How to Date a Korean Girl: Top 10 Tips

Women from South Korea are so beautiful! If you’re a Western man and want to marry a Korean girl, our article will help you! You’ll find 10 tips about right dating. But before you should learn something about those amazing ladies and what’s inside their pretty heads.

What you should be prepared to

Due to culture differences, some things, that you may consider weird, is perfectly normal for Korean girls. If you don’t want to look too surprised, do your homework before. Here’s a list of things that you should know before you start dating a Korean girl.

  • Amazing Korean girls normally give their ladies handbags to their boyfriends. Western men are not used to carrying handbags, belonging to their girlfriends, but it’s absolutely OK for the men, who live in South Korea. They just carry their bags and don’t open them. It’s no good to take their wallet out of their bags.
  • Korean girls always hold hands with their boyfriends. Western men can get too shy to do that. Korean girls consider holding hands as proving to everyone that they’re in serious relationship. It means much for them, that they’re a real couple. No matter where you’re walking with your Korean girlfriend, always hold hands with her. She’ll be greatly pleased with it.
  • Korean girls are not used to “Dutch payment” when at a restaurant or at a café. They expect their men to pay for hotels, the food and everything. Then ladies treat desserts or coffees later. Bill separation is not a common thing in Korea. So, if you come from the USA or Europe, and you want to impress your Korean girlfriend, don’t offer her to separate the bill. Never do that!
  • Korean ladies always want to look good. They’re greatly worried about their appearance, so they keep on asking various interesting questions to their boyfriend. The most important one is “Do I look fat?” If your Korean girlfriend asks you this tough question, never say “Yes”. Never say “Maybe a little”. The best answer is “No, never! You’ve never looked fat! You’re perfectly slim!”.
  • Korean women don’t like rushing or pushing. If you want to marry a Korean girl, move slowly. Never push the relationship with her. Enjoy every date with her. Invite her to a cinema, a restaurant, a café. Remember that everything takes time. When you try to push your relationship, when you’re not close enough, your girlfriend will probably push your back. She’ll get scared, when she sees that you’re moving too fast.
  • Korean ladies like spicy food and like to share their tastes with their boyfriends. They respect guys, who don’t mind eating something spicy. This kind of food is a part of Korean culture, and everyone likes it when a person they like shares their respect to their culture. For example, spicy chicken with Soju sauce, or Kimchi. So, if you can handle this, you’ll be greatly respected by your Korean girl.
  • Korean girls, like Chinese girls, need to stay close to their boyfriends as frequently as possible. When they’re apart, they call and text them every minute. It’s a part of their culture, together with spicy food, so, if you want to know how to date a Korean girl, then here’s a useful tip for you. Always take your phone with you! Kakao Talk app is popular in Korea, so download it. It’s a Korean kind of Whatsapp. Korean girls like to get messages from their boyfriends in the morning, when they wake up, and at night, when they go to bed.
  • Korean girls are very jealous, so don’t meet with any female friends individually. Your Korean girlfriend will be very, very mad at you. If you get caught with your female friend at a café or somewhere else, you’ll have great problems.

Now it’s time to read our useful tips!

Where can I find a Korean bride

Tip 1 Choose a good Korean dating site

Before you learn how to date a Korean girl, you should know where to find one. The most popular site for Western men, who want to get a Korean bride, is Korean Cupid. There are over 500,000 registered users. You’ll find thousands of girls, who don’t mind marrying a foreigner. They create their profiles, because they have serious intentions of entering a happy relationship with a man from Europe or the USA.

The registration in this website is free and fast. But if you want to enjoy additional and useful options, you’ll have to buy a Gold or Platinum membership.

Tip 2 Understand and respect Korean culture

Culture of South Korea is based on long-standing conflict with North Korea and a great popularity of K-pop. Korean people are strong, hard-working and disciplined. Education is one of the most important things in the country. Children are expected to achieve great success at school.

Culture of South Korea is all about reputation and status. Korean men and women do their best to keep their face and remain a reliable member of community. Some girls, who live in Korea, find its culture too oppressive. That’s why they create a profile at Korean Cupid. They consider a Western man as a breath of freedom. They hope to marry a foreigner and leave their country.

Tip 3 Make her be proud of you

Since status is very important for Korean women, they choose the men who won’t make them feel ashamed. They need a rich man, with a luxurious car and a big house. They want their neighbors and friends know how happy they are.

Comparing is a huge part of Korean culture. Local people are crazy about that. They look at other people’s lives and compare them with their own. If they find out that they’re worse, they get unhappy. That’s why they always show their life in social media as a perfect one. They want to impress people around them.

I married a Korean woman

Tip 4 Don’t be a womanizer

Western men are assumed to be dating with a thousands of women at once. They’re considered as playboys, who can’t live happily with one woman. Your task is to make your Korean girlfriend believe, that she’s the one you love. Don’t lie to her, don’t cheat, and it will make her happy.

Korean girls can get so suspicious, that they take your phone and find out who you exchange messages with.

Tip 5 don’t be a bummer

Beautiful Korean girls fantasize about marriage and happy family life. So, here’s another rule how to date a Korean lady. Don’t disappoint her. If you have serious intentions and want to marry your girlfriend, it’s OK. But if the only thing you want is one night stand, than don’t break a heart of a nice Korean girl!

If you leave her, you’ll disappoint her and her relatives. Parents are overprotective in Korea, they always meddle with their daughters’ relationship with their husbands.

Tip 6 Give her gifts

Korean ladies expect gifts on their birthdays and some important religious holidays. If you don’t know what to give her, this list will help you:

  • Flowers;
  • Jewelry;
  • Brand name clothing.

Apart from giving her gifts, your task is to invite her to a restaurant in order to celebrate that special occasion.

Why are Korean women so beautiful

Tip 7 Always, ALWAYS give her compliments!

Korean women are crazy about the way they look. South Korea is famous for plastic surgery industry. A great number of ladies have facial cosmetic surgeries to improve their appearance. They spend tons of money for expensive cosmetics. It’s clear that their appearance is greatly important for them.

Of course, your Korean girlfriend will be happy to hear compliments from you! So, try to appreciate how hard she tried to look good at a date with you!

Tip 8 Travel with her!

Amazing Korean ladies love traveling! Take your girlfriend abroad, show her the town where you live in. Traveling is important for Korean women, because it helps them escape control of their parents and enjoy their own adventures.

That’s why Korean women respect Western men, who travel a lot. They want to accompany them wherever they go.

Tip 9 Go to Seoul!

It’s the best place to meet Korean girls, who don’t mind international marriages. The best areas in Seoul are Hongdae, Gangnam, and Itaewon. There are a great number of good night clubs with so many beautiful girls!

Tip 10 Pick a good menu when at a restaurant

Before ordering a meal at a restaurant, ask her, what she wants. A pizza? Some chicken? Chinese noodles? It’ll be difficult to guess what she wants. She may say that she is hungry, but she doesn’t care about the food you’ll order for her. But then she’ll refuse any of your offers. That’s hard. So you’d better know what she likes to eat before you ask her out.

If you marry a Korean woman

The problem with Korean girls is they don’t know what they want. It’s clearly seen when you’re at a restaurant with her. If you want to help her with making her choice, just pick 2 or 3 options, and ask her to choose between them. It’ll be easier to her.

If you don’t do that, you’ll never finish with selecting the food. It’s difficult for Korean women to check and express their emotions, so they want their boyfriends to do it for them.


Now you know much more about dating Korean ladies than you did before reading this article. We hope that our tips how to date a Korean girl will help you and move you closer to fulfilling your dream – marrying a Korean woman.

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