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Japan is one of the most mysterious and unusual countries in the world. Even now, with the development of technology and social networks, it continues to arouse interest and attract Europeans. A considerable share of the attractiveness of Japan lies in its women with their unusual beauty, strong character and a peculiar sense of style.

The main qualities of Japanese sexy women

The main quality of Japanese sexy women is hard work and the ability to clearly and quickly perform their duties, not indulging in doubts. The strict rule is to maintain the neat appearance of not only family members, but also everything that surrounds them at home and in the yard. Therefore, you can rarely see a Japanese wife or mother in idle condition. And now, in many families, a woman helps her husband get dressed, laces his shoes, chooses the best dish that she has prepared for a family dinner.

A foreigner will be perplexed and even outraged by the following example: a woman, loaded with bags and bags, enters a train car and sits down on a single empty seat; in a couple of minutes her husband appears, and she gives him a chair so that he can read the newspaper calmly during the 2-3 hours of the trip, while his wife stays steadily and patiently with bags in her hands in the aisle. And the “local natives” perceive this scene indifferently, since this is completely in the order of things.

Why sexy Japanese women seek husbands in the West

Japan surprises a foreigner with the emphasized politeness of its inhabitants. This politeness is so contagious that, when I find myself in Russia, I continue to bow to my interlocutors for several days by inertia, much to their embarrassment.

Further worse. If we break down these statistics by age groups, it turns out that a Japanese girl is paid on average 15% less than a Japanese boy, by the time she is hired. By the age of 40, this difference exceeds 40%. On the boards of directors of major Japanese corporations, women occupy only 5% of the seats. Everything is bad with entrepreneurship: only 1% of Japanese women go in for business – against 3.5% of men.

After working sexy, Japanese women should come home and clean, wash, cook, etc. With all this, the husband does not help her, although they work on an equal footing, and she teaches less. Such injustice prompts Japanese sexy women to increasingly move to the West in search of a better fate.

Japanese sexy women are not romantic

It is interesting that the engagement can be concluded not with one, but with several suitors at once – sometimes there are up to 10 or even 15. If, after the first meeting of one of the parties, something was not pleasant, then the whole thing ends. But three – four meetings – this is an occasion to begin preparations for the wedding. Romantic love and marriage based on it for Japanese sexy women mean nothing. In this country, the history of the institution of the family is such that love is not put in the first place, and if it suddenly arises between spouses, then this is perceived as a reward from above. This happens not so often, since the lifestyle itself does not contribute to the development of some “unearthly” relationships.

The head of the family, who is also her master, works a lot, so that he simply falls asleep on a single day off. Often a man works for months in another city, and this is also quite a common occurrence. Therefore, Japanese sexy women have their own isolated life, in which she sometimes meets with friends at dinner, and with them (and with her children) organizes a picnic in nature. Thus, men are not distracted by the little things of life, leaving everything to their wives, and there is even a joke among them that Japanese women are the country’s secret weapon, thanks to which its productivity is growing, which ensures economic success.

How Japanese sexy women choose a husband

Japanese women are very feminine, have a meek character and prefer to put their family first, and then their career. But modern Japanese sexy women break all stereotypes. Now Japanese women are stronger than Japanese men – and Japanese men themselves recognize this. Most women want to achieve career growth, so the creation of a family is postponed “for later” due to lack of time.

But nevertheless, they sooner or later still get married. By what criteria do Japanese girls choose their life partner? What time is it customary to get married in Japan?

Japanese girls get married when they are over 30. There are also a lot of single women who prefer a career to a family. True, in the area where I lived, the girls got married early, and by the age of 30 they already had 2-3 children.

If a woman makes a career, then she no longer has time for family and children. In Japan, it is difficult to combine work and family chores. Children need to devote a lot of time, carry them to various sports, training courses, etc. They cannot, like our women, home, work, children, study, and much more. Here either family and children – or a career. And many women therefore refuse to have children at all.

Japanese sexy women are very restrained and self-critical

The most beautiful Japanese sexy women in the world

Japan is a country of mysteries and sensuality. It is here that the most sophisticated and attractive oriental girls live. Japanese actresses, models, singers and athletes are famous not only for their external beauty, but also for their rich inner world. Japanese sexy women are very restrained and self-critical, which allows them to be known in the world as “cold beauties.” But despite this, Japanese girls can captivate absolutely any representative of the stronger sex.

The most popular actresses among Japanese sexy women

In Japan, there are many beautiful actresses, but the most popular Japanese sexy women act in dramas (Japanese TV shows) and films. Locals respect actresses of any genre and organize many fan clubs across the country. Japanese actresses do not always aspire to Hollywood or to conquer European cinema, but, naturally, this will be a new success on the way to international fame. For example, one of the Japanese sexy women, Chiaki Kuriyama gained world fame after the release of the movie “Kill Bill.” Many actresses from Japan, moving abroad achieve success thanks to the peculiarities of an oriental character.

The most popular models among Japanese sexy women

A model in Japan is most often a model, not a catwalk model, as in the West. Popular female models in Japan are called gravure idol and their photo shoots, including candid ones, periodically appear in men’s magazines, in photo books, on disks and on the Internet. Gravure idol is just one of the idols of the cult of “idols” in Japan. Idol is this young beautiful girl who can be both a singer, an actress and a model. As Japanese sexy women grow in popularity, Japanese women can move from one category to another: for example, a fashion model can begin to sing and act in films and dramas, and a popular actress, at the peak of her fame, records one or two music albums and starts shooting for photo books and magazines. For example, Yukimi Matsuo, who became Miss Japan 2013, and was the representative of Japan in the contest “Miss Universe 2013”.

The most popular Japanese sexy women act in dramas (Japanese TV shows) and films

How Japanese sexy women differ from European ladies

Japanese women are very hardworking. The Japanese devote a lot of time to work – indeed, many people spend their lives exclusively for work. The concept of debt is very important on the islands, and in the workplace it is manifested by responsibility and seriousness of approach to any task. Unlike the Germans, who work measuredly and economically, the Japanese are inclined to devote themselves to work with all their heart and soul. Many young professionals choose an employer company only once, after which they remain loyal to her until her retirement.

Japanese sexy women are very disciplined and have a sense of duty. Relations between the Japanese are built on the principle of “senior – junior” or “student – teacher.” At the heart of society is a clearly defined hierarchy. As a result, everyone knows their place in society and subconsciously feels what is allowed and what is not. From early childhood, children are taught all the intricacies of communicating with “elders” – an older brother, parents, adults, boss, mentor, etc. Thus, discipline is instilled, responsibility for one’s actions, for one’s business, for one’s subordinates. Not fulfilling one’s duty is one of the main fears of the Japanese. It happens that suicides happen on this basis.

Japanese sexy women are very neat and thrifty. Lack of space makes the Japanese cherish what nature and civilization have given them. In a small Japanese apartment, everything lies in its place, and at the same time everything you need is at hand. In a traditional Japanese dwelling, beds are laid out for the night, and in the daytime they are cleaned in a closet – again, to save space.

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  1. Asian men and Japanese girls share a similar interest in the idea of exchanging naughty sex for a nice night of foreplay. The Japanese have a unique way of talking and are totally different from the way Asian girls speak. The more normal Chinese, Koreans and Filipinos seem more sensitive to talking dirty with their partners than the Japanese girls.

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  2. Do not be afraid to take it slow with Asian women. Always make sure that your Asian lady is comfortable with you. Avoid attempts at racy talk and naughty behavior. The goal is to ease her into sex, not speed it up.

  3. Sex and love are very similar in that they both need to be mutual. It is important that you get your partner soothed and relaxed before any physical contact takes place. If you just have to rush it up without caring, then it can lead to a lot of physical problems. Here are some tips on how to make your Japanese girl fall in love with you.

  4. You may feel like you need to push things along a little bit, but you really do not have to rush things. The sex will not be easy for her. Take your time, build some trust and the fun will continue.

  5. Person, I’d adore a Japanese girlfriend but I would eventually get sick and tired of looking at the subtitles each and every time we spoke.

  6. Asian women have a way of expressing themselves differently, as do the Japanese. Learn some of the nuances, so that you and your Japanese girl have an amazing time when the time comes for intimate things.

    1. Asian women value good hygiene more than men do. This can often become a problem if they are not aware of how to clean properly. Take advantage of the opportunity to show off your oral skills.

    2. Many couples do not take sex between them between the Asian women and the Western men seriously. The women tend to get into these relationships because of the freedom and the casualness. It would be a good idea to find the time to make the relationship the best that it can be.

  7. Sex does not have to be perfect to be a pleasurable experience. Keep in mind that it is not the man’s responsibility to give you what you want. She knows when she wants to be touched and you know what will please her.

  8. Sex means excitement. Your Japanese girl may want to be gentle with you or she may want to experience some roughness, this will depend on the type of personality that you have.

  9. Sex is an exciting thing to discuss with your girlfriend. Try not to focus on what she looks like or what you did last night. Instead, let your passion take over.

  10. You should not be too surprised that Asian women are more gentle than Asian men. The Japanese traditionally regarded themselves as delicate and slow as well as kindhearted. Men must accept this fact and act accordingly.

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