Top tips for dating young Korean girls

Many foreigners dream of seeing one of the Korean young girls in their wives and try to attract their attention in any way.

Appearance of beautiful Korean girls

For young Korean girls, attractiveness often plays a major role; perhaps beauty is even more important than for women from the west. They believe that a woman’s career, her chances of a good husband and family directly depend on her external attractiveness. Another reason for this dependence on beauty among young Korean girls is the desire and desire to be the best in everything in life. Every Korean girl wants to be the best and this competition pushes her to continuous improvement.

Therefore, many parents even encourage the desire of very young Korean girls to undergo plastic surgery; they do not want their daughters to look less beautiful than others. Even when applying for a job, they evaluate their appearance and if it does not match, then they are interested in whether the woman wants to have an operation. It is difficult to imagine a similar situation in any other country in the world.

How young Korean girls relate to marriage

An increasing number of women who have crossed the second half of the 20-year period remain unmarried, as marriage, in their opinion, shifts down their scale of values. For many young Korean girls, marriage is a kind of luxury – they still have a lot to do. Before they tie the knot with their ideal partners, they want to achieve their career goals, get more education, etc. And in general, they believe that they are too young to marry. Economic reasons, such as low income or lack of funds for a wedding, are in second place here.

This trend is due to the extended period of education and job search. Late marriages lead to late childbirth and low birth rates. At the same time, the “optimal” wedding age no longer affects the younger generation, which believes that this concept is no longer relevant in the 21st century.

How to meet beautiful Korean girls

In Korea, often spend group dates 3: 3 or 5: 5. Such a meeting is called a rally. This method is popular with students at universities (they are 17-20 years old). Korean universities have lounges for students. Therefore, it happens that the organizers of such meetings come to such rooms and ask those who wish. Usually like this: “Come on 3 people from the faculty of business and 3 young Korean girls from the faculty of science.”

They usually meet at the bar, play alcohol games, and are friends with each other, but often it all ends after one such date, because there is not enough time to get to know the person well. Usually, if someone likes someone, he asks for a phone number so that they can meet together next time.

People older usually have a date like 1: 1. Because they are already tired of all sorts of alcohol games and want a more serious meeting and conversation. The meeting organizer is usually familiar with the man and woman. It is often decided whether they will meet further after three meetings.

Talking with young Korean girls in an appropriate way

Young Korean girls want to marry a foreigner

Many young Korean girls wouldn’t be willing to marry a foreigner and life with him would seem to be hundreds of times better. You’ll leave abroad, you will live there without being forced to grieve, a handsome husband will carry you in his arms, and girlfriends will bite. But then all these ideas about beautiful foreign life are broken up into ordinary life, your mentality is completely different with your husband, and it turns out that here too, you need to spin, spin in order to live well, but money from heaven does not fall.

But for some reason, most young Korean girls still go almost blindly, marry a man who is completely unfamiliar to them, and expect real happiness, with an initial marriage of convenience. In Korea, marriages with foreigners have been very popular in recent decades.

Young Korean girls are not fleeing from their countries from a good life and hope that here they will be much better. Many of them get it and may even be happy. Young Korean girls are very demanding in material terms and will not marry a poor or old man. Someone needs a wife to give birth to children, someone needs to keep an eye on the household, and some older men can just look for their housekeeper’s wife. They will not be together and in her husband’s life, she will be nobody, just a housekeeper, who doesn’t really need to pay. Many young Korean girls are happy with this.

How to fall in love with young Korean girls

Different dating sites help people get to know each other better. There is no better place to meet young Korean girls than special platforms. During the correspondence, the feeling of awkwardness that is always present on the first date disappears. True, most often flirting on the network remains virtual. Therefore, in order to interest the Korean girl you like in correspondence, so that she wants to meet in real life and continue to meet and start a family, one must learn to communicate. It is important to choose suitable topics, take into account the interests of the interlocutor and her desires. Young Korean girls differ from European women in that they want to be haunted. Young Korean girls do not strive for equality, but want to be weaker.

Remember the sense of humor when dealing with young Korean girls

Talking with young Korean girls

Often, men from the West do not even know what they can correspond with a Korean girl, and what questions are better not to ask and what topics should not be discussed. The most successful topics for correspondence with young Korean girls:

  • What is her plans for the life

The most appropriate topic. Talking about this allows man to dream about future and mentally move forward. Such conversations can help to understand her better. In addition, right questions may give the girl such ideas, why not spend some time with you.

  • What does she enjoy?

Naturally, in order to win the attention of young Korean girls, it is necessary to sincerely be interested in their lives and hobbies. If you want to make a person feel good, talk about him. This verified truth will help attract a girl.

  • Family and loved ones.

Young Korean girls love their loved ones, parents. Therefore, talking about the family will benefit and help to attract the attention of a girl from Korea.

  • Attitude to the latest in art and entertainment.

Modern girls keep up to date and try to be interested in what is happening in the world and around them. Talk to her about music, art and find out her interests.

Remember the sense of humor when dealing with young Korean girls

Correspondence on dating sites is a kind of game to attract the attention of young Korean girls. Girls love attention, love to flirt – this is a kind of way to have fun. A good sense of humor and ability to entertain will allow a Western man to stand out among others. If a man brings joy, then the girl will definitely want to talk to him again.

When communicating with young Korean girls, use not only text messages, but also all the features of social networks. Send her your favorite music, funny pictures, photos of beautiful places, poems and jokes. However, be sure that your jokes are appropriate for the situation and avoid awkward moments and topics. The ban should include jokes about the girl’s friends and relatives, sharp comments about her appearance and mistakes.

Be interesting in dealing with young Korean girls

However, this is more complicated. Western men, due to the difference in mentality, cannot always understand what is interesting for young Korean girls. Let her interests be the main topic of conversation. By asking questions, a man can find out everything he needs. Further, it will be easier – if your interests coincide, then the conversation will be easier to build. Almost all young Korean girls like to discuss their lives and their interests. If you do not know anything about her hobbies, then you can just ask her – most likely, she will be happy to tell you about it. In a conversation with young Korean girls, show interest and show your passion.

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