How to live peacefully with a Chinese wife

Chinese women have a great number of features that make them ideal wives. But they’re not angels, so sometimes they get angry and lazy. If you want to know, how to live peacefully with your Chinese wife, then our article is for you. We’ve collected a great number of tips from Chinese women and foreign men. They do know what they talk about. So, let’s start!

Necessary tips for living a happy life with a Chinese wife

  • Take a shower every evening. That’s what Chinese women demand from their husbands, no matter what they were doing during the day. Whether they were at home or out of doors, before they go to bed, they need to shower. Their wives will make them do it, even if they’re too tired or have already taken a shower that day.
  • Respect her family. When you marry a Chinese woman, you marry the whole family of hers. Her parents, numerous relatives: cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers – literally everyone. You already met them before the wedding and you will see them quite frequently. Your wife will ask you to visit them or invite them to your place. When they come to your house, they’ll be sure that it’s their house. They will eat your food, sleep in your bed. Because they are relatives of your wife! The craziest time is when you take part in family gathering, when all the huge family is in one place. It’ll be quite noisy there, they’ll speak to you in all the possible dialects of Chinese, and you’ll have to listen to them, smile and pretend that you understand. When you try to communicate with your wife’s relatives, address them with their specific titles. It’s important in China, because contributes to their “face”. So, you should remember how to say “little brother”, “big sister”, “uncle”, “aunt”, “granny”, “granddad” in Chinese.
  • Buy meat and vegetables every single day. Western men are used to buy food products once a week, but not in China. It can get tiresome and irritating, this daily shopping routine. Freshness of food is critical for Chinese women. They tend to cook the food products the exact day they buy them. So, they start their day with shopping.
  • Take your phone wherever you go. Gorgeous Chinese women need to talk to their husbands every two minutes. They may seem too controlling, but when they’re not together with their men, they need to know what they’re doing and what they’re thinking about. They also ask strange questions, for example, what to buy in a supermarket, how to plan her relatives’ visit.
  • Be helpful and patient. No matter how hard your wife tries to be good, she’s an ordinary woman. She can get tired. It’ll be good, if you help her a little bit.
Why marry a Chinese woman

What you should know about your Chinese wife

Now let’s find out what your Chinese wife is like. It goes without saying that you’re the only man who knows this woman perfectly, but there’re some traits of character, common for almost all Chinese women.

  • Loyalty. They’re extremely loyal to their husbands, kids, parents and friends. Loyalty is a part of their status, which is very important in China. It can be understood as “face”, and every Chinese individual does their best to keep it as perfect as possible. Divorce is the thing that spoils the face, as well as cheating. That’s why Chinese women keep their loyalty.
  • Cleanliness. That’s another component of their “face”, that they keep. They are ready to do any possible housework without any complaints. Their husbands don’t have to do anything about the house. Of course, they can, if they want help their wives. But it’s not obligatory.
  • Thrift. A Chinese wife is an expert in managing the family finances. They don’t like people, who spend a lot. They call them “langfei” – a wasteful person. As far as finance and children are concerned, some can find Chinese women overprotective. They can get angry with their Western husbands, when they eat too much, take a taxi or throw out leftover food.
  • Stubbornness. Why are Chinese women so stubborn? The only things that they want to hear from their men are ‘Zhi dao’ (“I know”) and ‘Dong’ (“I understand”). If you don’t want to waste your time and energy over petty little arguments, you’d better say those phrases and your Chinese wife will be happy. No matter what the argument is about, the woman from China is eager to win.
  • Health anxiety. Chinese women may seem too crazy about health. This anxiety concerns themselves and their families. They seem to consider their husbands and kids too stupid to choose what is good or bad for them. So, they frequently say: “It’s bad for your health” or “It’s good for your health”. Even if you try to convince your Chinese wife, that you know what is good or bad for you, she won’t hear you. But this health anxiety can be good, because if you eat good food and do physical exercises, you’ll remain happy and healthy! Chinese people are used to starting their day with physical exercises, whether it’s a working day or a day off.
  • Passion over bargains. Chinese women are extremely talented at finding profitable bargains. They have that special feeling that bring them to restaurants and shops with discounts. They’re ready to wait for a seat in this cheap restaurant for 2 hours, whenever it’s necessary. “Time is money” concept simply doesn’t work in China. They differ money and time, they can save money and waste time. If you manage to explain to your Chinese wife, that it’s no good to waste time as well, she’ll try to change that habit of hers, but it won’t be easy.
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What they don’t like

If you’re a Western man and want to marry a Chinese bride, you should know those five things that Chinese ladies hate about American men.

  • Shoes and footprints everywhere in the house. American men don’t take off their shoes, when they come back home. Chinese women, who are crazy about clean floors, are mad at shoes marks everywhere.
  • No underwear. American men hate underwear, because they say it doesn’t let them feel free. Chinese women don’t understand that. They want to buy some underwear for their husbands, but they won’t put it on.
  • Wasting too much money. That money conflict is the reason of constant arguments in Chinese international marriages. Chinese women are into saving money, and American women are passionate over spending it. Chinese wives find their American husbands too relaxed about money.
  • No shower before bed. That’s another reason for permanent misunderstanding in the American-Chinese family.
  • Playing video games in bathroom. When a Chinese wife has kids, she has no time to stay in bathroom long, but their American husbands can spend there hours and hours. That irritates their Chinese wives greatly. They think that their men use their bathroom as a hiding place.
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What they need

If you want to live happily with your Chinese wife, you should give her something too. The family relationships can be good only if the both partners contribute equally. So, that’s what a Chinese woman needs from her man:

  • Stability. It concerns both finance and love. She want to be sure in her man, that he has a good job and can buy her whatever she wants.
  • Respect to her traditions. It’s clear that culture differences between the USA and China are great, but there’s no need to pay too much attention to them. You’d better show respect for her feelings and traditions.
  • Help. It’s not easy to raise little kids and take care about the house. Of course, she’ll do everything necessary alone, all by herself, but she’ll get tired and won’t be happy. So, why not helping her a bit? At least, don’t make her housework harder with your dirty shoes.
  • Keeping her status. Since you want to marry a Chinese woman or have already married her, now you’re responsible for her status as well. Your cheating or divorce will bring a huge harm to her reputation. So, don’t make her status suffer because of you. Remain faithful to her, because she is faithful to you.
If you marry a Chinese woman

What you know now

Well, now you know a lot about your Chinese wife, what she likes and what she doesn’t like, what she needs. If you want your woman to become a good wife, you should be a good husband for her. Don’t lie to her, don’t cheat, remain faithful and reliable.

We hope that you’ll manage to find a good Chinese girl and make her happy! And don’t forget to follow our tips.

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