10 strange habits of Hong Kong women

The features of modern Hong Kong women are the result of the historical development of Chinese civilization over several millennia of its existence, the two-thousand-year domination of conservative ethical and social concepts and the provisions of Confucianism in the life of society, every family.

The national character of Hong Kong women is the most enduring element of national psychology. It manifests itself in a specific relationship to the social sphere, to work, to one’s and other nations. In the course of centuries of development in Hong Kong, a peculiar culture, a specific way of life and thinking were formed, rooted in the national character of Hong Kong women.

Character Features of Modern Hong Kong Women

For modern Hong Kong women, pragmatism, realism, efficiency, a craving for a family, a certain cynicism, and illegibility in achieving goals are characteristic. For most Hong Kong women, the main thing in life is material interests, the desire to get rich in any way, to marry successfully. Flourishing “materialism “, the desire to “keep up with others” in the acquisition of expensive, often prestigious imported items.

Hong Kong women are trying to exclude the influence of mainland Chinese culture to the maximum. They chuckle at visiting Chinese women, who are immediately visible – whether they are in funny clothes, in looks, or in dialect.

How Hong Kong women relate to money

Hong Kong women want to live in abundance, they understand brands, expensive clothes, etc. Therefore, poor foreign students or local low-income men have no chance. Hong Kong women will think ten times how a date will affect their lives before agreeing to a date.

In Hong Kong, women go in for sports, which is manifested in a large number of runners, cyclists, as well as in a large number of gyms. Hong Kong women from childhood set up to earn money. The average resident of Hong Kong in a vacuum as soon as he wakes up, he immediately begins to think how to make money. All life is subject to money. This is not surprising, because in Hong Kong everything is expensive.

Where to meet Hong Kong women

 Where to meet a girl who is disposed to meet you. The answer is paradoxical – only not in those places that are popular for dating with us (like clubs, bars, karaoke establishments and others like them). The fact is that with such a large population, the Chinese people value privacy most of all and in all public institutions there is no common hall or common places – only small separate booths.

You come to a restaurant or cafe – you have no idea who else is here, because right from the entrance you are escorted to a separate booth where you and your company (or in splendid isolation – how lucky someone is) eat food. You come to a nightclub – nobody really wants to go to the dance floor, everyone sits at separate tables in their companies (except for those girls for whom men are just a source of income, but we don’t take into account such …)

Yes, and personal space in transport, street and other crowded places are also carefully guarded. Therefore, you simply won’t understand if you decide to talk with someone on the street. The best way out is for a friend of yours to introduce you to a familiar and free girl. Therefore, you have at least some chances.

What to do after meeting

 Relations must be promoted and improved. Then comes the second stage of shock – Hong Kong women do not drink. That is, they don’t drink at all. A girl should not drink alcohol under any guise; otherwise she will not be considered a person. That is, it is not necessary to hope for some kind of emancipation after the jointly taken alcohol. Then you should wait for parental approval. That is, no matter how much money you have, without the approval of your father and mother, no decent girl will consider herself yours. Presentation in full form, acquaintance, and only then you are officially considered a couple with everything and the attached circumstances.

Having got a Hong Kong girl, you can be 90% sure that this is your future wife. Breaks are extremely discouraged, so they choose everything for a very long time and a lot. An innocent offer to go to a restaurant for coffee is almost the same as an offer to meet…

Hong Kong women are completely unadapt for independent living

Hong Kong women at home

Many have a strong stereotype that Hong Kong women are wonderful homemakers. This is not true; most of them are sloppy, lazy and non-self-reliant. It is rare that young Hong Kong women can cook. These are their mothers and grandmothers of all trades. Young Hong Kong women are completely unadapt for independent living.

Hong Kong women constantly demand attention, control every step of their boyfriends and can name ten times a day. At the same time, they are jealous, suspicious and waiting for gifts for any slightest reason. However, the worst thing is that they are madly in love with arranging scenes. With tears, screams, wringing of hands and other attributes. The main thing is that more spectators gather. Moreover, hysteria can be for any reason.

Hong Kong women cruelty of character

Hong Kong women have strange habits and sometimes do things that are not well understood by Western men. By this, they most likely attract Americans and Europeans to their country. Hong Kong womenare cruel their men are much milder. A Hong Kong dad will not even raise his voice on a child, but mothers can spank their children. Schools practice physical punishment.

Women from early childhood grow up in order to successfully marry and live peacefully in retirement, receiving help from their daughter. Therefore, girls often do not know the affection of their parents and grow in severity.

Attitude towards foreigners

Hong Kong women love male foreigners. If you are not particularly good-looking, have not achieved something in life and everything is complicated with women, then in Hong Kong you can find a girlfriend for yourself. That is why crowds of wealthy Europeans who do not enjoy success in women in their homeland, and indeed hardly fit the definition of a successful person, go to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, thanks to the money, they feel attractive and desirable. They really believe that Chinese women are so pleased with their presence only because they are from the west.

Hong Kong women see men from the West as a ticket to a better life. To marry an American is a great success. In addition, when you leave your husband’s homeland, you can easily change it to a more successful, young and attractive one. The main thing is to leave.

Hong Kong women spend a huge amount of money on whitening products

Strange habits of Hong Kong women

Women from Hong Kong are very independent and more modern than other Asians. Hong Kong women have unusual habits, which distinguishes them from other females and attracts the attention of foreigners to them:

  • Due to the high population density in large cities, they do not know the concept of “personal space”.
  • Do not imagine their existence without a beloved smartphone. In transport, on the street, in a cafe, at home.
  • Very curious – looking at others is a common thing.
  • In cafes and restaurants, Hong Kong women carefully examine dishes and cutlery for cleanliness.
  • Hong Kong women do not accept tanned skin. They spend a huge amount of money on their beauty and whitening products and carry umbrellas everywhere to hide from the sun.
  • Lack of romance – the pragmatism of Hong Kong women often surprises foreigners.
  • A huge number of plastic surgeries in the country. Due to strange and incomprehensible to foreign men beauty standards, Hong Kong women easily lie under the surgeon’s knife.
  • Manic adherence to the regime. They have food on schedule, entertainment, too.
  • Love with Hong Kong women is completely built on commodity-money relationships. The girl will primarily be interested in the money of her potential boyfriend.
  • Despite all their outward restraint, Hong Kong women are very noisy and noisy. They can’t talk to each other quietly.

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