Interesting facts about Korean women

Most men have an idea of the courtship process in Europe and the USA. However, the East is a completely different culture, so in Asia everything is a little different. In China, Japan and Korea, traditional, conservative views are very strong. When they are intertwined with the modern urban lifestyle, a rather interesting picture is obtained.

Relationship start

While in the West many people meet their first love while still at school, then in Korea this is more difficult: Korean girls are in the first place to study, the possibility of entering a university. In addition, while some hyperactive teens manage to start dating, the enormous load simply leaves no time for dates.

Everything changes with admission to the university. You don’t need to study so hard anymore, therefore, many Korean students just live for pleasure: they enter circles / student clubs, and drink soju (Korean vodka) on Fridays. Moreover, after graduation, most of them will have to work for many years from morning to late evening. It is during this period of life that young Koreans begin a romantic relationship.

First date for Korean women

The first date is an important stage in the development of relations. In Europe and America, it serves to ensure that both partners can communicate, get to know each other better and conclude whether the relationship will continue or not. Sometimes it ends in sex, and after that people, in principle, owe nothing to each other. In Korea, the first date is already the beginning of a relationship, and after it ends, the guy and girl “officially” become a couple. Usually, dates are held in some cafe. On a first date, a Korean girl brings a close friend (one that is more terrible to look profitable against her background). Sometimes they go on dates in groups, in order to maintain a good reputation.

Korean women get to know a European for one purpose: to get married, improve her financial situation, and leave Korea

How does strengthening relations with a Korean woman happen?

After a while, the couple can finally go on dates without friends. They can already hold hands. Public manifestations of feelings – kisses, hugs and other manifestations of passion – are inappropriate in society and are condemned by Korean grandmothers, but recently there has been a tendency to soften morals.

Another interesting trend: Korean girls and Korean guys in pairs dress equally. This phenomenon is called Couple Look, and it is also becoming popular not only in other Asian countries, but also in Europe and America. Clothing stores make good money on this.

Lovers celebrate every hundredth day from the moment they started dating. Not to miss the important date for the couple help special applications for smartphones. On this day, you must give gifts to your half, and you should not save on them – young Koreans, brought up on romantic TV shows, perceive the relationship in a special way: girls expect from guys not candy cards, bouquet, but designer handbags, shoes, clothes, cosmetics or jewelry. According to the calculations of one of the bloggers, each guy takes about $ 800 for every hundred days of a relationship.

In order for lovers to be able to switch to “closer communication”, a long-term relationship is required. The couple must be together for at least one year.

Beauty of Korean women

For the third year in a row, Korea ranks first among the most innovative countries, not only in the field of IT-technologies and robotics, but also in medicine, including beauty medicine and cosmetology. People from all over the world have long changed their path from Israel to Seoul for medical purposes, from where they take away a couple of suitcases of cosmetic miracles, which are presented every 50 meters on a street retail or occupying 3-4 floors of almost every shopping center in Korea (even in small cities).

The thing is that to be beautiful is the main motivation not only among the female population, but even more so among the male population. Surprisingly, it is a fact: in Korea, appearance plays a big role even when applying for a job, so a photograph must accompany every resume, sometimes after Photoshop, but most often after plastic surgery.

Another reason for such an obsession with beauty is the desire to be better. Competition drives them to achieve high results both in work and in appearance. They always try to “fit.” Therefore, many parents even encourage the desire of children to undergo plastic surgery; they do not want their children to look less beautiful than others.

Chastity of Korean women

Until now, the opinion in Korea is very popular that a guy can have any relationship with the opposite sex before the wedding, but the girl should remain chaste. However, many young people have long scored on this tradition. The next obstacle to lovers craving for each other is that most young people live with their parents, and tradition, again, forbids the second half before the wedding. The solution is simple: special motels thrive throughout the country, in which couples can spend time together.

Romantic relationship with Korean

Koreans from the land of the rising sun borrowed romantic relations in Korea: for example, in Japan and South Korea, the celebration of February 14 has a lot in common. On this day, only women give gifts to men, and in the vast majority of cases, it is chocolate.

In addition to these dates, the Koreans came up with Black Day on April 14, when both men and women who did not receive gifts go to a restaurant and eat noodles with black bean sauce as a sign of mourning alone.

Many Asian-enthusiastic men dream of getting to know Korean women better

What kind of men do Koreans love

Koreans love white men. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, white skin is beautiful and sexy in their opinion. Secondly, they believe that a white man, by definition, is rich from Europe or America.

Korean men are aware about the situation and, as far as possible, fight it, but there is something – that is: Korean women really like white guys and they are not at all against meeting Europeans. Therefore, during your trip to South Korea, you can easily get acquainted with Korean women – it’s enough not to be modest and have some financial freedom.

The material issue when meeting a Korean woman is in the first place. Korean women get to know a European for one purpose: to get married, improve her financial situation, and leave Korea. That is, acquaintance “student” does not roll. The exception is dating in a bar and clubs and bars for one night. Girls are also not against such acquaintances, but this is a completely different topic – in the morning your girlfriend will evaporate. Of course, there is a category of girls who prefer Koreans under any conditions – these girls themselves earn very well, are beautiful and have a choice of Korean fans.

How to get Korean attention

Many Asian-enthusiastic men dream of getting to know Korean women better. However, it is unlikely that many think about such mundane things as the wishes of the Koreans themselves for the sums that her man should earn. In Seoul, meeting a Korean girl for short, pleasant meetings is quite simple. On Friday night, clubs and bars are filled with tipsy girls, many of whom are ready for serious adventures tonight.

Making a more serious acquaintance is somewhat more difficult, but also not very difficult. It is enough to be in Seoul, to have money and desire. Especially if you are in Seoul for a long time (work) or visit regularly.

Thinking about how to get acquainted with a Korean woman and win her heart, it is worth understanding the materiality of the requests of your potential Asian darling. You won’t surprise anyone with Europeans in Seoul – American bases in the country have been around for more than half a century. To look after how Koreans know how to do it – Western men do not always know how. Therefore, the money is above all. South Korea has one of the highest living standards in Asia.

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