countries are quite densely populated, which creates a high degree of competition within the country. Therefore, it is believed that external attractiveness increases the chances of getting a better job, more successful getting married, getting more money. As a result, many Asians go under the knife, starting at age 16.

Asian women are rarely seen with a short haircut. Long hair has been and remains in vogue to this day. Also, girls experiment with hair color for an hour, but give preference to natural shades of chestnut or black. Hair coloring in bright colors like pink, blue or green is also gaining popularity.

Asian girlfriend – differences between Japanese women, Chinese women, Korean and Thai

When we come to any Asian country, at first all the people around seem to be on one face. In addition, to solve without practice which Asian girlfriend is in front of us: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai or Vietnamese, is generally impossible.

Koreans most often have a flat face, and high square cheekbones. Their nose is usually wide, and they carefully correct it with the help of various devices or rhinoplasty. It is quite difficult to describe the typical appearance of Korean women these days, due to the numerous plastic surgeries that are performed everywhere. Women are literally obsessed with their beauty and desire to achieve perfection.

Chinese women are usually of small stature, and lean physique. But recently, a tendency toward completeness has also appeared here. Chinese women speak very emotionally and unrestrainedly, actively helping themselves with gestures. They are very impulsive, and during the conversation can go on a cry.

Japanese women are generally very sensitive to their appearance, and devote a lot of time to caring for themselves. The Japanese are obsessed with cleanliness, and in a public place it is difficult to meet an untidy man with dirty hair or clothes. Most Japanese women have restrained and sophisticated make-up, and they prefer expensive brands to clothes.

Residents of Thailand are not keen on plastic surgery, but the ladyboys just do them all. Thais are usually small and miniature, and most often they have an almost masculine physique.

How to get the attention of an Asian girlfriend

To attract the attention of an Asian girlfriend, you need to follow a few tips tested by a large number of men. To melt the heart of an Asian girlfriend, you need to show a sense of humor. To start a conversation with any successful joke, to open the heart of an Asian girlfriend, is not difficult. And at the same time, with this joke you can attract the attention of not only the girl you like, but any person in general.

To attract the attention of an Asian girlfriend, you should arouse some curiosity on her part. You can ask a very original and interesting question, while indicating in advance that the question you are asking is unusual. This indication itself will already interest the girl. And then you can use words that you don’t often hear in everyday communication, and this will automatically make the girl think about what you said.

How to get an Asian girlfriend

Attitudes towards carnal love among Asian women range from complete chastity dictated by ancient and religious traditions to complete emancipation – as, for example, in Thailand, where the love of local beauties is a profitable business. Experts say that Asian sexuality is significantly different from European.

Thais, the market leaders in paid love, as well as Filipinos with Indonesians, live in historically multi-confessional countries, which saves them from the harsh pressure of religious morality. The situation is different in Indonesia and India, where local girls are not yet massively involved in this part of the tourism business. However, in resort places like Bali in Indonesia and Goa in India, the constant presence of “white men” looking for spicy encounters with local beauties is already leaving its mark.

An Asian girlfriend is always well-groomed, neatly dressed and have make up

Ways to find an Asian girlfriend

Many Westerners who seek to find an Asian girlfriend are looking for the most suitable ways to get to know her. But being at a great distance, in a different time zone, is difficult to do. Therefore, one of the most suitable options to meet an Asian girlfriend is an online dating or marriage agency. Acquainted with an Asian girlfriend, it is important to attract attention and try to agree on a personal meeting. For a guaranteed result, it would be nice for a man to meet several Asian girlfriend at once in order to choose the most suitable option among them.

Why an Asian girlfriend is better than a western woman

Asia has not yet reached the addiction of women to feminism and equality with men. Therefore, men from the West prefer to choose women from Asia as their wives. An Asian girlfriend, though possessing a wayward character, but she respects the opinion of a man, respects him and considers her husband the head of the family. Moreover, an Asian girlfriend or wife behaves in such a way that a man treats her with respect, does not humiliate her and takes into account her opinion in any matter. An Asian girlfriend is always well-groomed, neatly dressed and have make up. She will not allow herself to leave the bedroom in stretched pants or unwashed.

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  2. * I would personally never ever propose that gorgeous young girls usually are not easily satisfied. Attractiveness and allure are almost everything to some good looking woman. You will find that beautiful young girls will never reject you even once they sense unattractive and may manage to the in contrast.

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  4. and both proved a number of these recommendations, especially the “courting her total loved ones” factor.

  5. * For me there exists a large range of possibilities for your potential. Often it is very important make positive changes to wants to make technique for a much better final result. Keep in mind that it should take a while prior to deciding to find your best companion.

  6. * You need to opt for your Asian sweetheart carefully as as a result your way of life very rewarding and that is certainly what you want. You should look at exactly what makes her check. Make an effort to observe how she behaves whenever you go on a time or if you are going to enjoy your evening jointly.

  7. Things are all actually accurate for me with the exception of the bash in Vegas aspect (cuz I don’t stay in the usa lol but I really like EDM songs anyway so) as well as the designer brand bags and also the courting white men aspect (and I’m complete Oriental btw)

  8. Like a Japanese female, this movie is precisely why I really do not get along with a lot of Japanese females and went away to a new community… if it appears nuts and demanding and guessing-activity enough just from a single online video, but lifestyle among this every day, and also being a woman among other Japanese girls….. no cheers.

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