Top free Asian hookup dating apps

There are many applications for dating now, and at the same time, new ones regularly appear. Among them, Tinder is the undisputed world leader among similar hookup dating apps, but in some countries, users choose local products. In Asia, this is especially true, since the local population prefers dating applications for their own production.

For example, in South Korea, the local App Store and Google Play get the most from the Amanda, NoonDate, and I-UM applications that are in the top downloads in this country. In China, the success of Momo’s hookup dating apps is because it is aimed at the local population, taking into account national characteristics. This is also the case with the Japanese application Pairs and Singaporean Paktor.

The most common Asian applications

A feature of South Korean hookup dating apps is their desire for uniqueness and anonymity. Amanda is considered the most popular application in South Korea, which, due to its status and terms of use, attracts the maximum number of users. In this application, you can register only after obtaining approval by current users. Thus, the effect of an exclusive club is created, where each participant is worthy and successful in the eyes of others.

New users when registering must indicate their hobbies and preferences, and then the application will be able to choose the most suitable people for them, that is, those who quickly establish contact and do not lose time for long expectations. The application allows you to see which user gave the highest rating – 5 stars, but you need to pay for this. Naturally, in a hookup dating apps, a person will want to see whom they like, so Amanda is one of the most profitable applications in South Korea.

Most popular Korean hookup dating apps

There are several hookup dating apps that are more popular: NoonDate, I-UM, and You and I. They exist as applications with limited access. That is, in a certain amount of time, you can choose a certain number of partners for dating. For example, NoonDate recommends only two users in the selected radius and only once a day, in I-UM you can choose twice a day. In the You and I application, the choice is much more extensive, here you can view up to 16 profiles and choose among them the necessary option. These restrictions on free viewing also bring the main profit to applications; for additional viewing, users must pay, of course, that two profiles are very few.

A huge advantage of such hookup dating apps is their high degree of anonymity. For example, Amanda excludes from the display questionnaires related to numbers in the user’s phone book, and registration in I-UM requires a very long process of verification and filling out the questionnaire.

Despite the popularity and the huge number of users, dating applications are not welcomed by the Korean culture, and sometimes even condemned.

Hookup dating apps in Japan

The era of active use of dating services in Japan began in 2000. Over time hookup dating apps have improved, become more diverse and functional. The interface is constantly changing because of the great competition. One of the most popular hookup dating apps in the country is Pairs. Its interface is not much different from the Tinder interface, but users can find their partner with filters for common interests, hobbies, etc.

Another application from the same publisher of Eureka is Couples. It also works as a planner, where you can mark the time of the meeting and save memorable events and moments. With these two hookup dating apps, the company is trying to attract user interest through various functions, even after they have found a mate.

Recruit Holdings has used other ways to attract and retain users. They, by expanding the famous Zexy wedding portal to the Zexy dating service Koimusubi (Koimusubi in Japanese means love-matching), created a new essentially hookup dating apps. Its idea and interface is no different from other similar applications, but users are attracted to the Zexy brand itself.

China dating apps

 Over the past 8 years, MoMo has been the most popular application in China. The portal occupies the top positions among all existing and working dating applications in China. In addition to geolocation, several unique features have been added here that attract users. Hookup dating apps include buying unique emoji stickers and an offline meeting planner. Recently, the application has the ability to connect video streaming, which is now popular in Asia. At the same time, a rating appeared for both viewers and streamers.

Another well-known hookup dating apps from China is TanTan, which also has a swipe, as in Tender. The application is popular among audiences under 30 years old. The application has a huge number of fans, about 2.5 million. Therefore, TanTan is in the top 10 applications. Another plus of the application is that it is free, as the developer receives users through the sponsorship of reality TV shows that are popular on television.

Some hookup dating apps are successful not only in the local market

Singapore hookup dating apps

Some hookup dating apps are successful not only in the local market, but also popular in neighboring countries, such as Singapore Paktor: the application is popular not only in Singapore but also in Taiwan.

The account on the platform is tied to Facebook. You can activate it only if you have at least 50 friends on the social network. The hookup dating apps works according to the freemium model, but without paying a premium account, its functionality is minimal and uninteresting. There are many opportunities for premium users – they can send messages and virtual gifts using filters, look for the most suitable partner, see who rated their photos, and rank photos by popularity. Like the Chinese counterpart to MoMo, Paktor is not focused on dating. His goal is only quick acquaintances with certain goals. This strategy is great for Asia, where casual dating is not popular.

Security for using dating apps

Nowadays, it no longer seems strange to anyone to find a partner for a relationship, temporary relationship or marriage on the network, but some people are afraid to use hookup dating apps because of the huge number of scammers.

Although, if we compare the number of registered users in the last year so that when such applications are launched, it can be seen that this does not stop people too much. For example, 8 million people already use the Pairs application, which was released in 2012; this is the leading product in this market. Others also appear – Omiai, with, etc.

In order to correspond with Pairs, you need to present an identification card. In the company at any time around the clock 365 days a year, about 40 employees are engaged in checking accounts, monitoring and responding to user requests. To avoid posting images or statements that violate the rules, a system of automatic preliminary verification is used using self-learning artificial intelligence, taking into account the history of actions in the hookup dating apps.

Using dating app

Many people are now more and more actively using hookup dating apps instead of the previously familiar live communication or dating on the street, in cafes, etc. In a rapidly developing world, the majority does not want to waste time – on dates that will not lead to him or on talking with people about whom after five minutes of a meeting; it becomes clear that they are not suitable for you. Using the application, you can select a suitable girl for interests, goals and desires in a few minutes, rather than trying to find out her desires on a few dates, and you won’t get anything. Therefore, in order not to waste precious time, many men actively use applications.

China is the undisputed number one spending hookup dating apps

Application Popularity in Asia

China is the undisputed number one spending hookup dating apps. Over the past year, the local shopping market grew by 270% and amounted to $ 35 billion. The Chinese are actively investing in dating and buying niche applications. For example, in 2016, the Chinese bought a 60% stake in Grindr. Making acquaintances with an eye on Asia is a good business plan.

Today, the growth trend of hookup dating apps is observed in many areas – the world has become very different, and users too. Everyone wants to receive a finished product, verified in accordance with his preferences. Developers use this in order not to miss the moment, since today people are ready to pay money to those services that accurately guess their interests and give a solution.

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