Top 10 most famous beautiful Asian girls

Asia is one of the largest regions, where a huge number of religions, traditions, and cultural features are mixed. Not all Asian countries are alike, like the population. Beautiful Asian girls attract the attention of men from all over the world thanks to their unique beauty. Their skin, hair and style envy all other women.

Why beautiful Asian girls are popular

According to the results of sociological research on Facebook and dating sites, in recent years men throughout the civilized world prefer dating beautiful Asian girls more often than representatives of other races. Researchers explain this phenomenon of popularity of Asian women by the fact that most of them remained committed to patriarchal relations.

A study of the Facebook dating app showed that beautiful Asian girls received the most attention from men of all races (after choosing a partner within their own race). Among men, the favorites are white. The smallest demand for acquaintance is black women and oriental men. This study was conducted on Facebook dating app. In total, the interaction of 2.4 million heterosexual users was analyzed.

It turned out that women receive an invitation to meet 3 times more often than men. However, the most interesting results were obtained when analyzing the racial preferences of users. The highest demand among women of all races is beautiful Asian women.

Beautiful Asian girls are surrounded by mystery and stereotypes

Beautiful Asian girls very purposeful

Psychologists and ethnographers explain the phenomenon of the popularity of beautiful Asian girls by the fact that for the most part they remained committed to patriarchal relations, where a man is given a leading role in the family. There are also stereotypes regarding beautiful Asian girls.

If it was necessary to show an Asian girl in a movie, she was made quiet or dressed up as a geisha. Today, in the age of fighting stereotypes, Asian women often seem as purposeful rebels.

All Asians, as a rule, also have good, healthy, long hair. A good female figure is of course important for men. The fragile figure of beautiful Asian girls, a shy pose, and an elegant walk – men are very attracted. Even more attractive is the same with a Western woman. However, more and more there are those who are not especially watching the figure. Beautiful Asian girls use little makeup, they prefer not to hide flaws, but to eradicate them forever. Men are attracted by their naturalness, lack of vulgarity in appearance and behavior.

Wealthy and successful Western men also have another serious and important requirement – the future wife or bride must know English at a decent level. A man wants to talk with his wife on different topics, and not look silently at a beautiful picture. Education in Asian countries is one of the most complex and high-quality in the world. English is studied at a serious level and most beautiful Asian girls know English perfectly.

What you need to know before a date with beautiful Asian girls

After meeting beautiful Asian girls, any man develops a stable addiction to women who totally care about their appearance. Beautiful Asian girls vary by any fanatical concern for their appearance from any other women we know. It is worth noting that Asian women take care of their appearance to a painful mania.

An Asian woman will never allow herself to belittle her husband in public. Will not discuss with friends intimate details of family life. Alternatively, if it allows, her Asian friend will never tell anyone about it. Beautiful Asian girls are hardworking and persistent – they study hard and work, while not forgetting to create home comfort. Not complaining about her husband’s modest income. Beautiful Asian girls try not to interfere with her husband’s relations with ex-relatives, friends. They will absolutely calmly accept the situation when, instead of the planned trip to the concert, the husband will spend the evening detached from the TV. They may also not like this, like any other woman, but they will never start to have tantrums about this, they will not go for a week with pouting lips, but calmly and respectfully will inform the next day about their sadness about what happened.

What kind of men do beautiful Asian girls like

Statistics say that the most common marriage among interracial couples is a marriage between a white man and an Asian woman. Beautiful Asian girls love men from the West. Europeans keep a distance in communication with other people. This can be seen, for example, by the behavior of people in lines at the ticket office, cafe, at the airport check-in, etc. All people maintain a certain distance, stand at a distance from each other. The person’s personality is inviolable in the West. Beautiful Asian girls like this attitude.

In the same way, Western men treat themselves and their wives: they do not allow neglect of themselves and violation of their borders. Europeans know how to say no, and do it calmly and naturally, without pathos. There it is forbidden to offend children, shout at them and, more, and raise a hand at them. If anyone sees this behavior towards a child.

Another difference: it is not customary for Western men to put themselves in second or third place. They are used to answering for themselves, so they think through their behavior in advance and do not expect someone to do it for them. For beautiful Asian girls, personal interests are important, so they think through their actions so that they are convenient and profitable for him, as well as Western men.

Famous beautiful Asian girls

Asian beauties are rapidly gaining worldwide popularity and becoming one of the most successful women. Each year, more and more actresses from the East conquer Hollywood and world catwalks. Beautiful Asian girls are distinguished by hard work, determination and firmness of character. Together with beauty and attractiveness, all these advantages make women unique.

Beautiful Asian girls prefer to leave their home countries and go in search of a better life to the West, where there are more opportunities for career development and finding a suitable husband.

Famous men have chosen to marry beautiful Asian girls

Top beautiful Asian girls

Beautiful Asian girls conquer not only the audience and the catwalks, but also the hearts of famous men. In America, for example, a huge number of famous men have chosen to marry beautiful Asian girls. For example, Nicolas Cage married Alice Kim, a Korean American. The girl worked in a sushi bar and it was there that the actor noticed her. For the past 15 years, they have been happy together.

One of the most beautiful and popular men in the world, Josh Holloway since 2004, is the husband of the Indonesian Jessica.

Another example of a happy marriage between a man from the west and one of the beautiful Asian girls is Mark Zuckerberg and Chinese woman Priscilla Chan.

Top beautiful Asian girls actresses

Kelly Hu is a famous actress who used to be a success as a model. This girl is half-Japanese, half representative of Honolulu. The most striking roles of one of the most beautiful Asian girls were «Martial Law», «The Scorpion King», «X-Men».

A tender, sensual Chinese actress very often falls into the top of the most beautiful actresses in the world. Zhang Ziyi played in the films «House of Flying Daggers», «Memoirs of a Geisha» , «Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon».

Top beautiful Asian girls models

Lakshmi Menon – one of the most beautiful Asian girls, the famous supermodel from India, presents Givenchu. The girl openly demonstrates her love for the subculture of India and her lifestyle, and wears ethnic outfits with pleasure.

Min Si is a Chinese woman, a sought-after Asian top model. Min Xi started at the Elite models agency. Constantly participates in the top fashion shows of leading brands. For the past few years, she has been participating in Victoria’s Secret final shows.

And these are just a few examples of popular beautiful Asian girls. Every year more and more representatives of the East conquer the world.

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