How to find young Thai girls

Thailand is a friendly and open country for grooms of foreigners. In addition, if in many countries they do not like when men of other nationalities marry local beauties, then in Thailand this is not! That is, Thais men will not look at you scornfully and despise you for marrying their compatriot.

Young Thai girls – what are they?

Young Thai girls have never been considered the most beautiful brides in the world, but among them there are quite nice ladies. Most often this is the result of mixed marriages – mestizos in which Thai and Western blood are mixed.

Young Thai girls are usually of medium height and medium build. Often, adult women are practically indistinguishable from girls. This is because their skin remains smooth for a long time, and they are not prone to being overweight.

It is often said that young Thai girls are irresponsible in relation to work, uneducated, stupid and not accurate when doing important tasks. But a similar type of people can be found in any nationality. The number of young Thai girls who do not fit this description exceeds one third of all the rest. Most young Thai girls with education try to achieve their goals, build a business – improve their lives and strive for the best.

 Ransom for young Thai girls

Many foreign grooms are wondering how much it costs to marry young Thai girls, what is the amount of the ransom. There are different types of brides, which are estimated at different amounts by parents. The tradition of bride redemption came from the poor region of Thailand – Ishaan and very quickly spread throughout the Kingdom. Weddings without a ransom for a bride are a rarity, but still happens in about 5%. This happens when:

  • young Thai girls – brides do not have parents;
  • the bride’s true love for the groom, and he does not have money;
  • the bride’s family is wealthy, more inclined towards the Western lifestyle, and, along with Thai ones, easily welcomes and follows Western traditions. In addition, it will be enough for the groom to buy a wedding ring with a diamond.

The cost of marrying young Thai girls – types of brides in Thailand

The cheapest redemption young Thai girls are prostitutes. Thais themselves rarely marry them and basically attach themselves as gigolos. The former prostitutes marry for love and Thai men, just paying parents a ransom, but not big. As for foreigners, even a prostitute will have to pay a ransom.

And if you refuse to pay the ransom for a prostitute and you drag, living together, then everyone in the district will despise the foreigner for the lack of money, and tell your chosen one why she needs a poor parang and soon you will part.

Another layer of young beautiful Thai is good Thai, but not very educated. For example, they work in hypermarkets, services, and other posts that do not require a lot of intelligence. The ransom for such brides will be greater. Thais will naturally pay 2 times less than a foreigner.

Young, beautiful, smart students who study at prestigious universities are more expensive. Held young Thai girls under 28 years old. Not yet giving birth and were not behind her husband. Occupying a high position in society, have a prestigious job, graduated from university. In this case, the redemption amount will be huge.

Young Thai girls who do not want to spend their lives in poverty

Features of the behavior of young Thai girls

Ask any foreign man his opinion about young Thai girls, with a high probability he will answer you that they are very attractive. Indeed, they have a certain grace, charisma, which is simply mesmerizing. Another feature is that they always look much younger than other girls in the world do at the same age. It seems that an elixir gives eternal youth in Thailand.

Despite the fact that in recent years Thailand has been developing rapidly and the country’s economy is growing, the border between rich and poor people is very clearly traced there. There is practically no middle class. There are people who live in luxury apartments and beggars living in slums.

Young Thai girls who do not want to spend their lives in poverty go to work in tourist cities. Almost all of them become prostitutes and masseuses, whom Thailand is so famous for. Often, additional services are included in the massage, which can also be regarded as prostitution.

However, not all easy-going girls are poor young Thai slum girls. For many, such work is a temporary source of income during training. Moreover, for many, prostitution is a hobby. A girl may not have the need for money, but be a prostitute. This type of sexual service is called “elite prostitution”. Very often, these girls are taken with them to various social events as an accompaniment. The services of an elite girl are much higher than the services of ordinary prostitutes.

Chatting with young Thai girls

Not all young Thai girls in the country become prostitutes. Many of them have education and profession. They do not expose their body; try to apply makeup that matches the time of day and the place where they are.

Thai girls are very easy to make contact with tourists, they are interested in talking with people of a different culture and religion. If a girl lives in a tourist-developed city, she can certainly support a conversation in English.

Many Thai men go “left” for the reason that their wives do not attach much importance to this. Many of them even encourage men to visit massage parlors with additional services. They believe that if a man is not emotionally attached to another girl, then there is nothing wrong with such discharge.

Foreigners want to marry young Thai girls

Many foreign men have recently gone crazy. Some seriously talk about marrying a Thai woman, others go to Thailand on erotic excursions, and then get married. Moreover, the language barrier, the difference in mentality, or even prostitution in the third generation does not confuse them.

The first thing that exotic charmers bribe, and what Western men expect is absolute submission. It is believed that young Thai girls brought up in strict patriarchal traditions will kiss at the feet of anyone who is ready to pull her out of poverty. This myth of Asian wives attracts crowds of tourists, some of whom are not averse to taking paradise with them. The fact that a considerable length of service as a prostitute is often attached to such behavior no longer bothers men.

How to find suitable young Thai girls

All men are attracted to the sexual component. Foreign men really like the feminine and inexpensive clothes of young Thai girls, their long hair and cleanliness. If a husband beats a secret, she will never run to the police. In the most extreme case, it will simply run away to the parents. Young Thai girls are very reserved, but also vindictive.

Finally, the last component, the last hook that a foreign man falls into is cheapness. By the way, it’s very relative. Having bought a prostitute at the price of cigarettes, the man does not really understand that marrying her will cost much more. Firstly, it will have to pay a ransom to her relatives. Secondly, children are required to support their parents. That is, taking care of the spouse’s family will also lay on the shoulders of the hero. Experienced people say that sex tourism is sex tourism, but it’s easier to find someone who won a million in the lottery than someone who successfully married secretly.

Being acquainted with young Thai girls, do not be prejudiced against them

Young Thai girls are very jealous and suspicious

Jealousy is painful, but it strengthens the feelings of young Thai girls to her man. Despite the attractiveness, meekness and cute appearance, slim body and solid social status, young Thai girls are too jealous. Moreover, if they suddenly notice a manifestation of attention or the look of their man on another woman, most likely one of them will suffer.

However, not all young Thai girls are fully consistent with such characteristics. Each of them is unique, as in other countries. Therefore, being acquainted with young Thai girls, do not be prejudiced against them. It is important to remember only that each person has his own specific qualities and it is difficult to find two identical women.

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