Top 10 Free Chinese Dating Apps and Sites

Dating apps and websites are an important part of modern culture. A great number of men and women are happily married thanks to them. Every country has its own dating apps, and some of them are international, used in the whole world.

If you ask yourself: “Where can I find a Chinese bride”, our Top 10 free Chinese dating apps and sites is the right thing you exactly need. So, let’s start!

1 Momo

This number one dating app works on the basis of location. The company, who created this app, is also famous for helping homeless dogs and cats in the country. It’s very sweet, but the fact remains: Momo is app is considered nothing more than just a hook-up app.

It’s a bit complicating to use this app because of numerous add-ons. Apart from finding a girlfriend, you can enjoy playing some mini-games and take part in groups of people who have the similar hobbies and interests as you.

Momo is spread widely in China and beyond its boundaries. Unfortunately, the only language available there is Chinese, but English version is expected very soon.

2 Let’s Have Dinner

This app is for those traditional men, who are used to inviting girls to dinner and learning much from them while eating together. It’s so romantic and classical! A huge advantage of this app is equality. Men can invite women, and women can invite men.

That’s how the app works. You propose a dinner date and wait for girls to respond. Then you select which Chinese woman you want to take to the dinner. You can also respond to invitation of the girl you like.

The first date is a great chance to build a happy relationship, because you can impress your potential partner with your richness and charisma. Eating is an important aspect of Chinese culture, the local people tend to eat well and they like to go to restaurants.

I want to marry a Chinese girl

3 Hearbeat

The app was created especially for Chinese college students. It’s necessary to submit institutional credentials before using this app, that’s how serious it is! The app has a strict filters, which means its determination to invite educated young men and women only.

Another interesting feature of Heartbeat is a slow pace. It only gives two matches a day. Some would think it’s not enough, others would consider it a good idea.

4 Palpitation

The app invites users to meet up with various people. It’s necessary to enter the profiles manually. Though the functionality of this app is similar to Tinder’s, it has a unique design and interface. Another difference is fewer interests and filters than in Tinder.

5 Tencent’s QQ

It’s a popular app used for instant messaging and meeting potential partners. It has a great number of various features, including games, translator, Chinese lessons, links to useful articles. The function of searching for friends is based on location. It has a complex and interesting filter system. You can search the gender you need, the age, the blood type and many other categories.

6 Liu Liu

The app is based on pets. Pets owners find potential boyfriends and girlfriends. It’s important, because if you have a cat and find a girl, who’s allergic to your cat, you’ll have to make a difficult choice. But you won’t have this problem, if you find Chinese women together with Liu Liu.

It’s easy to use this app. You just set a picture of your pet as your main photo, and then scroll through various pictures of cats and dogs with their owners. It’s not clear, who you exactly look for: a partner for your pet or for yourself.

7 Baihe

It’s more than just a free Chinese dating app, it’s a huge and serious business. You can register there using your real name and photo. You should provide the proof, that it’s really your name and your face. You should also upload photos of your house, car, school graduate certification.

It’s a solid and serious app for those, who need life long relationships.

Chinese brides free site

8 ChinaLoveCupid

It’s a well-known dating website, created to help Western men find Chinese wives. It combines friendly service, well-designed search and numerous useful functions.

It’s easy to sign up and browse profiles in the search of potential girlfriend. The system is based on free and paid membership. It’s free to create the profile, but you should pay for some good options.

It’s wise to use the free membership at the beginning in order to learn much about the website and its functionality. Then, if you feel comfortable with it, you can choose the paid membership.

The website offers the following functions for free: likes, messages, video chat. Some Chinese women speak English, so it’ll be easy for you to talk to them.

9 Asian Dating

It’s a sister site of the one, mentioned before. It’s a right place for those Western men, who want to meet up with girls from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and other countries of Asia. It’s main goal is supporting international marriages and love affairs.

When you create your profile there, you’ll be able to browse through profiles of amazing Chinese girls and send messages to them. Video chat is also available. Another useful option is a language translator.

Like its sister site, Asiandating has two levels of membership. You don’t pay anything for creating the profile and using the site, but if you want to have some privileges, you’ll have to pay $10 per month.

A great number of Western men find this website the perfect place, because it has over 2 million members and the interface is easy to use without speaking Chinese.

10 Chinese Kisses

This website is based in Germany and addressed to Chinese ladies, who want to meet up with Western men. You don’t have to pay anything for creating an account and using such options as text chat and webcam chat. The profile of each girl contains much information and numerous photos. So you’ll be able to choose the girl you like.

Men from Germany, the USA, Canada and the UK look for Chinese girls on this platform.

Why men like Chinese girls

How to date a Chinese girl online

Well, you’ve already done the first step. You created your account in one of free Chinese dating apps and sites. Now you browse through girls’ profiles and can’t make the final choice. All of them seem so beautiful, so charming. Our tips will help you find the girl, which you’ll really like.

  • Know what you want. It’ll be awesome, if you know from the start what girl you need. How old should she be? What should she like and dislike? You’ll find hundreds of messages from various girls, so you can get pretty confused when you don’t know what girl exactly you need.
  • Remember, that all the photos, you see on dating platforms, are beautiful. Each of them seem a magical Chinese model. We don’t mean that the photos are fake, we just want to remind you that the Chinese girl in real life looks a bit different in comparison with her profile photos. And another thing you should remember is the fact that some Chinese women don’t show their real photos. They find some photos of pretty models and make everyone believe that it’s the exact way they look.
  • Learn Chinese or find a girl, who speaks Chinese. The language barrier is a wide-spread problem, but luckily enough, it can be solved. It’s enough to read the girl’s profile in order to understand how well she knows English. If you see a great number of English words, who are not connected to each other, it means that she wants to pretend a good English speaker.

Well, you’ve chosen the girl you want to talk to. What next? You should begin with online dating. It means exchanging text messages and chatting via webcam chat. Even if the girl is not next to you, you should be polite and nice. Your goal is meeting her in real life, isn’t it?

When you and your Chinese girlfriend have started the serious relationships, she’ll begin texting you all the time. That’s a feature, characteristic for girls from China. They want to fill every minute of their boyfriends with their presence. They want to chat all the time, they need to know what their men are doing. It may seem annoying, but if you want to marry a Chinese woman, you have to get used to this habit.

Meet Chinese woman online free

Show that you’re interested in her, her story and family. Chinese women are family-oriented, so you’ll have to read and listen to thousands of stories about her parents and relatives. One day she’ll introduce you to them, and you’d better make them like you, otherwise you won’t be able to marry your girlfriend.

But that’s not the first thing you should worry about, when you sign up in any free Chinese dating app or website. The first thing is choosing the right girl.

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