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Top 10 Free Korean Dating Apps

A good dating app gives you a great possibility to meet beautiful Korean women. If you’re a Western man, who’s looking for a bride from South Korea, you’ll find it hard to use the app, where the only language available is Korean. But, knowing the language and culture of this country is the first step in fulfilling your dream. So, you’ll have a good chance to practice your skills, while searching for the one.

We’ve collected information about the best free Korean dating apps. They’re popular among beautiful Korean girls, they create their profiles there and fill them with their photos. So, let’s start browsing!

1 1km

The name of the app is quite clear. It shows the girls, who’re located within 1 km from you. That’s not that far, and you and she can meet easily. An interesting feature of this app is culture clubs, which unite people with similar interests. The categories include movies, education, bicycle and climbing. You can either join the already existing club or create a new one, so that other people will join you.

People in a club exchange their daily stories, support each other. It’s a good place for those, who feel lonely. You can gather with your club members in real life or just keep chatting online. The app is one of the most popular in South Korea, so the only available language is Korean.

Don’t forget that anonymous users of this app can tell you lies, so don’t believe every word you read. Since it’s a dating app, people search for partners and not just friends.

2 Badoo

This app is famous in the whole world, including South Korea. When you register there, you can find girls who live nearby, chat with them via messages or video. Your private information is safe, because the app protects your privacy. The customer support team checks each photo of each user and verifies profiles. Only verified users can look for their potential partners.

The app is free to join, but some good premium features should be paid for. The majority of Badoo users are late teens and young adults. The app is good for finding friends and partners to date with. When you create your profile in Badoo, you have to give out much of your personal information and your goal: dating or friendship.

How to get a Korean girl

3 Bumble

Another app, famous in the whole world, was created by Whitney Wolfe, who was a co-founder of Tinder. If you use this app to look for a Korean bride, you should identify yourself as a person, who looks for a heterosexual match. If a girl likes your profile, she makes her first move. Then you have 24 hours to make your response.

Bumble app has 3 various categories, addressed to those, who seek for friends, partners or career opportunities. This free Korean dating app is good for those, who are new in the country or in the city and want to expand their circle.

The app works as a swiping game. It’s rather specific, because men are released of their burden of making the first step. They have little control here, because they’re chosen by girls. Some men like than, some don’t and look for other apps.

4 Tinder

It’s considered the most popular dating app in the whole world. It was created in the US, and it has made its way over to South Korea as well. The app is used both by foreigners and local people.

The concept of the app is simple. You browse through girls’ profiles, swipe right on those you like and swipe left on those you don’t like. If the girl, which you’ve swiped to the right, chooses you, it means the match.

Since the app is too popular, you can find some strange people over there. So, pay your attention to those you chat with. You can find potential partners and good friends, if you look for them correctly.

5 KoreanCupid

It’s a free Korean dating app, which markets itself as a place, where Koran singles are connected with their foreign matches from the whole world. The registration process is fast and easy. It’s also easy to browse through girls’ profiles and choose the ones you like.

The app is based on the website with the same name. Registration is free there, but you should pay for some useful features. On the whole, there are 3 options of membership: Standard, Gold, Platinum. The first one is free, the rest should be paid for.

The additional features, available only for Gold and Platinum users include instant messenger, translating option, boosting the profile.

Korean Tinder app

6 Azar

This app embraces the whole world. It gives you the opportunity to meet a person from one of 190 countries, including South Korea. At first it only was a language app, but then it turned into a dating one. But still, it’ll help you master your skill in any foreign language you want to learn.

Since Azar is the app for women, there’re lots of Korean girls there. They have the absolute control over the process of meeting and chatting. The private information doesn’t go to any third party thanks to high level of security system.

7 Noondate

The app is totally dedicated to noons. Every day at noon you’ll be introduced to a new girl, based on your location. If you like her, you choose her. If she chooses you back, it’s a match. The app is good for finding a partner for a casual date or serious relationships.

The chat is easy to use, you can exchange messages via the app platform. Voice and video chat is also available, so that you can learn about your new friend a bit more. The app is based on the website, so, if you don’t want to download the app, you can as well go to Noondate mobile site.


The app is a nice and cozy place to exchange your opinions about Korean culture, K-pop, doramas, and so on. You can find friends and potential partners, set preferences according to the age, gender and language. The chat room has automatic translation option, so you can easily chat with a Korean girl, even if you’re not good in Korean.

The app is not for language learning, but for finding partners for dating. So, some of users like MEEFF, some don’t. It all depends on the goal which is set before users.

9 OKCupid

This free dating Korean app is used by foreigners, who came to South Korea and want to find a girlfriend. It works like any other dating app. While creating your profile, you’ll have to ask several questions. That’s the way the app will find best matches for you. The questions concern your likes, dislikes, city, habits, hobbies, relationship desires.

The app has a huge user base, it suggests matches according to personality compatibility. The core features are free, but premium ones should be paid for. The biggest part of users is adults from 25 to 34 years old. Such people need serious relationships and want to create families. That’s what you need, if you’re looking for a Korean bride. But some users are looking for short-term dating partners or just new friends. That’s what you should select, when you create your profile.

10 Amanda

This free Korean app will help you meet girls from various backgrounds and with different stories. You wouldn’t ever have met the girl, who you liked in this app, because you’re from different social circles. That’s the interesting thing about Amanda.

Another interesting feature is the fact that users are chosen by their appearance only. If a Korean girl likes the way you look, she chooses you. If it’s a match, you’ll be able to exchange messages via the app.

The app is entirely in Korean, so you either know this language, or get kicked off for choosing the wrong button.

How to use dating apps

Well, now you know the best free dating Korean apps. Now, let’s find out how to chat with the girl, you want to become your bride and then wife. If you’ve fallen in love with a girl’s profile, don’t forget, that she may look quite different in real life. Korean ladies dedicate lots of time and energy on looking good. All this plastic surgeries and tons of make-up

The next thing you should know is the fact that Korean women don’t like the men, who are too fast. They enjoy every single step of relationships. Dating, going to cinemas and restaurants. So, don’t be too pushy, otherwise your girlfriend will be scared and run away from you.

Some Korean girls honor their culture very much and other want to leave it as soon as possible. Korean parents are very strict and controlling, so the only way a Korean girl can become free from them, is going to another country.

Chat with Korean ladies

You should remember that international dating and marriages are hard due to cultural differences. Before you ask your girlfriend for a date, do your homework: learn the Korean language a bit and some info about the culture of the country.

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