The advantages of Korean hot girls for dating

Korean hot girls are ideal women for many Europeans and Americans. The appearance, character, behavior and habits of girls are a mystery to Western men, so they are so interested to get to know them and make dates. For foreigners, a Korean woman is the ideal of a wife and mother, therefore they seek to get her a wife and take her home.

What is the distinction between Korean hot girls and the others

Appearance and perfect skin – this is the main distinction between Korean hot girls and Western women of other nationalities. In Korea, now and before, there was a real cult of healthy, clean and beautiful skin, so in Korea there are a lot of cosmetic brands and stores, and products from local manufacturers are valued by girls all over the world. Therefore, if a foreigner is in Asia, he can easily distinguish a Korean hot girl from the rest by simply looking at her face. However, this beauty has a minus, since such an obsession with beauty, care and plastic surgery complicates the task of determining the age of a woman. Very often, women in adulthood and young girls look about the same.

Korean hot girls are dressed up with beauty, they use makeup all the time and will never go out to people who are not made up with a bad hairstyle or in home clothes. They always cover their face with a thick layer of white powder and hide it from the sun, since tanning is a factor causing aging and it is not popular among Korean hot girls.

All Korean hot girls are very fond of the appearance of Western people, their open eyes, long legs and puffy lips. This is their standard of beauty. Therefore, it is not surprising when parents give their daughters plastic surgery for their birthday. This surprises many foreigners, but Korean hot girls are obsessed with their looks and their constant improvement.

The character of Korean hot girls

Korean hot girls are distinguished by sensitivity, vulnerability, emotional differences and a pronounced predilection for clarifying relationships. In addition, they really love not only to sort things out in public and with outsiders, but also to watch the showdown between young people in pairs. Korean hot girls are fans of various talk shows about relationships and they love TV shows and various dramas. Another distinctive feature of Korean women is infantilism. In Korea, many women not only look and behave like teenagers, but are also very proud that they can retain their infantile character for a long time, which is expressed in love for various trinkets, soft toys, children’s things, entertainment, games and so on. Cafes or restaurants where adults seem to gather are very often decorated with Pokemon and anime characters. This feature of behavior is characteristic only of Koreans; rarely similar infantilism can be found in other Asian girls.

How Korean hot girls meet and dating

Despite such emotional openness and the ability to express her feelings anywhere at any time, Korean hot girls will never be the first to approach a man. They prefer to get acquainted either in their circle – at school, at university, among common acquaintances, or on the Internet, using special services for dating and various sites. How, then, can one meet Korean hot girls? In most cases, a foreigner can gain a positive experience by meeting Korean hot girls on the street. They are willing to meet foreigners, if outwardly they liked them. Well, in order to extend the acquaintance and move to the next level of relations, a man should attract the attention of a Korean hot girl with the help of compliments, gifts and interesting stories.

Korean hot girls are very different from Western ones

Relations with Korean hot girls

Korean hot girls are very sensitive to relationships and meeting their soul mate means a lot to them. They are not aimed at a career – all they need is to meet their love and successfully marry. In Korea, there is no prohibition on expressing feelings publicly, so on the streets, in cafes and other public places you can meet a lot of couples who hug and kiss.

The attitude of Korean hot girls to foreign grooms is more reminiscent of children’s curiosity and interest in the lives of people from a completely opposite culture. Women are interested in other traditions, culture, laws and relations between men and women in the West. Unlike most other Asian countries, where girls interact with foreigners and prefer their local suitors, hot Korean girls more often choose men from Korea as their future husband, although this does not exclude the opportunity of creating couples between nations and marriages between people from different religions.

Attitude of Korean hot girls to foreigners

The attitude of Korean hot girls to foreigners is more like curiosity. They are interested in a different culture, laws and relationships. Unlike many Asian countries, where girls are more willing to interract with foreigners than compatriots, hot Korean girls more often choose men from Korea as their husband, although this does not exclude the possibility of creating international couples and marriages with both Korean women and foreigners, and with Koreans

The advantages of Korean hot girls

In Korea, there is a certain cult of relations, and already from high school, couples begin to form between young people. If you are not meeting anyone, then you can say you’re on the outskirts of life. Moreover, an interesting fact: a guy can meet immediately with three Korean hot girls who know about each other. He will drive everyone to a cafe, take time, but at some point he will make a choice and remain with one. The same thing works in the opposite direction. It should be noted that in the mentality of Koreans, a man always pays for food and entertainment, but at the same time he will expect that a Korean hot girl will buy something insignificant in response, for example, coffee or ice cream.

Koreans consider the age since conception. That is, when you were born, you are already a year old. Although the passport contains the actual date of birth. Korean hot girls, when they get acquainted with foreigners, ask exactly the date of birth, and then they themselves calculate how old you are. The difference even in one day is of great importance. In the language there are many different appeals to people, depending on seniority, social status, position, rank and gender.

In Korea, locals from childhood are brought up in respect for their elders and respectful of them. For example, with elders it is indecent to drink, smoke and speak loudly. Surprisingly, even if the older one treats with alcohol, the younger one hides his hand when he drinks.

Korean hot girls attitude to fashion

Another interesting detail that you will not find in other countries is a pair of clothes. Young people buy the same shoes, clothes, paired phone cases. If a guy, for example, has a black and yellow striped T-shirt, then the girl will have the same dress. So they go by the handle along the street, like two large bumblebees.

There are no shopping centers in Korea, only individual stores, but there are quite a lot of them. Mass market stores are very popular, but adapted to Korean features and differ in style from others. Korean hot girls, even in the heat of +36 degrees, wear sweatshirts with long sleeves, a hood on their heads and an umbrella. The sun here is very active, it can scorch the skin before a burn, so it must be protected.

Korean hot girls seek to marry a foreigner and leave theirs country

International marriages with Korean hot girls and attitude towards foreigners

The birth rate in Korea is low, therefore, despite the fact that the local population prefers to marry representatives of their nation, free adult Koreans can still marry representatives of other countries, and Korean hot girls marry foreigners. There are also cases when an American marries a Korean woman, this is due to the presence of the largest American military base in South Korea.

Until recently, international marriages in the Republic of Korea were characteristic of rural residents, since there was a clear shortage of males. As for the low birth rate in the Republic of Korea, this phenomenon is quite natural, since it is a standard feature of a post-industrial society.

In South Korea, if a foreigner marries a Korean hot girl and lives with him for a period of time, then she can acquire citizenship. But dual citizenship is prohibited, so she will have to make a choice, say, take Korean or leave her own. And if a foreigner has a child, then he does not receive citizenship, as, for example, in America. He is given the same visa as his father.

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