Is Love Between Japanese Women and American Men Ever Possible?

More and more Japanese women tend to date foreign men. They’re especially interested in American guys, and that’s good news for those of them, who are charmed with Asian beauty and mystery. Let’s find out what can be expected between Japanese women and American men: love, friendship or nothing at all.

What Japanese girls think about American men

Amazing Japanese girls do have some idea about American men. That’s what they think about them:

  • Western men look older than their real age. Japanese girls tend to have baby faces; they look much younger than their age. In comparison with that, American men have adult faces, look mature.
  • They are muscular and attractive. Some Japanese girls think that American men are much more handsome and stronger than Japanese men. When they see a muscular American guy, they consider him working out and disciplined.
  • They are open-minded and friendly. They seem too communicative in comparison with Japanese men. It’s an advantage for those girls, who like chatting and laughing.
  • They are more expressive. Japanese people, both men and women, are quite reserved, as far as expressing love is concerned. So, those Japanese women, who have married to American men, say that only near their husbands they feel happy to have been born women.
  • They are extremely rich. Those Japanese women, who watch Hollywood movies, get the impression, that every American guy lives in a huge and luxurious house. They can get greatly disappointed, when they find out the real life of the US.

Since you know, what beautiful Japanese women think about your country, it’s time to get some idea about the women themselves. What are Japanese women like?

How to marry a Japanese woman

What type of Japanese women seek American men

Now many Japanese women work actively and globally. They become international-minded. So, it’s evident, that they tend to be interested in relationships and marriage with American men. And some Japanese women, who want to have children, say that they prefer having mixed race kids, because they think, they would look cute.

There’s another category of Japanese women, who want to get married with American men. They have already tried relationships with local men, but failed. They didn’t fit their characters or had some misunderstanding. So, they decided to try something new.

Now it’s easy to find a foreign partner thanks to Japanese marriage bureaus and dating sites. A great number of profiles of men and women are located there. Girls look through them and pay attention to those, who correspond with their criteria. Let’s find out, what criteria we’re talking about.

How do you get a Japanese bride

Criteria of American men

Japanese women, looking for husbands from the USA, are not ready to fall in love with the first American man they ever meet. They have some criteria:

  • The age. Only few girls are ready to marry men, who are much older than them. The majority of Japanese women prefer men of their age.
  • The appearance. Girls prefer strong and tall men. They don’t want their American boyfriends look like Japanese men. They need something new, unusual.
  • The income. Some women prefer men in management position, others are not picky about anything.
  • The personality. Japanese girls prefer calm men, who don’t get irritated.

Japanese women expect much more from Japanese men than from American men. Maybe, that’s because Japanese women are charmed with stereotypes about people and life in the US. They hope to get from the American men something they can’t get from the local men.

The reason Japanese men are getting less attractive is the fact they don’t have much spirit of entertaining women. They don’t really care about that. And they just expect women to make them feel better. But women don’t want to entertain men, they want to be entertained.

How American men can impress Japanese women

Though Japanese women seem shy and reserved, they do have emotions and appreciate it when they see emotions from their partners. So, here’s the to-do list for those American men, who want to impress Japanese women.

  • An emotional proposal. Every Japanese lady wants to feel romance and surprise. When the man she loves gets down on his knee, looks straight into her eyes and say those four words: “Will you marry me?”, the girl will be completely charmed.
  • Flattering text messages. It’s a good idea to text to a girlfriend something sweet, for example, “To the most charming girl in the whole world” or “Good morning, my love!”. Japanese men are so reserved, that they’re considered unable to text something like that!
  • Frequent bouquets of flowers. Ladies will be a bit embarrassed but extremely happy to get flowers from their men every now and then.
  • Real life like in the movies. Many girls have been watching love stories. They dream to feel the same. So, why not cook breakfast for the girl, while she’s still asleep, and wake her up with a kiss?
  • Love letters. It’s so cute to write short messages and put them in the girl’s pocket or handbag! Since internet rules the world, handwritten letters are so precious.
  • Saying “I love you”. Those three words seem to be used so much, that some people don’t believe it. But let’s be honest. It’s always pleasant to hear them from the person you love, isn’t it?
  • Frequent kisses. Japanese women are too shy to express love and affections out-of-doors, but behind closed doors they are very passionate.
  • Pet names. Yes, you know your girlfriend’s name. But why not call her “my love” or “my precious treasure”? She’ll be happy.

One thing is very important here. It’s good if your feelings are sincere and you do really love your Japanese girlfriend. It’s easy to remain fake and make a girl fall in love with you. She’s so tired of shyness of local men, that she may easily fall head over heels in love with a guy who does everything, written on the list. Please remember that it’s no good to lie to a girl and make her believe you.

Why are Japanese women beautiful

Common troubles between Japanese women and American men

Some cultural differences should be taken into consideration, when American men want to marry Japanese women.

  • The American society is dating-focused, and Japanese one is marriage-focused. In Japan, once people seriously start looking for a marriage partner, it usually takes them just 3 months around from the first date to making a proposal.  In the US it takes much more for that process.
  • Some American men can seem too pushy and dominant to Japanese women. This can because the reason for break up.
  • Language barrier can be a real problem between Japanese women and American men. In the Japanese international marriage, one of the partners has to learn a foreign language. Which side will have to do that, depends on the country of living. If it’s Japan, the American husband learns the language of his Japanese wife. If it’s the USA, then she has to learn English. Actually, almost all Japanese girls, who want to marry or date men from the US, speak English quite decently.

So, now you know much more about Japanese women and the possibility of marrying one of them, if you’re an American man. Everything is possible. Don’t forget, that Japanese women are different. Some of them are strictly against the idea of international marriages, and others don’t mind it.

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