Maybe your wife will be Japanese, what do you need to know

Each country has a special mentality, which is influenced primarily by the geographical location, climate, terrain and historical development. So prostrate on the ninth part of the whole land Russia has a urethral-muscular mentality. But the small island nation of Japan has a skin mentality. And this mentality is significantly different from the eponymous mentality of the West. Having spent a significant part of its existence in isolation, Japan has acquired a skin mentality, the properties of which are directed inward. What’s the meaning of that? The fact is that each vector has 36 properties, and these properties have two directions of implementation: external and internal. Due to the peculiarities of Japanese history and geography, the lack of external implementation (due to isolation) has led to the fact that the skin mentality of Japan has only the inner side of development.

When in the West all entirely individualists, competitors and every “for himself”, in Japan all and every — a piece of a large mechanism, which makes an indispensable contribution to the common cause. Here, anyone realizes that there are still people around, and understands that each of these people must comply with certain limits.

Rules of conduct in Japan

Moreover, while in Europe and the United States crime is limited by law, in Japan the extremely low crime rate is due to the internal self-restraint of each of the residents. The Japanese do not steal, do not violate the order, come to work on time, do not cross the road to the red light not because of fear of punishment, but because of the peculiarities of the mentality: a person with a skin mentality directed inward, realizes the country as his “cave”. The Skinner will never steal from himself, will not take what is bad. This is the peak of the development of skin self-restraint at the level of mentality.

The Japanese, in General, may seem to a foreigner (especially Russian) like robots. Well, where have you seen that the queue is not pushed (in Japan, the queue is a frequent phenomenon), so people leave valuables and no one was taken to public transport was not accepted to talk loudly while on the phone can only send text messages… What is it really?

Everyone knows that people with skin vector, having extremely sensitive skin, on the contrary, love to touch, caress. But the Japanese “do not touch us” is not an indication of the bad state of the skin vector, it is a desire to observe their own and other people’s personal space. The Japanese, who have a special skin mentality, not only know how to limit themselves in everything, but also learned to observe the boundaries — their own and others’. And how else, tell me, to survive such a large number of people in such a small area?

It all goes around norms of behavior

The mentality was reflected in the Japanese norms of behavior set by a special code of conduct “kettlebell”. The Japanese never touch strangers: do not clap them on the shoulder, do not shake hands, do not climb to hug… the Japanese just bow, keep a decent distance. Loved ones, those in the private space, they are touching, and hugging (and not humans)… But others (especially foreigners) — thank you.

In General, the behavior of the Japanese can trace this cutaneous disgust: they are literally obsessed with disinfecting, constantly wash their hands, treat them with antibacterial agents; those who are sick, be sure to wear a mask to avoid infecting others and not annoy them with his sniff (to blow his nose on people, as well as from making any more sounds in Japan is also considered to be impure); and if you drank from the neck of the bottle — this bottle more no one’s gonna hurt! By the way, even staring at someone is also a violation of personal space. Therefore, the Japanese do not like to be closely scrutinized (although they themselves love to stare at the “gaijin”).

Japanese what are they?

It turns out, living in Japan, you constantly need to think about other people and how your actions can violate their borders. That’s why the Japanese are often called the most respectful nation: their behavior, and the truth, often seems very reverent, constantly felt concern for you and your (=your) personal space. “If I observe your boundaries, you will observe mine,” thinks every resident of the Land of the rising sun. At the same time, if you do something wrong, you will not be informed about it (especially if you are a foreigner). The Japanese rarely Express their discontent to strangers, do not make comments.

Another interesting fact. The Japanese, for the most part, have a negative attitude to tattoos both on their own and on someone else’s body. And this may also be due to the peculiarities of the mentality. Tattoos, so loved by people with masochistic tendencies in the skin vector, in a person with a normal skin vector cause negative. After all, a tattoo is always a trauma of tender skin, pain, stress.

In Japan, tattoos have developed a very ambiguous attitude. On the one hand, hostility towards them increases so that people with tattoos are not permitted in a traditional public baths — Onsen. Tattooed persons cause distrust, seem to be involved in criminal groups (traditionally, people of the Yakuza clan did themselves tattoos), drive into stress. Therefore, the appearance of such a person in the institution (especially if it is a foreigner) can hit the reputation of the bath.

On the other hand, a tattoo in Japan is more than just a drawing on the body.

The mentality of a country can correspond to the properties of only the lower vectors. However, the upper vectors can influence the direction of the thoughts of the inhabitants of the country. In Japanese culture the extraordinary influence of the sound vector. Love of contemplation, poetry, ambiguity, the search for deep meaning — all this permeates the culture of Japan.

If you go back to tattoos, the Japanese images on the body have a hidden symbolism that came from ancient books. Each element: the shape itself, the color, the direction has a certain value. Tattoo artists in Japan have always been, first of all, artists, painters, honorable people at the court of the Emperor. Now people from all over the world fly to the Land of the rising sun for a “real Japanese tattoo” — a masterpiece of skin and sound art.

Law-abiding, economical, respectful Japanese — what are they? You can easily forget to lock the door to your house and be sure that no one will come and take away anything valuable. The crime rate in Japan, thanks to a special mentality, is considered one of the lowest. Violators find almost instantly! If you know the features of the Japanese skin mentality, you can not be afraid to go to such as it seems at first glance, incomprehensible and unusual Land of the rising sun.

Some useful tips

Never touch unfamiliar to the Japanese. As soon as you make friends with them, they will let you into their personal space. And then there will be tears of joy, and hugs at parting, and consolation, and support. Be able to observe other people’s borders — and you will see that you will be very quickly accepted “for the” and will repay with big gratitude for your respectful attitude.

Revise your requirements for a woman, if you still can not find the invented ideal. Look at reality in the face, how can a Nobel prize winner, with a model appearance, bake wonderful pancakes for Breakfast and take care of five kids? It’s also a good idea to correlate a fictional image with your own characteristics, and look at the women who are increasingly found in your daily life. Among them, there is definitely someone with whom you can be yourself, there is something to talk about and she will accept your shortcomings.

To find a wife is not always worth looking for new friends, perfect renewal of old relationships. Find your classmates or classmates in the network, view the family status of those who were nice to you then or for some reason interesting now, and write to all unmarried. A large amount of common life experience quickly brings people together.

The main thing in the search is not to focus on it too much. Internal tension is felt in communication and does not allow it to develop. In addition, women feel when a man has a goal to marry and avoid such gentlemen. It is much more important to show interest in the person, to know the needs and interests of the person, because there is no sense in a simple print in the passport and by adulthood women do not hurry to make out the relationship for the sake of a tick.

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