How to Find a Vietnamese Girlfriend for a Long-term Relationship

Are you Westerner who wants to find a Vietnamese girl for a long-term relationship or marriage? Women from Vietnam are lovely and loyal. They come from patriarchal society, and they’re used to obeying men. But some Vietnamese girls are westernized, they have similar opinions as women from Europe and the USA.

So, all Vietnamese girls and women are different. But there are some common rules and tips, where and how to find a Vietnamese girlfriend. We’re ready to share them with you, so here you’ll find some useful information. It will help you find the right girl, that can become your bride and wife.

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What are Vietnamese women like?

Before you start searching for a girl from Vietnam, you’d better know what she is like. Many girls and women went through severe poverty, when they were children. They didn’t play with expensive toys, they didn’t eat enough. The current situation is much better, but memory of these awful events is still fresh in their minds. That’s why a great number of girls, who create their profiles at dating websites and meet foreign men, are gold diggers.

But most of Vietnamese girls are humble and sweet. If they fall in love with men and marry them, they stay with them for the whole life. The divorce rate in their country is very low: 4%. That’s because Vietnamese girls are raised to have a loving family and put their needs aside for happiness of their husband.

Another sweet virtue of Viet girls is education. Their parents are very strict about it, they want their daughters to be smart, well-mannered and educated.

Local girls of big cities are well dressed. They don’t like T-shirts or jeans. They prefer pretty dresses and high heels. They’re considered the best dressed women of Southeast Asia.

Where and how to find a Vietnamese girlfriend

Now, since you’ve got the idea what Vietnamese girls are like, it’s time to learn about the places, where you can find one.

Night Clubs

What is the first place, where a foreign man goes, when he comes to Vietnam for fun? Of course, it’s a night club. The girls, you’ll find in there, are greatly westernized. They possibly know English, they behave like real American or European ladies. But their exotic beauty is right with them.

Another difference that you’ll find between “real” Vietnamese girls and those, you’ll encounter at night club, is the 11 pm curfew. Typical local girls don’t visit night clubs because of it. They don’t drink alcohol either.

Some great clubs in Saigon are Qui, Xoxo, Levels. The girls you meet at Bui Vien and Apocalypse Now are not good for long-term relationship.

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Day Game

Day Game is a cute tradition in Vietnam, when you come to a random cute girl on the street and start a short conversation with her. If you succeed in attracting her attention, you can get her phone number.

This tradition is spread in a few countries, including Colombia and Ukraine. It’s the most successful in big cities, where people walk along the streets all day long. But Day Game can be a bit challenging in Vietnam because of the following reasons:

  • It’s very hot and sunny at day time in Vietnam, and Vietnamese girls like to keep their skin white. That’s why they don’t go out during the day time, because they don’t want to be exposed to sunlight.
  • Most girls don’t walk along the streets of their cities, they prefer driving their motorbikes. Almost every Vietnamese girl has her own motorbike.
  • Most girls don’t walk alone, they can frequently be seen with their families and friends.
  • Not all beautiful Vietnamese women speak English. So, if you want to attract their attention, you’d better learn a bit of Vietnamese.

Some good places for Day Game in Vietnam are big malls (for example, Vincom or Saigon Center) or a university campus.

Night game

Another tool, which is the opposite of the previous one. Night clubs and bars are the right place for it. Many local people and foreigners, who come to Vietnam, don’t like to go to night clubs there. They are considered overpriced and tiny, some of the don’t have dance floors at all.

A skybar or a bar is a better place for night game than night clubs. Music is not loud there, so you won’t go deaf. You’ll have a chance to talk to the girl you like.

If your Vietnamese is good enough, then you can go to any bar. But if you don’t speak this language, you can visit some foreigner friendly places.

You should be warned that skybars, bars and night clubs are the place where local girls search for clients for one night stand, and not boyfriends for long-term relationship.

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Social circles

It’s another idea where and how to meet a Vietnamese girlfriend. It’s not comfortable for new comers, because you have to create a really large social circle. So, this option only works for those, who want to live in Vietnam for a long time.

When you have some friends and colleagues in Vietnam, they’ll do their best to introduce you to their sisters, daughters or nieces. The reason for such a huge desire is the high status of a foreign man. All foreigners are considered rich. What’s more, many people in the country love playing matchmakers. If you do have a happy relationship with the girl, you’ve been introduced to, the matchmaker becomes extremely happy.

Online Dating

Online dating service is a good option to find amazing Vietnamese girls. They create their accounts there, it means that they don’t mind meeting foreign men. That’s their goal, they are ready for that. They might speak good English, know something about culture of Europe or the USA. Some of such girls can be gold diggers, and you never know the true interest of your girlfriend: you or your money. We’ll help you to distinguish one from the other:

  • If a girl is really interested in you, she won’t ask you many questions about your work and salary. She wants to know about your hobbies, your likes and dislikes.
  • If a girl is a gold digger, she’ll keep on asking you to give her money or buy her things. She’ll tell you sad stories about her sick relatives, who need a surgery immediately.

“Bad” girls are frequently found at Tinder. But those Vietnamese girls, who “live” in Vietnam Cupid, are considered loyal and sweet. They want to have a happy and long-term relationship with foreign men.

The membership is paid, so the competition is not high there. Not all men are ready to pay for a possibility to meet a cute Vietnamese girl.

Another free Vietnamese dating app is AsianDating. It’s a kind of sister website of Vietnam Cupid. It’s copy, and it’s populated with girls from the whole world, not just Vietnam alone.

How to find a Vietnamese girlfriend and attract her attention

The first impression means much for everyone. That’s the truth, that we won’t avoid. If you try to take part in a day game or a night game with a girl, and you don’t look good and clean, you’ll surely fail. So, the first rule of these games is the following: dress up well.

The second rule is be romantic. Girls from all countries, including Vietnam, love gentlemen and don’t love rude men. When you’ve managed to attract a girl’s attention, try to keep it. And the best way you can do it is be polite and sincere. Give her flowers, some sweet little gifts, ask her out.

Since women are used to following men, you’ll have to be a leader in your relationship. Choose the place of your date, so that she likes it. The best place for the first date is a coffee shop. Remember that good Viet girls don’t drink alcohol!

So, now you know the following things:

  • How to find a Vietnamese girl;
  • How to attract her attention;
  • How to keep her attention and make her love you;
  • How to behave at the first date.

It’s just a beginning. Before you can start a happy and long relationship with a Vietnamese girl, you’ll have to pass through a long and complicated dating game. Don’t be too pushy, but don’t be too shy either. Local girls need the men they can respect.

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Don’t forget that Vietnamese girls are different. Some of the are traditionally minded, others are westernized. Some of them obey and worship their parents and others want to go to another country in order to become free from them. Just listen to your girl and hear what she says. Show your interest in her likes and dislikes, her personality. And do the way, which will make you both happy together.

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