How to attract the attention of Chinese beautiful girls

Today, mixed pairs are visible everywhere, and not only in China, but also in other Asian countries. This may seem old-fashioned, but more recently, in some families in China, girls were forbidden to even speak to a man of a different ethnicity, not to mention some kind of relationship.

Obviously, many Chinese families abandoned the medieval stereotype: now Chinese beautiful girls get acquainted and marry foreign men more and more. Hence the question. Why are Chinese girls so interested in foreign men?

Why do Chinese women want to marry western men

There are a number of reasons why Chinese beautiful girls seek marriage with men from other cultures and states. Modern Chinese women seek a career in the rezultat of the fact that their rights are often infringed on their own environment. The Chinese women want to see a man next to them, who will treat her not from their high capabilities, but as an equal, as a partner. He will support her on a career path, and not force her to sit at home as a servant.

A Western man will always accept the lifestyle of Chinese beautiful girls. Some Chinese girls start working right after graduation. Often they have to do this, since they have nowhere to wait for support from. By the time they decide to start a family, many of them in China are already considered too old. Western men care less about age and value an educated woman with whom to talk about.

Ready-made flirting models in relations with Chinese beautiful girls are completely unsuitable

Some tips for men who want to date a Chinese woman

Chinese culture is full of surprises and nuances for a foreigner who can easily offend a Chinese woman or her family. Foreigners often do this unintentionally, simply because of ignorance or lack of knowledge of Chinese culture. So what you need to remember about the features of close relations with Chinese beautiful girls?

A smart man is an attractive man. Intelligence and mind put many women in first place in communication with a man. Chinese girls does not like when they talk about empty things without any basis, women love smart specifics. Learn to be flexible. Women like to be listened to. Show your generosity towards a woman, be generous and disinterested, and it will be half-easier for you to conquer a woman.

Women love men who love and respect themselves. Forget about your complexes and shortcomings, try not to show them. Confidence is what you need when dealing with a woman. Take your initiative, offer to do something, go somewhere, and go. Be sincere and don’t be fake. If a woman notices the pretense and falsity in your relationship, you can immediately forget about her.

Chinese beautiful girls – what are they?

Chinese girls only seem unique. As soon as you begin to get to know each other more, and she decides that you are worth her attention, she will most likely find that she is the same girl as everyone else.

 The more time you spend with her, the more confidence in her. Soon you will find that she knows how to swear in both Chinese and English, and, possibly, even in Russian. Your task is to not give her a reason to do it!

Over time, she will also feel more comfortable and will begin to show her affection for you in a public environment. She will be pleased to touch you, hold her hand or lay her head on your shoulder.

Well, it’s already absolutely obvious that relations between Chinese girls and foreign men are a trend. It began many years ago, but only now has become so common that it is observed in all parts of the world.

How to attract the attention of a Chinese woman

If you want to meet one of Chinese beautiful girls and try to get her attention, you will have to use special methods of flirting, because if they working with girls in the west, with Chinese women are likely to be doomed to failure

Here are some tips to help melt the heart of almost any Chinese woman. Some points seem to be universal for all the girls in the world, but, one way or another; their characteristics in dealing with the opposite sex in China exist.

  • The tradition of giving presents

The Chinese are not as generous with gifts as the Japanese. Nevertheless, giving a small and inexpensive thing – a pen, a photo with the image of your country or city – a sign of respect. Do not give anything green. Green is a symbol of treason in China. Do not give the watch. For the Chinese, this is a symbol of death or breakup. A gift in the form of a watch for a resident of the Celestial Empire has a hidden subtext – “to see someone for the last time.” The recipient of the gift should show that he is grateful and accept it with a smile. It is not customary to open a gift immediately if it is not proposed to do so..

• Pay attention only to her

Chinese girls prefer to hear compliments about personal qualities rather than compliments about looks. In the modern world, women prefer men with good manners and the ability to maintain a conversation on various topics. If you become such a guy then the girls themselves will think about how to attract your attention.

You must be creative in communicating and flirting with Chinese beautiful girls

Flirt with a Chinese woman

Standart flirting models in relations with Chinese beautiful girls are completely unsuitable. This approach rarely works with both Europeans and Chinese women. In no case, do not call Chinese beautiful girls funsy. If she’s acting funny, better call her pretty. As a rule, Chinese women are looking for a faithful husband, not a boyfriend for dalliance relationships. Even that which may not seem very important to you during flirting will give her the opportunity to evaluate you and understand whether you will be a good husband, father, partner.

Chinese girls appreciate the willingness of guys to help and substitute their strong shoulder when they have trouble. Make sure that you emanate an aura of strength and confidence that all the girls would feel when they first met. This will increase your chances of mutual love.

How to choose the only one

Of course, there is no detailed instruction for choosing a Chinese wife! However, at one point you can focus. Given that the obstacle in building relationships is often the difference in cultural traditions, we advise you to find out immediately what values the chosen one adheres to.

A miniature Chinese woman will not stop a horse, but she can become a very devoted and caring wife. If she is a proponent of modern views on relationships and marriage, she is likely to inform quickly you of this. Such an “advanced” bride has a good education, is focused on career and financial independence, and likes to live a full life, develop, and travel.

The Chinese beautiful girls, whose house is dominated by traditional education, is more family oriented, modest and shy. Relations with her are likely to develop under the close attention of parents and exclusively with their blessings.

Long and happy marriage

The stories of unsuccessful alliances that occasionally appear on the net sometimes make a strange impression. As if the wedding took place on the third day of acquaintance, or the young people did not see each other at all before the registry office. Fortunately, we live in other times when, before going down the aisle, you can and should get to know each other well. In order not to be surprised then why “a crowd of Chinese relatives occupied my ideal American home” and the like. Therefore, do not believe everything that is written on the Internet.

Knowledge of traditions is the key to success

Despite technological advances, the Chinese are very superstitious and deeply committed to traditions. The Chinese mentality and way of life are very different from the European ones, and this leads to misunderstanding. Recently, the West is increasingly penetrating into Chinese culture (for example, a red wedding dress has been replaced with white), but this is nothing more than a temporary fashion trend.

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