Everything you wanted to know about Vietnamese girl

Recently, the number of marriages between local women and foreigners has significantly increased in Vietnam. Similar marriages with Vietnamese girls are registered both in the country itself and abroad. A Vietnamese girl wants to love her husband and family, take care of all friends and relatives. She spares no effort and time, while managing everything.

Vietnamese girls enjoy increased attention from foreigners

Vietnamese girl have recently been considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Vietnamese girl often take prizes in various beauty contests. Therefore, recently, traveling to Vietnam with the aim of finding a wife has become popular with foreign grooms. Bridesmaid trafficking in Vietnam resembles a conveyor belt – many single men from the West arranged their personal lives in a similar way. The main reason encouraging Vietnamese girl and women to marry a foreigner is economic. In addition, this is true.

All Western women prefer to go to expensive shopping centers, even in order to buy some next trinket. Moreover, the Vietnamese girl is even glad to walk in the usual bazaar. Western bachelors, disappointed in their mercantile and obstinate compatriots, prefer obedient Vietnamese. By Western standards, a man can have a modest income, but even with such money in Vietnam he will be considered a rich man, which means he can easily find a good, and most importantly, always submissive wife.

Vietnamese girl seek their happiness in the West

First of all, Vietnamese girl strives for material comfort and well-being, because then they will be able to help their parents living in poverty and mainly in rural areas. Vietnamese girl wants to overcome the shackles of the traditional way of life, which still dominates the rural areas, where most brides come from. In Vietnam, they have to work hard and be content with little, so marriage to a foreigner is a kind of escape from a hateful life and poverty.

Most foreign men do not make excessive demands on their chosen ones (career, education, family background), and brides are not required to receive approval from all family members of the future husband. In addition, even for a limited part of Vietnamese brides who have an attractive appearance and come from wealthy families, marriage to a foreigner makes it possible to change lives. Their goal in a foreign marriage is not to live more prosperously and well, or to fully satisfy their material needs. Most likely, they are attracted by the opportunity to become famous and successful in a modern and developed country, such as, for example, America, European countries or Australia. There is such a motive:

Vietnamese girl is just interested to visit foreign countries, see another world, find out how people live there. Therefore, marriage for them is a kind of journey. Sometimes they return home, realizing that they saw there is not at all what they wanted. And finally, they want to love and be loved, which is the ideal meaning of a marriage, including with a foreigner.

For the most part, every Vietnamese girl is pure, beautiful and traditional

What attracts Vietnamese girls to foreign grooms

 Western men argue that the main thing for them in marriage is feelings, while many reproach them for self-deception, vanity and slave ambitions. Invite a girl you like in a cafe, give some gifts to her and her relatives, pay a sumptuous dinner with delicious seafood, arrange a chic wedding banquet for 80 people – it will cost the groom several times cheaper than in America or Europe.

Every Vietnamese girl is very well educated. Almost 99% of them remain innocent before marriage. And their humility has become a byword. For example, at lunch, the Vietnamese will not even touch food until the head of the family begins a meal. They are unpretentious, do not make scandals and idolize a man, so in Vietnam there are almost no divorces. In addition, these are very miniature girls, which many foreigners like.

How to marry a Vietnamese girl

To marry a Vietnamese, a lonely foreigner will need one click and several thousand dollars. There are various dating sites where poor Vietnamese girl is looking for wealthy suitors several hundred kilometers from their homeland. The site offers singles girls profiles with romantic and poetic descriptions of each of them. For the most part, every Vietnamese girl is pure, beautiful and traditional. She possesses tenderness and chastity of Chinese women and romantic exotic of foreign women.

Traditional Vietnamese girl looking for husband in the West

All the girls in Vietnam are very different. However, they are still similar between themselves. A Vietnamese girl from a respectable, but not rich family, with a higher education, having a good job, as a rule, is modest, funny and romantic. Romance comes from a universal Vietnamese love of poetry and music, as well as belief in the supernatural. Romance often implies sincerity and trusting relationships. This, however, is more related to northerners, it is good to be friends with southerners, but to make real friends is more difficult.

Modern Vietnamese girl – features

Today, a modern Vietnamese girl – a resident of a big city – practically does not differ from representatives of other megacities of the world. Another thing is a Vietnamese girl from a remote place or a village, where customs are still preserved to put on national clothes, to style hair in a certain way, and in some places to paint teeth black.

Having visited Vietnam, one can notice that the hairstyles of local residents vary depending on the region of the country. For example, representatives of northern nationalities have decided to braid their hair in braids of ribbon (thread) and lay them in circles on the crown or around the head. Southerners’ hair is collected on the back of the head, using scallops and other jewelry to fix the hairstyle. By the hairstyle of a Vietnamese girl, you can find out whether she is married or not.

It is not at all difficult to get acquainted with a Vietnamese girl

How to meet a Vietnamese girl

It is not at all difficult to get acquainted with a Vietnamese girl. They get to know each other very actively on the streets, in cafes, shops and on dating sites. A Vietnamese girl is open to communication, especially with a foreigner. Despite her natural shyness, the Vietnamese girl really wants to get married as soon as possible, and this desire is stronger than her fear. Recently, acquaintances with foreign grooms have been popular, so it’s enough to understand what kind of bride a man needs and go in search of his own fate. A man can go on a special marriage tour, where he will be given a choice of several girls. After talking with them, he will be able to take to his country the one he likes best. Men love Vietnamese brides, as they are very obedient, caring and sweet.

What a man should know about a Vietnamese girl

When a man announces to a Vietnamese girl that he loves her madly and wants to associate the rest of his life with her, a mechanism called “marry a foreigner” is launched. In addition, the Western groom, not by a beautiful Vietnamese with an aspen waist and a crazy smile, will not play the first role in this – the Vietnamese family will play the first role.

Marrying a Vietnamese girl, a man marries a man of 200 or 300. For each member of the family, the groom is just an opportunity to improve their life. Vietnamese are very fond of their children. They generally love children. In addition, the Vietnamese girl becomes pregnant immediately, as soon as the conversation about marriage comes in. When a Vietnamese says that she loves – you believe her, you cannot but believe – she is incredibly honest at this moment – this is from the heart. These eyes cannot lie. These lips cannot lie. The man just doesn’t know that when she says, I love you, her family tells you this. All 300-400 people are happy with you. Everything goes according to plan. While the man is comfortable and bring benefits.

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