Pretty Chinese girl – how to get her

Thanks to economic growth, in recent years, China has become increasingly open to foreigners who want to find a pretty Chinese girl for dating or marriage. Americans and Europeans, coming to China, expect to find life partners among local beauties, without even knowing what difficulties they will face. Chinese psychologists, among whom there have already appeared specialists in intercultural psychological problems, primarily related to international marriages, believe that not all marriages end with something bad.

Meet a beautiful Chinese girl on the Internet

Acquaintance between a foreigner and a pretty Chinese girl is greatly facilitated by the Internet, which has special sites for communication between representatives of different nations. An announcement about the search for the second half of a Chinese woman can be registered and published on such resources for free, and a considerable fee is charged for visitors from the USA and Europe. But getting to know and even having a successful first date doesn’t mean anything. The key to a productive relationship can only be mutual understanding. Establishing such connections requires a lot of effort on both sides, and you can’t do it with one click of a computer mouse.

The impact of mental differences on communication with a pretty Chinese girl

The conflict between aesthetic ideas is also important. The canons of female beauty in China are very different from the American and European ones, for example, the Chinese like ladies with graceful miniature heads, which guests from the West may seem disproportionately small in comparison with the width of their shoulders.

But much more problems arise due to the Chinese woman’s behavior, which is also associated with certain canons. Local representatives of the fair sex are characterized by a special coquettishness cultivated at the national level, which, when they first encounter it, can arouse disgust or at least bewilderment in Europeans.

Western men want to have a pretty Chinese girl in their wives

Many residents of the United States and Europe, accustomed to independent women, obsessed with the struggle for their rights, at the sight of shaking and crying pretty Chinese girl fall into a stupor, and then run away headlong. Of course, there are those who like “Chinese coquetry” to their liking and even seem to be a kind of Asian charm. But the key point here is precisely the ritual nature of this flirtatious hysteria, not connected in any way with nervousness and even more serious experiences.

To better understand why a pretty Chinese girl often behaves like a spoiled capricious child, you need to understand the essence of the model of inter-sexual relations adopted in our country.

What does a pretty Chinese girl think about relations with foreigners

One of the fundamental concepts of love psychology in China is “care.” Although in fact wives take care of their husbands and care for them, the ritual requires the appearance of the fact that everything is supposedly the exact opposite. The image of a husband-father is being cultivated in the country, who touchingly and patronically takes care of his “little girl,” which any woman is the default in the local marriage system. A wife as a “father’s daughter” is the standard that every single pretty Chinese girl strives to meet.

If a pretty Chinese girl asks a man to “pamper” her, it means an invitation to transfer relations to a more serious level, like talking about material support or living together between European men and women. Chinese beauties, however, expect quite certain handouts from their gentlemen, for example, they constantly need presents in the form of small souvenirs and trips to various kinds of romantic events a la dinner in a restaurant and a picnic in nature.

It is important that all these actions are not performed at the request of a companion, but as if by the command of the heart. But even in such a relaxed version, psychologists say, Chinese love rituals can produce an unfavorable impression on foreigners.

Not all Chinese brides and their guests from the West are still ready for massive international marriages; the cultural gap between them is too great. And those Europeans and Americans who nevertheless risk connecting their lives with the pretty Chinese girl should be prepared for the fact that they will not be able to correspond to the traditional ideas of good husbands and will be branded by indignant wives as “monsters”, although in the West this label is hung on prone to assault the devils of family hell.

Pretty Chinese girl suffers from loneliness in her homeland

Pretty Chinese girl suffers from loneliness in her homeland

Chinese women are now much more educated and wealthier than their mothers. But, as it turns out, socio-economic success prevents them from fulfilling their traditionally main mission – to become good wives. Any manifestation of vivid emotions can present a pretty Chinese girl as a self-confident, charismatic and sociable girl, and these qualities are not at all suitable for marriage.

China has succeeded significantly in the economic sense, but the sphere of public relations here lags a whole century. In imperial China, the family was considered the main unit for building a stable society. Each citizen knew his place and fulfilled the role assigned to him. Marriages were arranged by agreement between two parental families with a common goal: to get worthy heirs. The idea that a pretty Chinese girl can independently choose a life partner is relatively new in China, so the dating culture here is in its infancy.

Why does a pretty Chinese girl want to marry a foreigner

The generation born after 1979, when the “one family – one child” policy was introduced, was not easy: they were doomed to find a mate in a dramatically changed living environment. Firstly, mass migration has led to the fact that people are less likely to create families with colleagues or neighbors. Secondly, the new demographic policy along with the traditional desire for China to have sons by the end of the 1980s led to terrible consequences: due to the spread of ultrasound examination of the fetus, female embryos were disposed of without hesitation.

As a result, today in China the most unbalanced ratio of men and women in the world is 114 boys per 100 girls. Most of these “boys” come from poor rural areas (rural women could leave the village in search of work and husbands). Neither the purchase of housing, nor the purchase of a car are accessible to them – almost mandatory attributes of a Chinese groom.

Every pretty Chinese girl strives to bring her appearance closer to the European one

Pretty Chinese girl wants to marry a foreigner

A pretty Chinese girl currently prefers to marry foreigners. This is because most of the men in her homeland treat women as the second grade, do not want her to develop, receive an education and strive for anything other than a family. Therefore, a pretty Chinese girl seeks to go abroad in search of personal happiness and freedom, which she so lacks in her homeland. Chinese women believe that Western men will be able to reap more for them, both in relationships and in the general status and standard of living, and therefore seek to leave China.

Beauty of a pretty Chinese girl

Today, every pretty Chinese girl strives to bring her appearance closer to the European one – big eyes are in fashion, they don’t accept diplomatic service if you are below a certain height, because “the party does not want its representatives to be looked down on,” and indeed, an ugly girl is much less likely to get a job than an attractive one.

Despite their natural harmony, Chinese women strive for even greater thinness. By the way, in China it is almost impossible to pick up jeans of our 44th size – there are almost no girls in China with such a complexion, all have a maximum of 40.

We can say that beauty in Chinese is not silicone breasts, full lips and California tan. This is a straight nose, almond-shaped eyes, a narrow chin and tiny lips. It seems that Chinese beauty standards are less aggressive than European ones, but both the first and second are achieved, as a rule, by plastic surgery. Often, young pretty Chinese girl, receiving surgery as a gift for graduation from their parents, go to Korea, the Asian capital of plastic surgery.

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