How to get a date with beautiful Russian girls in China

In recent years, Russia has been encouraging marriages between Russian girls and Chinese, but the number of marriages is not growing. One of the reasons is the low growth of the Chinese, many Russian girls are taller than they are, and for Chinese guys it is a blow to self-esteem. In addition, another reason is the Russian beauties themselves, who quickly gain weight after the wedding.

Speaking of Russia, everyone immediately remembers beautiful Russian girls. Russia is China’s neighbor. China is in close contact with Russia in all aspects: political, economic and others. If you are traveling to Russia, then you will certainly meet many Russian beauties on the streets, and the trip can already be considered successful. In recent years, Russia has been encouraging marriages between Russian girls and Chinese.

Do Russian girls want dates with the Chinese?

There is a strong imbalance between the number of men and women in Russia: there are more women, so the competition between those who want to get married is very fierce. In such a situation, transnational marriages are a great way out. Many Russian girls happily marry foreigners. Russian beauties say that Russian men are very proud, inattentive to women. This is the image of a Russian man.

After Russia began to promote mixed marriages, Russian girls in China began to contact Chinese more often, and began to learn a little Chinese. Despite the fact that relations between Russia and China at the political level have long been very close, there have been no more marriages between representatives of our peoples.

Russian girls in China have not only a beautiful figure, but also delicate skin, bewitching eyes, they simply fall in love at first sight.

Support for the idea of marriage between Russians and Chinese

«According to a survey, over the past ten years in Russia there have been between 50-60 thousand Russian beauties who are interested in coming to China for the development of interethnic marriages, and this figure is already quite large.»

 To promote actively marriages between Chinese and Russians, Russia even invited unmarried Chinese people to come to “blind” dates. This shows how much Russia supports the idea of marriages between representatives of our peoples.

The Chinese, who were unlucky to meet Russian beauties in their homeland, themselves go to Russia in search of a wife. Russian marriage agencies caught the trend by organizing the so-called “Single Tours” – dating for single men.

What attracts the Chinese in Russian girls

The Chinese at the last time prefer to go on dates and marry fair-haired, blue-eyed, slender girls, for whom they come to Russia or look for them in their own country. To meet Russian girls in China, local residents spend considerable amounts on marriage agencies. In turn, Russian girls are not averse to marrying a wealthy resident of China.

Russian girls have not only a beautiful figure, but also delicate skin, bewitching eyes, they simply fall in love at first sight, and besides, there are a lot of them in Russia! In Russia, it is not customary to go out on the street without makeup, which is the advantage of Russian girls in China.

However, according to statistics, the number of mixed marriages is small. The main reason is that the Russian girl before the wedding is very beautiful, and after marriage and childbirth, she begins to get fat, and this does not give in to control. Therefore, many Chinese people try to stay away from Russian beauties.

How to get a date with Russian girls in China

 In China, special meetings are often held for Russian girls and Chinese men. At such events, Russian girls come to get acquainted with wealthy Chinese, for a serious relationship and marriage, according to the organizers.

Every weekend, an unusual bazaar takes place in Shanghai People’s Park: grooms and brides are sold here. But brides do not steal and do not trade openly. They sell dating in order to create a family. Modern Shanghaiers are very busy and someone is simply unlucky: here they entrust their fate to marriage agencies or bored pensioners.

Dating bazaars used to be all over China. There was no Internet dating at all, and the Chinese had to look for their destiny. Where to find the right pair? How to guess who your half is? Therefore, they entrusted this task to other people who could choose the ideal spouse according to the necessary parameters, even using a horoscope. A huge number of profiles and announcements are usually posted throughout the park!

 Firstly, the profiles are clearly structured. Age is indicated by two digits of the year of birth. Still indicated growth, about the size of the clothes in any profile does not say. Photos are also rare. When someone is interested in a specific person, they will show him. The questionnaire also indicates the annual income, the availability of their own apartment or car, since the Chinese are usually interested in the viability of their future passion, regardless of gender.

Men can get a date with Russian girl in China in special meetings, events and brides market.

At tables throughout the park are people who are representatives of marriage agencies. They have all the information, but just like that, they won’t give it away. You need to show real interest, only then you can see the photos. Further, those either who wish will be given contacts, or first they will interview and photograph, and show to the one who posted the questionnaire.

Russian beauties happily marry Chinese men

Mixed marriages, in particular when Russian girls marry the Chinese, have long become a fashionable trend. This phenomenon originates in the mid-90s, and by the beginning of the new century, marriage immigration has become especially popular, mainly young Russian girls under 30 years old (60%), and their average age is 28 years. Men from China are also eager to marry Russian girls, the main reasons: Russian girls have a high level of culture and education; they are young and beautiful, as well as hardy and hardworking. Many experts believe that mixed marriages, especially when Russian girls marry the Chinese, can lead to a “leak” of Russian genes, which is in no way inferior to a “brain drain”.

How a Chinese can attract a Russian girl

There are advantages to Chinese men attracting the attention of a Russian girl in China.

The first advantage: Chinese husbands “take care of the family” best of all. Of course, not all people are the same, but most Chinese husbands bear full responsibility for the family.

The second advantage: the Chinese do not abuse alcohol.

Third advantage: Chinese men do housework. Chinese cuisine is very tasty. Chinese men can wash and cook food, so they won the image of calm and faithful husbands; in addition, Chinese husbands massage their wives, something that men from other countries cannot give to their spouses.

Fourth advantage: Chinese men are wealthy. China’s economic development has made Chinese men popular.

Fifth advantage: Chinese men take marriage very seriously.

Sixth advantage: China’s men are faithful.

The beauty and mind of Russian girls are attracting Chinese suitors

The beauty and mind of Russian girls are attracting more and more Chinese suitors, and they are not embarrassed by either regional or language differences. Not only in the Far East, but also in other Russian regions in marriage agencies, the number of profiles submitted by the Chinese is growing every day.

However, many of them do not forget to put forward certain requirements in appearance of the alleged partners. And this, in principle, is normal. However, the “European standards” of some Chinese when choosing girls cannot but cause smiles among the employees of marriage agencies.

Despite the fact that the tastes of the Chinese, it would seem, are more and more similar to the preferences of Europeans, Americans and Russians, there are still significant differences between them.

Preferences of the Chinese when searching for Russian girls in China

Many Russian girls who like the Chinese cannot understand why they prefer the classic type: a large nose and blond hair. It is so beaten!

Chinese men say that snow-white skin is a sign of beauty, even if it looks a little painful. For them, white skin is a sign of well-being in the family. Most Russians like dark skin, and for the Chinese this is a sign of decline in the family.

In China, they believe that if a man does not have white skin, this means that he works all day under the sun. Nevertheless, dark-skinned girls are considered lazy and dirty, not watching themselves.

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