Top tips how to hooking up with Filipino girls

The Philippines Islands is an ideal place to live in general and especially to live in retirement. All year round, excellent weather, sea, many interesting places and activities (diving, surfing). For a pensioner from Europe or America, Filipino housing, food and entertainment prices are just perfect.

In the Philippines, you can live and not deny yourself anything for $ 1,000 – $ 1,500 per month. The average pension for men from Europe and the USA is 3,500 Euros. Almost every European can consider personal savings in a bank account as a big plus to retirement. It is not difficult to calculate that life in the Philippines is much cheaper (prices in the Philippines) than in Europe or the USA. There is an obvious benefit in spending retirement years in a warm and inexpensive tropical country.

Filipino girls lifestyle

 Real estate in the Philippines is many times cheaper than in Europe or in the USA. A beautiful house with sea views and a plot of land near the same sea can be purchased for a couple of million pesos (approximately $ 47- 48 thousand). Many foreigners buy land in the Philippines, and then build their dream home there (after selling their “old dream” home in Europe or the USA).

The huge minus of the Filipino real estate market is the law that only a citizen of the Philippines or a joint venture can acquire land, like real estate, (the Philippines share in the authorized capital is not less than 51%). This is where the Filipino girls is needed more than ever.

Typically, the owners of all real estate acquired by foreign husbands in the Filipines are their wives. Do not think that after a divorce, a Filipino wife is so easy to “grab” all the property of her foreign husband. Foreigners are practical people and it is customary for them to draw up a prenuptial agreement so as not to spend long months in court dividing forks, spoons and other jointly acquired property.

Filipino girls – what are they

Have you never wanted to start life from scratch, in a new country, with new friends, spouses, etc. So foreign pensioners are given an excellent opportunity to live another life in the Philippines with Filipino girls as a wives. A young and beautiful wife for an elderly man is cool. In addition, it doesn’t matter at all that she is too anxious that you are a foreigner and have no feelings for you at all.

Foreigners find the characteristic qualities of Filipino girls very suitable for married life. In turn, the girls are so grateful to their white husband (and if the Filipino is grateful for something, then this is for real), that this already draws to love. By themselves, they are obedient, hardworking and do not speak against. A man, who is used to constantly having to fight with a woman and, to prove something, does not need anything else. World statistics show that the best nurses and nannies are Filipino girls, moreover, she agrees to work for a lower salary than others, which, compared to what she can earn in the Filipines, is simply huge.

Filipino girls grew up in large families with poor or middle-income families

Filipino girls dream of a foreigner husband

For the most part, Filipino girls grew up in large families with poor or middle-income families. The daughters of wealthy parents are more likely to choose a husband for love, and not because of benefits. A foreign husband will be able to support both his wife and her family.

In principle, the whole family of the bride (parents, numerous brothers, sisters and their families) stops working at all or doesn’t particularly strain, but lives on the money that their foreign brother-in-law gives them. You need to be prepared for this and you won’t turn your back on financial assistance to your relatives, because you can run into a conflict.

In most cases, Filipino girls do not even have a passport, because you have to pay a decent fee for obtaining documents. Local as an identification document uses a pass issued to them at school or a pass to the place of work.

Filipino girls have very low levels of education, some barely know how to write and read. They graduated only from elementary public school, as for continuing education you need to pay money and not small ones. Good work in the poorest country in Asia or abroad cannot be obtained with such data, and successful marriage will allow the girl not to strain for food all day a salesperson in the market or a milkmaid on the farm.

Education and development of Filipino girls

 Everywhere in the Philippines: in the family, on television in TV shows and films, on television and talk shows in women, the dream of a prince is cultivated. Filipino princes, as a rule, are already occupied, and not as rich and attractive as foreign ones. The Filipino girls sleep and see a foreign husband, even if not of the first freshness, even if it treats you like furniture, because he bought a woman and her whole family in addition.

Portrait of a typical Filipino wife: a girl or young woman no older than 30, good external data, lack of education and profession, from a large family, a virgin (there are exceptions, but rarely, because such a bride is much less appreciated).

The Filipino girls sleep and see a foreign husband

What kind of Filipine girls do foreigners choose

There are examples of equal marriages between Filipina and a foreigner, but this is a rarity and rather an exception to the rule. Such marriages were made out of love or sympathy, there is no particular age difference between the spouses, therefore, the bride at the time of the meeting was 40-45 years old. These Filipino girls worked successfully and were financially independent. In such families, everything, as elsewhere, quarrels, reconciliations, and the wife can argue with her husband and express her point of view; she has her own money and independence.

In most mixed marriages in the Philippines, the overlord is the husband and the wife is the servant. Just do not be mistaken about the meekness of the nature of Filipino wives. Yes, they are usually powerless and cannot openly confront the husband, they understand well what position they are in, but Filipino girls will always find how to manipulate a man (sex, life, food, etc.).

Where can a foreigner meet Filipino girls

On the street, in a store, in a cafe, in a restaurant, anywhere, anytime. You only need to pay attention to it. If she is no longer married, you can easily flirt with her. Very often, Filipino girls build their own eyes for you and even impudently offer themselves as wives.

Girly bar is a special place, a bar in which different girls are constantly located. A man comes to the Girly bar, drinks, relaxes, and at the same time he meets and chooses a pretender for a hand and heart. By the way, he pays for the drinks of the girls with whom the man communicates. In such bars, you can find companions for one night – Filipino prostitutes. Be vigilant and careful, as your weakness can cost you dearly. The Philippines is de facto considered one of the main areas of sexual tourism in the world.

How to get Filipino girls

Visiting beauty contests, dance and song contests can attract the attention of Filipino girls. Filipinos are simply obsessed with beauty pageants. In any city, the village has its own Queen of Beauty. The competition is focused on the most beautiful and talented. There are plenty to choose from. But ambitious girls who can easily refuse if they consider that a man is not worthy of her participate in contests.

You can contact the marriage agencies and register on dating sites (both in your country and in the Philippines). If a man does not want to go to the Philippines to search for a wife, he can begin remote reconnaissance. There are many specialized Internet resources where you can draw mountains of information about Filipino girls, Philippine laws on marriage, family, children, etc.

How to find Filipino girls for marriage

There are specialized marriage agencies that will select Filipino girls based on their needs, arrange a man correspondence with potential brides, send photos, videos, tell about the family. Agencies will help you in organizing the marriage (they will collect documents, buy tickets, agree on everything with the authorities).

If you intend to live in your own country, an agency representative can arrange a marriage at a distance, as well as deliver your wife to your place of residence. Many foreigners do so, correspond for some time, and then they come to check the information on the spot. If everything suits the foreigner, he agrees with the parents of the bride (if any) or with other family members about the wedding.

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