Terms of use

The Terms of use is a structured tutorial for a correct site usage that should be read and thoroughly studied in advance.
Every paragraph should be taken as a necessary condition for establishing the two-ways juridical responsibility between the User and the Site.
Breaking the rules listed in this tutorial, leads to discontinuing any cooperation or services provided by the Site.
Particularly, the User who didn’t accept or follow one or several of the rules, is going to be permanently banned or temporarily restricted from viewing the Site. Optionally, he is recommended to leave the Site and keep from using it.

  1. Updates and supplements
    The User is well aware that recent Terms of use can be updated, improved, changed, deleted, or replaced at any particul ar moment.
    For preventing the misunderstandings or misuse of the site, it is recommended and even crucial that the User is returning to the current page and re-reading the Terms from time to time, supposedly, once in 1-3 months.
    The updates are only made for the User’s convenience and improving the overall quality of service.
  2. Intellectual property
    The User is aware that all content of the Site, including text, photo, video, audio materials, is protected by the copyright law and cannot be mistreated in any way.
    Under the mistreating, we mean copying, storing, sharing, distributing, damaging the Site materials and pages.
    The links to our pages, though, can be promoted and shared on social networks or by messengers without any penalties or sanctions from our side.
  3. Use of the site
    The User guarantees treating other users and the administration of the Site with the outmost respect and carefulness.
    The User doesn’t insult, discourage, or heavily criticise any of other members, as well as the administrators, authors, or the owners of the Site.
    The User protects the Site interests, if needed, and provides his personal information or cooperation, if required.
    Any information or opinion provided by the User in comments, through the Contact form, or by email, is fair, well-checked, and trustworthy.
    The User is aware that some of the pages or features may be accessed on a paid basis. In this case, any amounts that are officially declared and withdrawn, aren’t refundable.
  4. Our Authors
    The Authors who we also call Experts, are responsible for the main content of the site: articles, essays, short notes that we post. All these texts, often illustrated, called together the Materials, are provided by either the certified specialists or amateurs who succeeded to prove their vast experience in this particular area.
    We keep the right not to publish the Materials we are not interested in, for any reason.
    We reward our Authors as agreed, otherwise they grant us with their works in frames of volunteering support.
  5. Explicit content
    The User is aware that our Site may contain the Explicit materials meant for adults only, not obligatory marked with the 18+ sign.
    Due to the specialization of our Site such as dating and relationships, along with all details of courtship and intimacy, we may describe the strategies and processes not destined for children and teenagers below 18.
    At the same time, we strictly prohibit and don’t allow the pornographic, racist, or another abusive content that is unacceptable for all age groups.
    The Explicit content we publish, is categorized as light erotic and educative material for adults.
    Taking this into account, children’s and young teenagers’ parents and caretakers should provide their extra protection and guidance. It is highly recommended they personally make sure their wards aren’t using or viewing this Site at any time.
  6. Feedback from the users
    The User has the right to express his feedback freely and openly.
    It includes appreciation, neutral response, light critics, well-grounded critics, but not the heavy abusive critics without a solid reasoning.
    For this kind of feedback, the user may be banned or restricted from viewing the pages of our Site, as well as from using some of the features.
    Including any kinds of commercial promotion into the User’s feedback is strictly forbidden as well as it may disturb other users and slow the team’s work.
  7. The User’s content
    There are certainly experts and experienced amateur authors among our readers.
    Accordingly, in certain cases, we allow publishing their materials on our pages.
    In each case, we thoroughly check the provided material in order to exclude errors and misinformation. If there’s too much of it, we do not publish the materials instead of correcting them manually. The repeated application isn’t allowed.
    The User can suggest a sample of his research via the Contact form or email address.
    The User completely realizes we own his materials from the very moment they are passed to us, and may publish them only partially, replace partially, or modify in another way. The objections aren’t accepted.
  8. Force majeure
    The User fully accepts the fact that some negative circumstances may not depend on the Site administration or owners. Instead, they may be caused by natural disasters, technical failures, social, political and economical incidents, virtual and physical intruders, attackers etc.
    Otherwise, the Site content, design, overall style and conception completely depend on the owners’ wish and cannot be claimed or objected.
    In case any technical issues or suggestions still appear and can be considered or solved by us, the User can report about them through the Contact form.