Is AsianDating really high-rated?

Surprisingly, AsianDating is one of only few platforms in Asia that are very well rated and highly appreciated by all users. There’s nearly no criticism connected with this dating site.  

Why is it so trusted? Because it seems to apply the perfect formula of legit dating sites, it isn’t too commercial but active enough for using it with the utmost success. Here are some of the details.

First, the number of Asian girls is really big, 60 percent out of the total amount of members, and the site activity remains stable throughout all 2020 although not as high as on Adultfriendfinder or Brilic. 

Secondly, women are indeed from Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, China. They do not come from fake agencies based in America, they are real and genuine girls who are ready to meet. 

2.5 mln. users in total are a serious number that proves AsianDating is worthy of attention. Moreover, women’s age normally starts from 25 which is already the beginning of maturity and wisdom. 

Although the site is rather medium-priced than low-priced, almost $30 a month, it seems to be worthy of each penny as singles find a match almost instantly and enjoy using the platform. 

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Extra pros of AsianDating

  • Quick signup process 
  • Connecting with FB account
  • Strong verification
  • Profile photos are to be approved too
  • Instant chatting even without profile photo
  • Precise matching based on preferences 
  • Cupid tags and advanced search help to match easier 

Premium features 

Basically, AsianDating can be fully used only with Premium membership. At the same time, it isn’t just formal and gives all possible benefits not available on other, more primitive platforms. 

For example, anonymous dating with the hidden profile, automatic translation of messages, profile highlighting, unique ice-breakers are accessible for Premium members and are of great help. 

Although free members can exchange messages with paid members who favorited them, it makes more sense to buy Gold or Premium and enjoy all the opportunities without any limits or boundaries. 

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Success stories 

AsianDating is particularly known for a big number of success stories from its users. Both men and women are sharing them with pleasure, to encourage the newcomers and thank the site team. 

“I had always been attracted to Filipina women but didn’t want to travel on my own, without any insurance. AsianDating became such an insurance for me, since I met my beautiful Samantha on it. 

I surely chatted with other young women too, but Samy was the most welcoming one. It appeared to be true, she indeed welcomed me when I arrived, and became my personal guide. 

Long story short, we got intimate quickly since we met all expectations of each other. This hot beauty is my girlfriend now, and it makes me so proud. I wish I met her years earlier, instead of loneliness. 

I thank AsianDating for the most convenient features, pleasant design, rapid customer support, real girls who never asked for money online, never ghosted on me. It’s a very fair and helpful platform”. 

“I met my Mary Rose on AsianDating when she was just 21, seemed too young to all of my friends and family members, but age gap is never an issue for Filipina girls. She was happy to find me. 

I guess it’s a fair deal when a man is older and more experienced, can provide a girl if she didn’t get a normal profession and that is often the case in Asia. She healed all my wounds after divorce. 

I extremely appreciated the site quick service and wide opportunities, even travelled to Vietnam prior to our acquaintance with Mary Rose, and met a few genuine girls there. All were of high quality. 

Yet, I found chemistry only with my sweet Filipina and we’re together since. My daughters made great friends with her and my parents eventually accepted her, she is such a treasure. 

AsianDating reviews

I am thankful to AsianDating that doesn’t waste the man’s time and provides all services at full volume. I had been lucky there with zero scam and wonderful personals I met, so I’d give it five stars”. 

What makes Asia girls so special? 

Asian culture isn’t surprising only because of unsual eating habits. You won’t believe how hot and stunning Asian girls are. Many of them are extremely gracious, petite, seductive, with doll faces.

Add to this some very special cuteness, sensual lips, well-groomed hair, all this combination will take your breath away! Their sexy looks are in contrast with their conservative minds though. 

But this challenge also works for you since you’re sure she is sober and likes you sincerely. Party girls are not always a good option. No one can fully rely on them and call them genuine. 

While for Asian girls, drinking alcohol is pretty rare. Even the bar girls let the client drink as much as he wants, without joining him too much. They can take a glass or two for a better comfort. 

In general, Asian girls are very romantic, tender, loyal, and cute. They like little surprises and are very cheerful. They have strong characters, can bear any difficulties, support their man through hard times.

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Although quiet, they protect their close people when needed. They aren’t afraid to work hard so respect that. She’s totally and completely yours for all the period of time you decided to spend with her. 

How to master Asian dating?

Sometimes you have to know something about local culture before making your judgements and conclusions. It’s typical for Asia to see each man as an absolute leader who dominates at all times. 

So organizing things and solving issues is on his shoulders without saying. A woman just follows him. Helping her with heavy stuff and taking her out is already gallant enough though. 

Don’t overdo things, there’s no need for that. By the way, it’s good to know that your girl’s father or another male relative won’t kill you for sleeping with their dearest little angel. 

But it’s obligatory that you bow when meeting them and stay silent when they speak or eat. In other words, it’s much more important to show respect to her family than to be a perfect man to their girl. 

They will constantly ask you about babies planned in future but it’s just a social formality so relax and keep on going. Just check whether she’s taking her pills or buy the strongest condoms out there. 

There are families with more dictatorship though so move on to another girl once you noticed that. There is an equal possibility that they’ll love you to death though, it really depends on your luck.

If you’re kind, giving and affectionate with her, she may start trusting quick and do more things as a lover. However, they are a bit childish in their caresses and mostly tend to be submissive. 

Meet only girls from big cities. Village girls expect to get married very early and they are too shy or speechless when you talk with them. Urban girls are less desperate so they date freely and openly.

Lots of western men became professionals in Asian dating exactly with the help of this popular site which also contains the blog and all necessary tips for quick success. If they could, you will too! 

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