Singapore LoveLinks – the top Asian dating app for Singaporean dates

Singapore LoveLinks – the top Asian dating app to meet and date women from Singapore

The Asian dating market is filled with a various array of platforms. Quite many overseas dudes single out Singapore LoveLinks that is rated as the top app in this category.

General Description

This Asian dating app was successfully established in 2010. Now it has over 300 thousand members from Singapore, neighboring Asian countries, the UK, Australia, the USA, Germany, and Canada.

Main features

Like similar dating apps, Singapore LoveLinks provides its members with a variety of services. There are three types of membership: Standard (free of charge) and Platinum or Gold (fee-based).

Registration and profiles

The common signing up procedure won’t take much time. Future members of this Asian dating app just need to use their Facebook account, or they can register via their email address. After replying to the questions specially worked out for newcomers, members complete their profiles.

They show their personal data and give true information about their wishes, interests, and features of their character.

Advice: It’s also necessary for new members to upload some high-quality photos. The experienced app’s users recommend choosing the best latest pictures.

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Free services available on the app allow its users to create and complete a decent profile, exchange instant messages, search on the basic level, and do some other restricted actions. The paid services provide members with a lot of diverse opportunities.


If members are willing to use all the services available, they need to have a paid membership – Gold or Platinum. The costs depend on the duration of membership – from 29.98 to 150 dollars.


The app provides members with fraud prevention technology. It helps users to be protected against any cases of scams.

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