Top benefits of having a Japanese wife

Some Western men are not interested in the culture and inner world of Asian girls before marrying them. As a result, they are often disappointed in their marriage, since opposing worlds, cultures collide, and attitudes towards life do not coincide. Thus, the more a man knows, the better he will be able to understand his wife’s inner world. In marriage with representatives of another culture, there are pros and cons. Having studied them, a man can easily understand whether a Japanese wife is suitable for him.

Benefits of choosing a Japanese wife

A Japanese wife usually does not have high expectations from a man. If he is able to earn money for his family and do household chores – this is enough to meet the needs of a Japanese wife. Minimal care and respect will be enough for her. The Japanese wife tries to earn money for a living herself.

Asian women are very hardworking, this character trait has been developing in them since infancy. Girls in Japan are constantly working – at school, university, at work. Japanese wives are very ambitious, so it is unlikely that a Western man will have to support his family alone.

The Japanese wife is as adventurous as a European or an American. She has too traditional views on the world, on work, on family, on raising children. The Japanese wife is very hardworking and ambitious. She will never get together on an unplanned trip, as her life is calculated several years ahead, and her family budget is planned for a longer time.

Japanese wife knows how to handle money

 The Japanese wife easily manages the family budget. She knows how to save and spend wisely. She knows how much money to spend, how much to set aside for later, what children need to buy and how to pamper her husband. A Japanese wife respects her husband and always shows a respectful attitude, especially with strangers.

Asian girls are brought up in an atmosphere of reverence and respect for elders. Therefore, the Japanese wife will always listen to the opinion of the husband of his family. She will respect her husband’s parents and will never start a scandal or quarrel.

Japanese wife knows how to cook

Asian women are also known worldwide for their outstanding culinary skills. Not all men, of course, love Asian cuisine, but Japanese wife can quickly learn how to cook dishes of any cuisine, as their ability to cook is absorbed with their mother’s milk. Although everyone knows that Japanese cuisine is now the most popular throughout the world and in the west there are a huge number of trendy Japanese restaurants.

Japanese wife can quickly learn how to cook dishes of any cuisine

Asian wife will surprise a man in bed

In Asian culture, it is arranged that women should do everything possible to please men in sex. A Japanese wife will never have a headache and she will never refuse her husband intimacy. Japanese wives love to spend time with their husband and it is considered unacceptable for them to refuse sex to a man, as this is one of the essential components of a happy marriage and a strong family.

The Japanese wife will demand from her husband that he will study her culture. Despite the outward calm of Asian women, they are jealous of their culture and language. Therefore, if a man wants to marry an Asian bride, then he needs to remember that one day he will have to learn Japanese and begin to study the customs and traditions of his region.

Women from Japan now no longer want to be a silent servant for men, so they are looking for husbands in America or Europe to feel like an equal partner in the family.

How to educate a Japanese wife

From early childhood, parents inspire the girl that the main thing in her life is to successfully marry and devote her whole life to serving the family. As soon as a female child is born in a Japanese family, parents begin the systematic work of raising an ideal future wife. Even the choice of higher education for a girl correlates with this task: will a diploma help make a successful party?

If the girl has a brother, she gets used to the fact that the attitude towards the boys is completely different: parents treat the son more attentively, treat him more respectfully than the daughter, and allow him that the girl will not be allowed under any circumstances, nor they demand from him what they demand from his daughter. So the girl gets used to feeling like “second grade”, which, according to parents and society, will teach her to treat her husband (and men in general) with due diligence.

Scandals in Japanese families, as a rule, happen because the wife dares to express her opinion, which her husband is completely not interested. Finding out a relationship is not publicly accepted, but it is often difficult for the Japanese to restrain themselves.

Romance is not needed Japanese wife

Supporters of the patriarchy like to talk about the fact that there are also privileges for girls. For example, a reverent attitude towards a Japanese wife as a beautiful lady, beautiful courtship and gallantry, gifts and the desire of a man to get her attention. Therefore, there is nothing like it in Japan. On the first date, the Japanese are empty-handed, and it’s hard to say a date: the bill in the restaurant (and even in the coffee shop) is always paid equally, no flowers, no romance, no walks under the moonlight. The Japanese do not make spontaneous gifts in principle: they believe that if a woman wants something, and then let her say directly, and if she is silent, it will cost.

It is not customary for the Japanese to show their feelings in public, and this applies to not only the relationship of lovers or husband and Japanese wife, but also the relationship, say, of a grandmother with her grandchildren: no one will publicly embrace or otherwise show tender feelings. That is, the period of visits between a Japanese woman and a guy is talking, going to the cinema and walking, during which he will not even take her hand. Everything personal is in the bedroom.

Japanese wife will never have a headache and she will never refuse

Submission and labor of the Japanese wife

In general, one can describe the family life of a Japanese wife with these two words, and the description will be exhaustive. Neither her husband nor society expects anything else from her. Japanese wives marry foreigners and their children grow up in a marriage where the best traditions of the two cultures are mixed.

The familiar patriarchal way of life suggests two options for women’s work outside the home: either a woman works for wear, does the hardest, dirtiest work and gets a penny for it, which her husband selects.

In Japan, no one forces women to quit work after marriage; she decides whether she will continue to work and build a career. With only one “but”: this should not stop her from taking care of her family. In addition, to do it perfectly.

All household chores are the concern of the Japanese wife. The Japanese, in principle, do nothing in the house: the husband comes home from work in order to rest, and he does not and cannot have any, even the smallest duties, such as taking out the garbage. The Japanese demand from his wife perfect cleanliness in the house. Ideal – this means not a speck of dust in the literal sense of the word.

The tradition of marriage with a Japanese wife

The Japanese wife, as a rule, spends the evenings alone: it is customary for the Japanese to go to the bar with colleagues after work, and one cannot leave this improvised party until the boss has gathered home. After the bar, many men do not deny themselves a session of paid love: the sphere of sex services in the country is very developed, and so men consider “relieving stress” after work in this way to be quite normal practice.

In the meantime, the husband goes to prostitutes, the wife makes his bed (in many Japanese families husbands prefer to sleep separately to get enough sleep before a hard working day) and wait: when the husband comes home, she will have to warm him dinner. It was not accepted to ask where he was and what he was doing: if the husband was not at home, then it was necessary. What are the reasons – the wife does not concern. That is why most Japanese women tend to go to the West, where there is equality and respect for women.

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