How to clean yourself after a hookup if you’re not home

The hygiene after casual sex should be even more thorough than after sex with a stable partner. It’s true for two reasons: safety measures and excluding the weird smell before coming back to your folks.

  • Take a long hot shower if available. If you practice hookuping somewhere among nature, be aware there are portable showers to bring with you. The water from kettle is ok too.
  • Use wet wipes, a lot of them. If you’re somewhere at the club or cheap motel with no conditions, use wet wipes to clean the intimate and most sweating body parts.
  • Apply antibacterial gel. Due to its spontaneity, try casual online hookup may happen in the most unexpected and not-so-clean place. Use antibacterial gel or spray on your hands all way.
  • Change the underwear. It’s the most universal way to feel fresh after hookup and reduce the smell of sex. Just throw up the old underwear and use the new one when you’re done.
  • Use the cologne moderately. The cologne is always a good way to finish cleaning the body. But apply no more than usually, or it will be suspicious to your home folks

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