How to Live Peacefully with a South Korean Wife

If you’re looking for a Korean wife, you’re probably fascinated with a culture of South Korea. This unique country is greatly popular at the moment, due to famous K-pop. But South Korea is much more than beautiful singing boys and girls.

We’ll tell you what you have to know about Korean women before you choose one to be your bride.

What you should be prepared to

An international marriage is not a cup of tea. A Western man and a Korean woman should be both prepared to intercultural differences. Both of you should also do your homework beforehand, read as much as possible about the culture of the other country.

If you want to live happily with your Korean wife, try to learn much about her before marriage. That’s what dating is for. If you push too fast, later you’ll complain about being married to a Korean woman. Marriage is not only love, it’s a hard work, and the both partners contribute their efforts to their mutual happiness.

Your wife’s background and culture is something that you can’t brush aside. If you consider all those things nothing but a little “inconvenience”, that’s where you’re wrong. Your Korean wife will never be a 100% American or European woman, even if she lives in your country. You need to respect her background, if you want to make her happy.

That’s what makes her unique. That’s why you love her. So, don’t try to make her look and think like all women around you. It’s interesting to learn more about the culture she’s come from.

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What about the marriage?

Cultural differences between the US and South Korea concern marriage too. If Westerners marry for romantic and personal bonds, Koreans consider a marriage as the union of two families. A marriage is not just a love affair between a man and a woman. It’s a way to get more money and strengthen the parents.

If Westerners marry Korean women for love, Korean women marry Western men for financial security. They may respect and appreciate their husbands, but money is first for them. What’s more, a divorced Korean woman is considered unmarriageable in her country. So, marrying a foreigner is the only chance to her to get financial stability.

It’s not pleasant to find out that your wife is with you because of money. But still, you can believe in real love.

What you should do before marrying a Korean girl

If you don’t want to complaint and divorce, you should be confident that the girl you want to marry is the right person for you. Ask her various questions, listen to her with great attention, and do the following tests in order to find out what a real person she is.

  1. Drink with her. You’ll see how she behaves, when she can’t control herself perfectly. It’s useful and will tell you much about the girl.
  2. Go a short trip with her. Choose another town in South Korean or show her your country. 3 or 5 days will be enough for your first travel.
  3. Cook with her. Or ask her to cook for you. Not all girls are good at house keeping. So, it’ll be useful and interesting.
  4. Gamble with her. Ask her about her opinion about gambling and casinos.
  5. Check out her family relationship. Ask her to tell you about her parents. Learn how dependent she is from her parents.

If you get sick, your girlfriend will probably take care of you. She might cook for you and clean your house. It’ll be useful to learn, how much she’ll be worrying about you. But don’t you ever lie to her. She’ll find it out sooner or later and will stop believing you.

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What Koreans think about foreigners

You’ve probably met your Korean bride at some online dating website, where she’d created her profile. It means that she doesn’t mind dating and marrying a foreigner. But her parents, relatives and friends might have another opinion. Some Korean people get very angry, when they see a Korean woman next to a Western man.

Common Koreans avoid showing their openness to foreigners, but they respect rich Americans and Europeans. They’ll be flattered to see their girl dating a rich and handsome foreigner. What’s more, they see no difference between people from the USA and Europe. They consider any white Western person as American.

What about the language?

Since your girlfriend created a profile in a dating website, she probably knows English. Just a bit. So, one of the issues you both should discuss before marrying is the language that you both will speak.

When you both live in the USA, your Korean wife will have to master English. But at home she may speak Korean. If you have children, you’ll probably want to teach them the both languages. Bilingual kids are considered intelligent.

Rules in your family

Even if you and your Korean wife live in your country (the US or Europe), be prepared that your house will turn into a little piece of South Korea. You’ll have to obey the following rules:

  • No shoes at home. Western men don’t take off their shoes, when they come home. But South Korea has another tradition. Your Korean wife won’t be happy to wash the floor every hour.
  • More Korean food than American food. A woman from South Korea can cook traditional foods from her country excellently. That’s she’s extremely good at.
  • Frequent phone calls. Many Western men, who divorced their Korean wives, complain about their extreme possessiveness. They would phone them dozens of times daily, no matter where they were, even at work. They didn’t understand that it was too annoying, and they got angry when their Western husbands didn’t reply them.
  • Too much control. If a Western man consider a marriage as the equal relationship, a Korean woman is focused on control. In the early stage of their marriage a husband obeys his wife, because he doesn’t want any arguments, but then he finds out, that he’ll have to follow her instructions the whole life!
  • Celebrate anniversaries! Korean women like to celebrate 100 day anniversary, then 200 and 300 days anniversary. It differs from the Western culture greatly, because American and European people are used to celebrating a year anniversary, then 2 years anniversary and so on.
  • Celebrate Korean holidays. It’s a part of Korean culture, so, if you don’t want your Korean wife become sad, know the full list of special dates and give her good gifts!
  • Public affections. Korean women like to hold hands with their boyfriends or husbands. It’ll be great, if both of you set the standard on public affection in the early stage of your relationship. It’s so important for Korean women, that they require holding hands every day. When you don’t want that, you’ll make your girlfriend or wife unhappy.
  • Drinking with relatives. Never refuse drinking with your wife’s relatives and parents! It’s considered a great insult, the same as not shaking hands with someone in the US.
  • Appreciate the way she looks. Korean men and women are crazy about their appearance. They surely know how to take care of their skin. Women only use top notch cosmetics. What’s more, plastic surgery is very popular in South Korea, that’s another secret why so many Korean women look brilliant.
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Your In-Laws

Korean women love and respect their parents. The tradition of obeying parents is very strong in South Korea. That’s why so many girls want to leave their country and live somewhere else. That’s how they try to become independent. But no matter a Korean girl goes, her parents will pursue her. When she gets married and gives birth to kids, her mother and father will come to her as quickly as possible. So, if you want to marry a Korean girl, you should be prepared, that you’ll marry her parents as well.

It’s a normal situation in South Korea, when grandparents take care of their grandchildren, and young mother and father spend their time on working and earning money.

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About 90% of international marriages finish with a divorce. The first years of marriage seem happy, but then suddenly something happens and the situation changes dramatically. That’s when cultural differences can’t be ignored anymore. Western husbands can’t stand the constant control and frequent phone calls.

But still, there’s hope that your marriage will last long and happily. If you’ve done your homework and know how to cope with problems, you’ll have the chance to live peacefully with your Korean wife.

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