Serious relationship with an Asian woman. 7 simple steps

As you know, in Asia, girls are much less than men, the most popular brides in the world. They say that it is almost impossible to find a wife in Asia. This certainly does not stop us, and today we will consider 7 simple steps to owning your own future Asian wife.


Thin. Very important point. Remember, if you have at least 5 kg of excess weight – it becomes much more difficult to find a girl. Straight Asian woman so straight and say – “you’re fat”, this is your relationship as a guy with a girl over. Remember, this is a very important point.

Dress. Not necessary of course in a frock coat to go, but quality and preferably branded (copy) clothes – very important. In shorts and flip-flops, or dressed according to the scheme “I don’t give a damn, it’s so convenient” to start a relationship with a girl will be difficult. Do not forget about the accessories – watches, bracelets, and the like. Believe me, Asian girls are very pay attention to the little things.

Earn. If you are really quite a beggar, it will be very difficult to find a girl for a SERIOUS relationship. Conclusion – find a good job, start a business, do anything, try – Asian woman should not see you as a bag of money of course, but at least a good start for the future. Money for Asia is an extremely important component of true sincere love.


Online. There is, for example, a great application for a smartphone called MarryU. The application is paid. There are described in detail in the questionnaire – the growth of millimeters, weight to grams, hair color and so and so. And most importantly – how much people earn, who works, what kind of car, whether there is housing – all as detailed as possible. Asian women go there with one goal – to find a husband.

This is certainly not the only option – try also the Asian analogue of Tinder – TanTan. Of course there are a lot of girls are not only looking for a serious relationship, but that in principle we are satisfied with)

The simplest option – go to WeChat and run the function “People nearby” – put the filter on the girls, get acquainted.

And many others – online Dating in Asia is much easier than just “on the street”.

“In the street.” It’s simple. Approach the girl you like and just ask her to WeChat, most likely agree – added. This is sufficient at this stage.

Through a friend. Best option. Ask your friends/acquaintances to meet a good girl. If they recommend you to her – it will be the key to success in the future.

It is important – when meeting immediately ask if she has a boyfriend. She will answer honestly, as a rule. If there is – just looking for another, do not stop.


The most important stage of the relationship. You don’t have to call anybody in the movie or eat! Be sure to start with correspondence in WeChat or QQ. Talking about simple things that she ate as a mood, a feeling, try to make a joke if the humor is fine. Correspondence can last a long time, do not be afraid of it, just write and write every day or every other day. If she just says she’s busy, no time, telephone, sat – hammered and looking for another.

In correspondence it is very important – constant compliments. How beautiful she is, how smart, how beautiful again. After the compliments she typically will throw off your pictures, selfies of all sorts – asking for a greater number of compliments. We continue to talk and admire her beauty.

At this stage she becomes your “friend”. He’ll say, “you’re my friend now.” This in no way means a friendzone. Just a friend – the first stage of the relationship.

If the conversation is, and she sometimes writes the first – on to the 4 stage.


Can happen in a day, and maybe 2 months after Dating. Both options are permitted, serious girl, just Dating doesn’t go.

Invite to the cinema, cafes, walks in the Park – the simple things. It is not necessary to call to go drinking with friends in the club and etc.

On a date, we behave normally, do not hesitate – they do not like it. Pay for everything yourself, account sharing is not necessary, even if it is very will insist (and if we have got a good girl, she would insist).

Do not forget about compliments – beauty, makeup (or lack of) I love the way a well-dressed, but this bracelet what a cool – and the like.

At this point, you become a “best friend” or a “good friend” – again, she will say so directly and most likely – “you are now my very good friend”, or “close friend”, or “best friend”. This is NOT a friend zone – just another stage of the relationship “best friend” is called.

Further develop relations – it will allow to meet more often, do not stop in daily correspondence at the same time.


Be sure to give gifts. Don’t give me iPhones. Here’s a tip, imagine that she is 16 years old (though she can and 30 already) and give appropriate gifts – flowers, soft toys and the like. Best option. Asian women – they are like children like cute little gifts, compliments.

If requests gold and phones – forget Pro this girl, search for another immediately, not spend time.

Welcome home

Culmination. Until then, it is not recommended to try to kiss her.

One day after your date, invite me to your house. Just clean up. Or she’ll invite you to her place on some pretext. As a rule, as soon as the door closes the girl is changing dramatically.

There is such a peculiarity – if she had agreed to meet there or at your home – so basically she’s already agreed. Otherwise it would have just refused.

At home or at her house you can already kiss her. It is possible and on what more to expect, well here how it goes. Maybe we’ll have sex next time.

In principle, if you kissed, and girl you have met the good (if interestingly can spell out in next time as distinguish a good girl from “bad”) – she is considered your official a with this moment. So we went from “friend” to “best friend” to “my boyfriend.”


The marriage talks can begin very early. Do not be afraid of this and think that here in a month you will need to get married. Of course not. You just have to convince her that you’re serious. Tell me that, Yes, going to get married, but not right now, but a year or two or three (not more than three years, or decide that you will never marry her). When we buy a house, we get to know each other, meet our parents and so on.

That is – you need to convince her of the seriousness of their intentions. If we say that in General I am not ready for a serious relationship, in the future we will see what and how – she will begin to look for a more serious candidate.

Many people ask the question – is it true that I need to buy a house in Asia before the wedding? Yes and no. Home (apartment) to buy will need. But if there is no money – you can do it a few years after the wedding, for example. The main thing to promise. Sometimes parents ask for money to give them, at least some part of it, “deposited” – housing then buy. This is normal, not a Scam no. So it is accepted.

Why do you need your own home in the property? First, suddenly you throw it and go back to Russia or somewhere else – will property. Secondly, children in school will not take if your Dila owned there. And just safer, more stable – the family should have their own housing. Loans and mortgages here, too, understand later as we go, if we got married.

There is still one very important point – if you really are going to get married – you need to persuade her parents. This is not so easy, sometimes it takes years. You need to come to visit, give them gifts, in every way to prove the seriousness of their intentions. It is difficult, takes time – but nothing is impossible here. Getting parental consent in Asia is very important. Most likely the girl will not marry you if the parents are directly opposed.


We have considered a simplified version of the development of serious relations with Asia. Of course, everyone has their own stories, you can talk about mixed marriages for a very long time.

Most importantly, where do the stories about “selfish” Asian girls come from – just people looking for the easiest option – easily accessible beautiful girls who are the first to get acquainted, speak English, easily go to the contact – among them there are many who are just looking for money, not love. Just simply avoid them – you can immediately recognize – ask for expensive gifts, very expensive – can easily say “buy me a Mercedes, prove that you love me.” Many are on it, and not only foreigners, but also Asian. Here as in any country – there are hunters for money, and there are really good positive serious girls. Try to find just such.

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