Top 10 Japanese Brides Free Dating Sites and Apps For Foreigners

If you’re single and shy, want to meet the perfect Japanese woman and marry her, then you’d better choose the right dating app. Here you’ll find information about the most popular Japanese brides free dating sites. Sometimes, dating online is the only way to find a Japanese wife. The trouble is that real life dating is a hard task in Japan, because local girls are extremely shy.

So, the only hope is deai-kei (it means “online dating” in Japanese) apps and sites, provided you find the right one. Let’s check the most popular dating sites and apps, where you can swipe left or right in the search of your perfect match. At first we’ll have a glance at apps and then at sites.

1 Tinder

This app is the most popular one, so it doesn’t need introduction. Actually, it’s one of the first “swiping apps”, where you can choose the profiles you like and don’t like. So, it started that swiping craze that conquered the whole world.

 It’s possible to find absolutely all kinds of relationships in Tinder: amazing Japanese girls to date, new friends and drinking buddies. If you compare the presence of men and women in this app, you’ll find, that there’re more men, so you’ll like find some competition for the most beautiful Japanese girl.

So, Tinder is the most popular dating app in the whole world, including Japan. But apart from it, there are other Japanese brides free dating sites and apps. Let’s learn more about them!

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2 Bumble

This app is a special place, where the woman is the one who makes the first move. If she doesn’t sent any messages, the match is gone within 24 hours. This option is much liked by Japanese women, so this app is gaining in popularity in that country. They like to decide whether they’re ready to talk to this or that guy, or not.

The app is free, but some features require a subscription. The languages in the app are English and Japanese.

3 OkCupid Japan

If we talk about popular Japanese brides free dating sites and apps, we can’t help mentioning this one. OkCupid is known as the widest spread dating website in the whole world. It’s Japanese version is available in the browser and in the app. It’s detailed focused so much, that you’ll need about one hour to fill out your profile. The more information you’ll share about yourself, the more people you’ll draw. But if you prefer leaving the most of your profile empty, you won’t find any match.

The English and Japanese languages are available. The website and the app are free, but some features require a subscription.

4 JapanCupid

Another Japanese bride website and app, which deserves your attention. It doesn’t have anything to do with OkCupid app and website, that we’ve just talked about. JapanCupid belongs to Cupid Media Group, which connects people from different countries. If you remember, Tinder is focused on finding the perfect match right next to you. So, JapanCupid is for those, who are interested in other countries and people, living in them.

You’ll find much more Japanese women on this site, than men, and that’s exactly what you need, don’t you?

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5 Match Alarm

This dating app also belongs to popular Japanese brides free dating sites and apps. It’s unusual, because it recommends a new person every morning. Isn’t it the best way to wake up? The app is based on information, taken from your Facebook profile. So, you’ll likely find your perfect match, if you’re active enough on social media.

When you see another new person, recommended to you at 8 am, you have 16 hours to give your response. If you don’t, the person disappears.

The app was created in Japan, and Japanese is the only language available. It’s addressed to those men, who are looking for beautiful Japanese women for marriage, serious relationships and not just dating. The app is free to use, but it offers some in-app purchases. It has its own payment systems: you spend 3 coins to tap “Might Like You” button.

6 Omiai

This Japanese brides free dating website and app is based on the information, that you share on your Facebook profile. It’s another serious relationship finder, just like Match Alarm. If you don’t want to find a Japanese wife, you should look for another place.

You can search the girls you want, using the filter, consisting of 24 points. They include income level, that’s because some Japanese girls use this app for finding a sugar daddy.

The only language, available in the website, is Japanese. It’s free for women and not free for men.

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7 Tapple

It’s another unusual dating app. It’s not based on profile filling and swiping. Instead, you choose the qualifiers of the women you’re interested in. Then you’re invited into different groups based on those qualifiers and hobbies you’ve chosen. You’ll see a wide selection of women, who meet your criteria and share your interests. While choosing your perfect match among them, you’ll be able to skip or like their profiles.

Those men and women who use this app tend to be so shy, that they don’t want to date offline. So, it’s not a good choice for you, if you’re searching for serious relationship and marriage.

The app is free for women. Men need to pay for monthly subscription. It’s possible to pay for several months at once, so the fee depends on the number of months chosen.


It’s one of the oldest and largest Japanese free brides dating sites and apps. Every new user is given 300 points, which can be spent on meeting and matching with other users. Profiles are recommended based on search parameters.

The platform is unique, because it combines features of Instagram and LiveJournal. Young professionals use this space for blogging and telling the users about themselves.

When your 300 points are over, you’ll have to pay, if you want to stay. But a great number of users don’t. So, it’s the place for those, who are ready to do some efforts.

Japanese is the only language available in this app. It’s free for women. Men pay for monthly subscription.

9 Pairs

It’s another Japanese free brides dating site, which deserves your attention. It has so many commercials on Japanese TV, it’s well-known in the country. It recommends you profiles according to your Facebook interests and activity. If you don’t want anyone to know your full name, you can hid them, so that users see your initials.

The target audience of Pairs is young Japanese men, but women are also present there. People from other countries can also be found there.

The language, available on the website and related app, is Japanese. Women can use the app for free, but men have to buy subscription.

10 Zexy Koimusubi

This app belongs to a popular wedding services company, located in Japan. It finds you interesting profiles based on your Facebook activity and criteria, chosen by you. The app is popular, because of the association with marriage. It’s addressed to those foreigners, who want to find a Japanese wife.

Women have to pay the initial fee for ID check purposes, and men have to buy the regular monthly subscription.

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Almost all Japanese dating websites and apps will need your real photo. It’s the only way you can find the perfect match. So, don’t be shy and submit your photo. And good luck in searching a hot Japanese beauty!

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