How to Date a Japanese Girl: Top 10 Useful Tips

If you want to know how to date a Japanese girl, this article with 10 useful tips will give you the information you need. First of all, you should remember, that all girls in Japan are different. But some trends, influenced by Japanese women mentality, do exist. It’s all about that mysterious oriental culture. An average Western man may find it complicated, but as soon as he falls in love with a hot Japanese lady, he wants to know as much as possible about her and her country. So, begin your journey with those ten tips about the ways you can make your date with a Japanese girl a great success.

Tip 1. They need stability

Nice Japanese girls are very serious and reserved nowadays. They need secure men who get a high salary and don’t hop from job to job. No, they don’t need millions, but financial stability and steady income are quite important to them. That’s why they’ll get interested in your life, relatives, work and hobbies.

If you’re lucky enough to get your Japanese girlfriend like you, just be prepared that you’ll find her hands in your pockets, wallets and everywhere else. It all will get worse after your marriage. Many American men, who were married with Japanese women, say that they change after the marriage greatly. They turn into controlling witches, who take all the salary from their husbands and control the money.

Some men can like that. They don’t have to take care for all the bills and shopping. Their Japanese wives do that on their own. But some men don’t like being controlled, so it becomes the reason for divorce.

Tip 2. They are tradition-oriented

If you want to meet Japanese girl for marriage, you’ll surely find what you need. A majority of them become housewives after marriage, devote their life to their husbands and children. Only single girls go to work in Japan, and very few continue working after getting married.

Of course, some Japanese girls don’t want to follow traditions, they want to lead an independent life and earn their own money. You never know which type of girl is in front of you on your first date. So, the only thing you can find it out is talking. So, ask her questions, listen to her stories and then you’ll know everything you need.

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Tip 3 They like tall and handsome men, who take care of their bodies

So, if you have a question “Do Japanese women like American men”, the answer is yes, they do. But only those, who are in a great shape.

Yes, they understand, that the older the man is, the harder it is for him to keep fit and stay healthy. But, when they see a young man, who does nothing to work out, they don’t like that. They probably won’t date the men, who don’t look handsome.

Tip 4. They are punctual

They can get angry with you, when you’re late for the date. This feature isn’t only connected with dating, punctuality accompanies their everyday life. When they arrive 5 minutes early, it doesn’t mean they arrive too early. It means they arrive on time.

It’s a part of their culture, when they’re very polite. Some Western people would say “too polite”, but that’s the way Japanese people, both men and women, are raised from the early childhood. So, if you want to know, how to date a Japanese girl, the answer is – don’t be late.

When you come too late, you’ll ruin everything before something has started.

Tip 5. They don’t mind dating foreigners.

Japanese women dating American men is no shock now, it’s a common thing. Sometimes the only source of their information about life in the USA is Hollywood movies. So their mind is full of stereotypes. For example, they’re sure that every American man is extremely rich. Some Japanese girls believe that American men are much better than Japanese ones. At the same time, some Japanese girls are too scared to date a foreigner. Their country and culture mean too much for them. They don’t want to leave it all just for one man.

Tip 6. They don’t like learning foreign languages

So, if you want to know how to date a Japanese girl, you should learn Japanese. Sometimes, that’s the only possibility for you two to enjoy your conversation. Some Japanese girl do speak English, but not fluently. They can make mistakes, misunderstand your words.

Japanese people, men and women, seem to have absolutely no desire to learn something about foreign cultures and languages. It all starts with Japanese schools, where English is taught quite unsatisfactory. Student’s skills are limited to writing and reading, they don’t practice their skills in natural conversations with foreigners.

What’s more, Japanese culture doesn’t seem to need English. There are not many expats, who offer any opportunity and need to speak English, outside of Tokyo. Since streets of large cities in Japan are flooded with tourists, it’s them who have to learn a foreign language, but not the locals.

Tip 7. Their culture differs greatly from the Western one

Before you ask a Japanese girl out, you should do your homework. Anime and video games should not be your only source of info about Japanese culture. Watch old and new movies, check blogs, written by Japanese people, get involved into their communities.

Japanese people are considered more formal, in comparison with Americans. This difference is stronger in small towns, far from Tokyo, because the capital city is somewhat close to Western culture. Japanese people stand rather far from each other while talking, no physical contact in public is approved in Japan. Western culture is more relaxed and friendlier than Japanese one.

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Tip 8 They wait for you to make the first move

So, if you want to date a Japanese girl, ask her out! Don’t forget that Japanese ladies are quite reserved, they don’t like to show off anything romantic in public. So, if you want to get that first kiss, do that behind closed doors. Just walk her back to her place or to your hotel (or whatever you’re staying at), go inside and go for it!

But if the girls makes you understand, that she doesn’t want anything like that, you should respect her. Don’t make her agree with you, otherwise you’ll have problems with police.

Tip 9 You can look, but you cannot touch!

When you’re in Japan and look around, you’ll surely find out that Japanese girls are hot. They are dressed in a way, that foreign men can misunderstand. Sometimes girls dress up just for fashion, they don’t need men’s’ attention. If they wear short skirts or high heels, that doesn’t mean, that they want to date you or ever talk to you.

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Tip 10 Your first date with a Japanese girl can be your last one

When you’re sure that she liked you and can’t wait to see you again, don’t be so confident. You’ll probably find out, that it’s all over. That’s the problem with all Japanese people. They are too shy to say no. They just hope, that, being nice and friendly to a man, they’ll ditch him later. He’ll lay off and just wait for the response. That’s where they can be disappointed.

When you invite a girl to your second date, she will agree. It’s up to you to choose the restaurant or another place for your perfect second date. You probably expect a fantastic night, but that’s where you can be wrong! 30 minutes before the date you’ll get the message from the girl. You’ll read that she’s too busy and can’t come.

Japanese girls have a tradition called Dota-kyan. It means last minute cancellation. It’s easier for girls to reject via messages than face to face.

So, here’s the basic information. Now, you know how to date a Japanese girl. Just enjoy talking to a beautiful exotic girl and don’t expect for a second date. Actually, it’s not so sad as it seems. Majority of Japanese international marriages end with divorces, due to cultural differences and other problems.

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