How to Date a Thai Girl: What You Need to Know

Amazing Thai girls are so cute and lovely. Western men, who want to date one, should know some rules, what they should and should not do. Thai culture differs from American and European cultures, so it’s necessary to learn something about it before you plunge into the world of happy dating.

We’ve collected some tips, that will help you find out how to date a Thai girl. Let’s start description of Thai girls and then move to dos and don’ts.

Why are Thai girls so nice?

Thai girls can be called the sweetest ones in the whole world. They are lovely, polite and very beautiful. So, what’s their secret? It’s their upbringing and culture. It’s cool to be polite and respectful in Thailand, so Thai girls are raised that way from the very beginning.

But there’s one thing that you should know before you date with a Thai girl. No matter how sweet and polite they are, they are not easy pushover. Even if they seem so nice, that a stiff wind can easily blow them over, they have a strong will and they won’t be bent easily. This combination of weakness and strength is one of the reasons, why Thai girls attract Western men so much. They are real enigmas of Asia.

Those, who live in big cities of Thailand, are ambitious and westernized. They know English a little, so they don’t mind dating with a man from the USA or Europe.

A majority of Thai girls look brilliant. They have a gorgeous figure, long hair, a warm smile and shiny skin. Not only their appearance makes them so attractive and unique. They are stable and mature. They can keep their cool and almost never lose their temper. Trivial problems seem to be unable to bother them.

Another thing that make them special is the fact that they never dominate over their men. They are used to follow their boyfriends and husbands, because that’s the way they were raised. Of course, they can speak up, but they don’t make their men fight over everything.

The reason for that is Thailand culture, where roles of men and women are defined well. It’s that old school culture, set by their predecessors, and it still works out there.

What you should do while dating a Thai girl

The tips are quite easy to understand. Thai girls, like all other girls, like polite men, who are not greedy. Read the list below and try to follow it. You’ll see that your Thai girlfriend notices and likes you behavior.

  • Do be polite to her. Always! Thai men are always polite, so local girls are used to that. They won’t like rude men. Sometimes Westerners try to show off, how cool they are. They become too rude, because Western girls get attracted to that. But that’s not about girls from Thailand.
  • Do be polite to others. If you behave politely with her, but shout at shopkeepers or waitresses, and she sees it, she won’t like it. Thai culture presupposes politeness to everyone, no matter what occupation they have. Your rude behavior will be very embarrassing to her, because she’ll be next to you. So, keep your temper and never be rude in private or in public. It’s no good to lose one’s face in Thailand.
  • Do pay for things. It’s not about gold diggers, it’s about a tradition in Thailand. When a man and a woman date, the man pays for everything his girlfriend wants, when they go out. Thailand is a rather cheap country, in comparison with the USA, so you won’t find it too hard. Don’t be too greedy. Take her somewhere out for a delicious meal or an interesting movie. But her a gift. You won’t get poor, but you’ll make your girlfriend happy.
  • Do respect her family. Thai girls, like Vietnamese or Japanese ones, respect their parents greatly. So, if you want to be accepted by her family, you should be nice to them. Sometimes it’s not easy, because old Asian people can have bad temper, so you’ll have to try hard.
  • Do dress well. It’s important what you wear in Thailand. Appearance means much in this country, so stay well dressed all the time. You Thai girlfriend will be pleased to be with you in public. So, forget about sweat-stained clothes and untidy look.

So, now you know how to date a Thai girl. As you see, it’s not very hard. The biggest part of these rules spread over girls from Europe and the USA.

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What you should not do while dating a Thai girl

Now here’s a list of things you should never ever do, if you want to have a happy and long-term relationship with a girl from Thailand.

  • Don’t push her to bed. Western men may get used to a night after the first date, but it’s not about beautiful Thai girls. They don’t have sex after the first date and before they get married! That’s true. Over 60% of Thai girls, who get married are virgins.
  • Don’t make her prefer you over her parents. Thai girls are very devoted to their parents, so it’s not right to make her choose you or them. You may want to, when her parents didn’t like you, but it’s not the way out. If your Thai girlfriend is pushed to this choice, she’ll choose her parents, and not you!
  • Don’t talk about money. Thai girls consider such conversations as low-class. It’s no good to keep talking about how much money you earn, have and spend. If you start talking about that, your Thai girlfriend may pretend that she’s listening to you with great attention. But all she’s thinking about is what a loser you are. So, what you have to do with your money is have it and spend it for your girlfriend, that’s all.
  • Don’t smell. Thai girls, who date with American men, say that they smell bad because of their sweat. Yes, Thailand is a very hot country, but you can have a shower. That’s how simple it is! Thai men and women take shower two or three times a day.
  • Don’t say anything bad about Thailand. Thai girls love their country and culture, they’re quire touchy, when they hear something bad about it. Even a small complaint can make them angry. Yes, Thailand has some problems. But which country doesn’t? So, there’s no need to scold about it, especially in front of the girl, who was born there.
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How to spot a ladyboy in Thailand

When you go to Thailand in the hope of dating as many girls as possible, you must be very attentive. Some of them can turn out to be … boys! How is that possible? There is a special category of men who look like women, and quite beautiful ones! Some of them have come over some surgery to look female, so it’s not easy to tell a real woman from a ladyboy. But our tips will help you.

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  • Look at their neck! Some ladyboys still have their Adams’ apples, and their existence is one of the simplest ways to spot them. But it’s not a 100% guarantee, because other ladyboys go through the surgery to have their Adam’s apples removed. That makes them look like women more.
  • Pay attention to their behavior. Ladyboys behave like women, but they exaggerate typical feminine features of conduct. True Thai women don’t behave the way ladyboys do. For example, they spend too long time in the bathroom, look in the mirror too often, sway their hips while walking too much. A natural woman don’t put too much effort in the way she walks.
  • Look at their clothes. Regular Thai women prefer something simple and realistic. But ladyboys choose hot and too revealing clothes. That’s the way they try to look feminine. That’s the main difference: regular women don’t try to prove you that they’re women. But ladyboys do.
  • Ask for their ID. All citizens in Thailand have to carry their ID with them wherever they go. So, when you’re in doubt, you may ask the girl (or boy) you’re dating to show you their ID. Look at the title: Mr, Mrs or Ms. If you’re brave enough, you may as well ask the person in front of you a direct question.

So, what should you do when you find out that Brenda is actually Bob? Don’t overreact! Of course, you’ll feel embarrassed. Try to stay as calm as you can. Take a few deep breaths and then compliment the ladyboy’s appearance and apologize for misunderstanding. Explain that it’s not what you’re interested in, that you’re straight. The ladyboy will laugh and go away or try to convince you to give them a try. If you don’t want to do that, buy them a beer and go away.

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So, now you know how to date a Thai girl and how to tell a Thai girl from a Thai boy. We hope this information will help you find the girl who’ll become your wife, if you’re interested in an international marriage.

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