Top tips how to attract a Thai girl

No wedding in Thailand is complete without such an item as the ransom of the bride – this action is still given sacred significance. Therefore, if you decide to marry secretly, then you should know in advance everything that you may encounter along the way.

The attitude of Thai girls to foreigners

Residents of different regions of Thailand differ among themselves in their attitude to foreigners. For example, residents of the most famous resort city, Pattaya, have long been not as sincere and naive Asians as they were before. Only those who came from the provinces relatively recently retained their direct benevolent attitude towards visitors.

What is the reason for this altered attitude of Thai people to foreigners? Previously, Thailand was a resting place for wealthy people, in the same Pattaya, American naval sailors initially rested, trying to get everything from life on the shore, and not sparing money for it. At the same time, the standard of living of Thai girls was so low that tourists, overpaying several times relative to prices for locals, were surprised at how much everything cost them cheaply. By the way, it so happened that most. Every Thai girl loves foreigners and wants to marry them.

Marrying a Thai girl

What we used to call the ransom for the bride has a different name in Thailand, although it does not change the essence. The redemption of the bride in the Southeast Asian version is called “Sin-Sot.” Secretly marrying without ransom is impossible. Most likely, even the chosen one will consider herself insulted if no payment is made for her.

How much baht will cost you sint-sot, you will find out only after you talk with relatives of the bride. Just do not try to reduce everything to a joke, and to appear behind the object of your adoration without money. Parents of the bride will not let you on the threshold until they count every baht. A Thai girl is taken out of the house only if the amount paid is equal to the agreed amount.

In addition, do not think that syn-sot is racial discrimination, which only foreigners face. In this country, everyone pays for the bride, the only question is how much the Thai wedding will cost, and whether there are any standards in this matter.

Redemption for a bride from Thailand

So, how much can a Thai wife cost you? Let’s first announce the value of the lower and upper limits of the price of the syn-sot, and then move on to what the final amount depends on. Less than 10,000 baht for the bride will not be asked, because everything below this price is the cost, sorry Thai prostitutes. There is no upper limit. There are frequent cases when millions of baht are paid for a bride.

Least of all will you be asked for a Thai girl from the village, and 10,000 baht for a Thai peasant is a decent amount. City girls you meet in the bar are worth at least 200 thousand baht. Even if she has experience in providing intimate services. Nevertheless, if a girl with an education from a good family, and even never engaged in prostitution, then without a million, at least in your pocket, you had better not see her parents in front of her eyes.

The dangers of marriage with a Thai girl

Before marriage, it is necessary to check the future wife thoroughly so that her love is truly sincere. The fact is that recently divorce cases on their part have become more frequent. I.e. first, she swears to you true love forever, and sometime after the wedding, she decides to throw you and leave you with nothing. If you have shared housing and a car, a Thai girl can pick up both.

Speaking generally about the appearance of Thai girls, they usually look very young, slim and graceful. Of course, there are exceptions, as always, but most are miniature and slightly similar to girls. Especially cute are the metis’s who have taken the best from the mother of Thai and the father of a European or American.

Thai is very jealous. There are not rare cases when a seemingly quiet and complaisant cat turns into a wild and furious fury, a not-careful look cast by «her man» at her rival will only notice it.

Traditions of Thai families

Thais, like any other nation, have their own traditions and customs that may seem strange to a foreigner, at least and “tough” as a maximum. Everyone should work in families; loafers are not welcome here. This is considered a shame if the husband does not work and sits on his wife’s neck

Housing difficulties will also have to be faced immediately. Relatives of a Thai girl do not live well, and you can buy a house only with money if you decide to stay in Thailand. When registering an apartment or house, you should be more careful, since in order for housing to be considered common, you need to register it with your wife. However, here you need to be more careful, since when you divorce, most likely she will take everything from you.

Many foreigners are not sure that she wants to stay with them for life

How does a Thai girl behave in a relationship

Thai is very obedient and affectionate. Having been brought up in remote villages, they are ready in any way to get out of poverty. However, for Thais who live off agriculture, poverty is rather arbitrary; it can be called only with a slight stretch. The vast majority own land, houses, some have a car (usually a pickup truck) and a couple of motorcycles. In a large family, everyone works. In addition, all members of the Thai wife’s family will need to be fed to her husband – if the Thai girl managed to marry a foreigner.

Thailand is well entrenched in the glory of “male paradise.” Moreover, prostitution is officially prohibited. The services of women of an intimate nature are cheap, and the choice is simply huge. There is one point here that not everyone knows about. The last marriageable age of women in Thailand is 25 years. In addition, most girls, approaching this age, make desperate attempts to marry a foreigner. Marriage with an American or a European is considered a great success. Thais consider a foreigner as a “scissor-bill” that can provide a comfortable life not only to his wife, but also to her family.

Signs that Thai wants to get married

The first sign that the relationship is going to the wedding is that the girl is not taking money. It is natural – experiencing a connection with a foreigner and even loving him, she now does not want to denigrate everything with money. Another sign a Thai girl quits working. Moreover, if the vacation of the foreigner ends, then tears will be inevitable (quite sincere), the promise to call every day and even prayers to take her with you.

Many foreigners are sure that a Thai girl loves them, but are not sure that she wants to stay with them for life. Moreover, they often want to make her an offer, but they are afraid of rejection. Despite the power of love and gradually plunging into a relationship with a Thai girl, you can not notice the main thing.

The main sign that a Thai girl wants to get married is a change in her usual behavior. She discusses the future, finances, housing issues and other issues that are very time-consuming. This confirms your suspicions of her intention to be with you longer than all former passions.

The benefits of marrying a Thai girl can be considered from two points of view

What is the advantage of marrying a Thai girl

The benefits of marrying a Thai girl can be considered from two points of view. If you plan to take the bride to your homeland, then the benefit will be as follows – you will receive an obedient and faithful wife who does not require much. For those foreigners who want to stay living in Thailand, the benefits are different. You can get a work permit and an annual visa. A residence permit and citizenship can hardly be obtained through marriage.

Where to live together in Thailand with a Thai girl? Housing can be bought for a foreigner, but better for a bride – then the apartment will be common property. Only Taika can take a car on credit. If you want to open a business, then know that 51% of all property must belong to his wife.

When everything collapses, as a rule, if you stay to live in Thailand, then this happens after a year of married life – a divorce begins. There is nothing terrible here; just a foreigner will lose everything. Housing, even with a not fully paid mortgage, goes to his ex-wife. The car remains with the wife, as well as everything else, including everything earned.

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