Top attractive features of a Malaysian girl

Women are very strict and serious. Maybe they lack the childish lightness – or maybe they just have enough. In terms of hospitality, this is very hindered – and the men here look better in my opinion. Surely such a serious approach does its job in family life.

How to meet a Malaysian girl

It is impossible to get acquainted with the Malaysian girl. Neither on the street, nor in the cafe – they are never alone. Especially unmarried. They are very cherished, their purity and chastity. From birth to the last days. Such protection and care are generally a hallmark of the eastern “Asian” inhabitants.

Men take great care of their wives. Not only from flashes, but also from heavy bags, unnecessary conversations. I have not seen a single Malaysian girl with full bags. Maximum – three bags from a clothing store. The rest is the husband.

If a woman appears in society, then most often – not one. If the husband is not always nearby, then a friend, mother or sister appears nearby. Female friendship here is clearly not superfluous – and a lot of bright female groups are seen in shops, cafes and parks.

How are Malaysian girl different from Western

Completely “closed” women on the streets of Malaysian cities are not so common. Usually Muslim women are dressed in trousers (leggings, jeans) and a long blouse with sleeves, less often – in a national long dress, on the head – a beautifully laid scarf. Representatives of the Indian community are equally likely to wear saris or jeans with a T-shirt. The most emancipated are Chinese women, they are dressed in a modern style without any national features.

Quite calmly in a subway car a girl in a hijab and in shorts can ride. And it is unlikely that anyone will especially look at how a tourist walking along the street is dressed. Although if you are going on an excursion to the Museum of Islamic Art or on a visit to a mosque, it is better, perhaps, to dress more modestly in this particular case.

Why do Malaysian girl want to marry a foreigner

As you know, in Islam, men and women are not equal. Briefly and simply, men are engaged in earnings and perform a “representative” function, i.e. communicate with other men, authorities, etc. Women should sit at home, take care of children, create coziness, etc. and certainly they should not hang around somewhere without a husband (or even a husband). Because of this, female tourists are not recommended to visit the local food shops (not restaurants, namely fast food outlets). The fact is that 99% of visitors to these places are local men. They like to gossip here, solve their affairs, etc. Women in such places are nonsense and their appearance causes extremely unhealthy interest from visitors. Not a fact, of course, that they will attack and rape, but grab unhealthy looks and comments, be healthy. In Islam, a man always protects his woman from the claims of other men, including and in the form of evaluative views, so local women are not taken to such places. Islam also does not prohibit men from staring at unfamiliar women, especially foreign women, which leads to the situation described above.

The dream of Malaysian girl to go abroad often comes true

Malaysian girl want to marry men from the West

The dream of Malaysian girl to go abroad more and more often comes true recently. The main motivation for a Malaysian girl who posts her profile on dating sites is the desire to improve her standard of living. The future West husband may not even seem particularly attractive in appearance, something else is important here. But they want their children to have fathers, life in USA, so they seriously consider the candidacy of Western suitors.

But the matter is not only in material wealth. In addition to striving for a comfortable and carefree life, some seek men from the West because they find them more attractive in terms of communication, loyal, not so jealous, and aggressive and do not discriminate against ladies. Many Malaysian girl perceive marriage with a Western man as a chance to go out from hallowed world.

What men want from marriage with Malaysian girl

Malaysian girl, unlike Western ones, see herself in the future as faithful wives and caring mothers. A good job will never replace family and children. Malaysian girl like to talk with her friend, go shopping and do other typically ladies things. They are more restrained than Western women, and can calmly perceive things that others will never allow in relation to themselves. In addition, such brides may have not huge self-worth.

Many Western ladies are too concern in the financial condition of their grooms. They call first, come on a date first – before women didn’t do that. So, it’s better to get those who will not feel free in such behavior.  One of the dating sites explicitly states that a woman should not be spoiled by feminism. A bride from a Malaysia is an ideal chose for a man who believes that a woman should not have aspirations, but she should be young and hearten, including to do all the housework.

 Why Malaysian girl attract foreigners

 Grooms from the West value in the partner following not only the sanctified by usage views, but also a young age. A difference of many years in such marriages is considered the norm. Many Western men believe that looking for young wives in other countries is normal. Most of the men who are in search of Malaysian girl of middle age is divorced and do not want to meet peers from their countries. Young compatriots are completely not interested in such men.

A bride from a poor country is an ideal option for a Western groom who believes that his wife should not have ambitions, but she should be young, attractive and energetic in order to take care of him and do all the housework. In addition, In addition, a Malaysian girl seeks to find men older than herself in husbands, because their peers cannot provide them with the necessary and cannot provide them financially.

Malaysian girl like men who do not creep in front of them

How to charm Malaysian girl on a first date

In general, when meeting a girl and in further communication with her, the most important thing is non-verbal signs, that is, how a man looks from the outside. The fact is that the body will never let you lie; if you worry, literally everything is written on you. Therefore, it is very important how you look at the girl, what is your posture, how you gesticulate, what kind of smile you have, what kind of voice you have, facial expressions and so on.

 It is very important not what you say, but how you say it. Most men (again, not of their own free will) communicate with girls from the position of the petitioner. Malaysian girl like men who do not creep in front of them, who can let themselves to do something that the girl may not even like. On a date, a man should behave very calmly, relaxed and relaxed. The more you make yourself comfortable, the more comfortable the girl will be with you. You sit next to her on the couch and start talking.

The main message, again, is that you allow yourself as much as possible, something that others do not allow in the third. Malaysian girl are ready to allow you on a date much more than a man allows himself. Different emotions are needed, that is, you tell her something ridiculous, terrible, sad or funny. She must receive a different plan of emotions, this is important in order to even fall in love with her.

How to find a wife among Malaysian girl

Since the girls are considered a burden for the family, they try to marry them as soon as possible – so that the foreign groom does not even have to help the bride’s family with money, just pick her up.

To increase your chances of success, look for a girl from a family with many daughters. Make friends with her relatives, prove that you are a good person you can trust – and they will persuade the girl to marry and help organize everything. You don’t need a lot of money to live in Malaysia, so you will have time to find a good bride.

Stock up on time. Ideally, you need to spend at least a couple of months in the country to get to know the girl properly. But if you are limited in time, then you can find love in a couple of weeks – but then you have to densely fill your schedule with dates.

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