Is it true that Thai women dream of a foreigner husband

Thai women have a gentle disposition; they are obedient and hardworking and love to satisfy their man. They are unpretentious and shy. Despite external restraint, Thai women are very jealous and do not forgive betrayal to their men.

Thai women from wealthy families are significantly different from local girls from the villages. The former are raised in love, care, and the latter are forced to work all their lives for a minimum wage. Therefore, it is easier, of course, to take precisely the poor girl to her homeland, since the ransom for her is not big. Thai women are the perfect choice for men from the West.

Beauty rules for Thai women

In Thailand, as in all other Asian countries, the locals cannot resist the beauty of white skin. For them, the whiter the skin, the more beautiful, richer, healthier the person. The entire local population has a dark skin, as it constantly works in the field, on the street. White skin – only among movie stars, models and other upper classes according to Thais. Therefore, to be like their idols, Thai women are constantly trying to lighten their skin, applying a huge amount of masks, scrubs, etc.

What kind of men do Thai women choose

Thai women willy-nilly have a relationship with a polygamous man and put up with his adventures. They endure the husband’s infidelity because of love, the desire to save a family or receive material wealth, and sometimes they simply don’t suspect rivals.

A foreigner who has decided to marry Thai women must understand that here, as in any other country, his laws and regulations apply. One of these rules is the bride ransom tradition. If the parents do not like the ransom amount, they may not have to give their daughter in marriage to a foreigner. Although any man from the west might think that, the girl would agree to leave with him. However, no, Thai women are devoted to their traditions, family and respect the laws of their kind. Therefore, they simply won’t succeed in taking the local woman away.

Thai women have some hidden recipe for eternal youth

How much does it cost to marry Thai women

Thai women want to find a caring and loving husband who will take them from the country to their homeland. Men in Thailand are used to having several wives at the same time, so women are in no hurry to associate their fate with them. Foreign suitors differ from local suitors, so Americans and Europeans have more chances to attract Thai women.

It may seem to many Western grooms that they only require them to patch up the ransom for the bride. However, this is not so. The ransom fee for the bride is the duty of any groom, be the European, American, Indian or local man. In Thailand, all men, without exception, pay for the bride, the only question is that the amounts may vary. In addition, this does not depend on the qualities and earnings of the groom, but on how much the bride’s family will ask. Naturally, the prices are called adequate, since any family wants to marry their daughter and then wait for help from her.

What are they Thai women

What is it about Thai women, why are men so fond of them? They do not interfere with her husband and do not tease their men in private or in the presence of others! They rejoice and laugh in any situation, even if the man really made a mistake (cheating is not considered – then the reckoning can be severe). They are attentive, caring and this is sincere. Thai women from “decent society” and “girls from bars” are just as different as in your country. In addition, communication with them is just as different. This means that if you want a little adventure or many problems – get acquainted with the girl from the bar. If you want to communicate normally and have a relationship, go to the museum. Because the problems can be really serious.

Thai women have been trying more and more lately to imitate Western women. On the one hand, they really want to get married, have children. On the other, they began to realize that everything can be achieved on their own, without serving the husband, not always young. Therefore, more and more Thai women seek to go to neighboring countries or to the West. Rarely does anyone succeed, but there are more attempts. Another way is to become an actress, model, presenter. However, this is also difficult. Beauty is not the main asset of Thai women. Hence, a large number of plastic surgeries and appearance improvements in Thailand.

Why do foreigners choose to marry Thai women

Most Western suitors, after visiting Thailand, do not abandon the idea eventually to return there for their wife. They are attracted by the attractiveness of Thai women and the uniqueness of their character. Thai women look young, they are beautiful, and they do not need many expensive cosmetics to emphasize their merits. All this attracts Americans, Europeans and others, and strikes internal harmony in combination with external inaccessibility.

Especially beautiful are the Thai “half-breed”, for example, parents have different nationalities and beliefs. Thai women believe that children in such mixed marriages are always prettier, smarter, and happier than those who born in ordinary families. The girls of Thailand, in this case, become more attractive, because take facial features mainly from a different race. Perhaps that is why most Thai women like white people.

How to chat with Thai women

You can communicate with Thai women in English, which is taught in almost all schools. However, not many people communicate on it, mainly girls living in the tourist cities of the country. Some women know a few phrases, although it will be almost impossible to understand them. It is better to learn a little local language before going on vacation to Thailand.

Many Thai women are secret lovers of local men who are not averse to having sex on the side. Wives take such hobbies with restraint, although sometimes they themselves encourage husbands to visit massage parlors to provide their halves with special services. The reason for this approach is the lack of emotional affection for the prostitute.

Loneliness often pushes men to find a wife among Thai women

Benefits of Thai Women

Who spent holidays in Thailand, he knows how many local girls marry foreigners, especially Europeans and Americans, and leave the country. What makes foreigners, often of advanced age, choose to secretly marry a wife? Firstly, this is love – often the heart of foreigners melts with Thai beauty.

In Europe or the United States, a bridegroom is often not needed. In addition, in Thailand, he is an enviable groom, as they say, the juice itself, and can choose any of the beauties he likes, if only there is money. The desire to live in Thailand, forget about the cold Sweden and Canada, and spend the rest of their days on the warm coast, and here the wife does not hurt.

Loneliness often pushes men to find a wife among Thai women. Nobody knows how to brighten up loneliness like affectionate Thai women, and in this, they have no equal. The beauty and obedience of Thai girls is also a reason for choosing a wife in Thailand, these are not obstinate emancipated Europeans and Americans.

Why Thai women choose foreigners

Money is one of the main reasons. The dream of most Thai women is not to work, but to have money, and marrying a foreigner is an excellent solution to the problem.

Thai women understand that if their child is born from a foreigner, then he will have chances for a good life. White skin is the dream of any local woman. A child born in a mixed marriage will be bright, thereby ensuring a comfortable life in Thailand, even if the marriage does not work out. Many Thai women marry men from the West to leave to see the world. They dream in this way to see the world.

The reasons may be different, but in the end there is a mutually beneficial union, which is not very clear from the outside, but in fact it is a strong and loving couple, European and Thai, and now in general such a union becomes a priority, especially for older people for Europe and America when leaving on retire.

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