Is this a dating site?

Our site provides a solid informational help for those interested in Asian dating, but it is rather a blog than a dating site. We may provide the links to the dating sites we trust though. Our experts may mention them too or suggest their own reviews on them.

How can I be sure the articles are truthful?

We thoroughly check our Authors’ personalities, their previous portfolio and education; we also check the basic facts of sources they mention; however, we cannot give complete guarantees as we are not a scientific source and the majority of texts consist of subjective opinions.

How can I become an author?

We encourage the certified specialists and experienced amateur writers to suggest their materials for posting in our blog. However, we demand a high quality and verified facts in each article, therefore, only 10% of suggested materials from our readers are posted. The rest of texts is provided by our already-formed team of experts. You are welcome to suggest a sample of your text and your brief bio via the Contact form.

Do I find an Asian girlfriend faster if I follow all your recommendations?

We have a high rate of success stories that took place thanks to our blog. We receive many thankful messages from the users, couples, and married couples, and a lot of appreciation of all kinds. We believe our advice is always in time and on its place for everyone, so our answer to your question is: yes, definitely!

Do Asian women also receive the similar informational support regarding Western men?

Our experts, both international dating specialists and psychologists, used to work with the Asian audience too. Asian women are getting acquainted with our culture, mentality, traditions, our dating preferences and our way to build relationships. When our experts or even our ads suggest to you any sources of Asian women’s profiles, those are usually singles who are well-prepared to Western partners and their way of thinking. So it’s a two-way road and we confidently guarantee our services to everyone interested in Asian dating.