Top unusual habits of beautiful Chinese women

Beautiful Chinese women, like all the other residents of Southeast Asia are well known as persons who know the secrets of long youth and unique beauty. For foreign grooms, an attempt to determine the age of a beautiful Chinese ladies turns into some kind of exciting competition.

Beautiful Chinese girls spend a lot of money on personal care products. Beautiful Chinese prefer cosmetic aids of Japanese or Korean brands. In many Chinese shops, markets there is always a huge number of European beauty brands. Cosmetics are not very cheap, but local men treat such spending of beautiful Chinese women very calmly, if not positively.

Beautiful Chinese women love to maintain their attractiveness

In China, the main goal of cultural traditions is a happy marriage, not fleeting ties, so local residents are replacing the Western terms of “sexuality” with the term “attractiveness”. Primarily facial features determine the beauty of Chinese women: they have large beautiful eyes, a neat small nose, and a nice mouth and, of course, fair skin. “The white color cancels the three ugliness’s” – the Chinese proverb says, and what tricks do the Chinese women go to stay or become white-skinned. Numerous sun protection products, sun umbrellas, hats and radical dark plastic masks on the face a la welder – all this allows not only to preserve the white complexion, but also to protect against ultraviolet radiation. The fact that somewhere there are people who are willing to pay money to tan in the head of Chinese women simply does not fit. Another way is whitening products, as well as cosmetic and foundation creams.

Beautiful Chinese women dream of big expressive eyes

The ratio of beautiful Chinese women to money

Money is happiness for beautiful Chinese women. For all holidays, beautiful Chinese women give and prefer to receive exclusively money. In extreme cases, gold. If a Chinese man cannot profit from a new acquaintance (at least in the long term), he will not start a relationship with him.

The Chinese constantly save money, every Chinese grandmother has such capital that we have never dreamed of – they save their whole lives, save on everything, just to keep money on the account or under the pillow. Beautiful Chinese girls are different from female representatives around the world. Their Chinese habits and peculiar traditions are sometimes surprising and cause doubling.

Chinese love is completely built on commodity-money relations. Moreover, a beautiful Chinese girl will be primarily interested in the money of her potential boyfriend. This does not apply to students and to cases where “love is blind” and a businessperson is looking for a young boy, although in this case the boy is looking for money, so everything is logical.

Fashion habits of beautiful Chinese women

False buttocks are popular among beautiful Chinese women. Residents of China can not boast of magnificent forms, so they prefer to increase them artificially. Perhaps their idol is Kim Kardashian. Chinese women like to experiment on their appearance; they are willing to buy devices to improve it.

Beautiful Chinese girls use false caviar. They do not want to waste their time at the gym, because you can always buy embossed linings (they were just invented in China). Products allow you to increase muscle in 2-3 minutes. That overlays did not fall off, they are reliably fixed.

Asians have a different structure of the century. It is well known that beautiful Chinese women dream of big expressive eyes. Girls want to captivate men with their eyes wide open. Some Chinese women use false eyelids, while others use blepharoplasty. The procedure is expensive, but there is a worthy alternative: buy a kit that allows you to adjust the eyelid. It includes an eyelid pad and a fixative.

Beautiful Chinese girls want to marry a foreigner

To marry a foreigner is a new fashion among young educated Chinese women. Following their husbands, they leave for the USA, Belgium, and Germany. Chinese women spin men as they want, and if something goes wrong, they arrange a wild tantrum in front of everyone, it’s called “turn on the insult”. Whatever she does, no matter how she behaves, a man must endure everything. However, he doesn’t want to obey – he went to hell, there are plenty of other men. Beautiful Chinese girls have their own view on compatriots. The Chinese men do not respect women and no matter how they grovel, everything changes after the wedding.

Beautiful Chinese women are single

Beautiful Chinese women are now much more educated and wealthy than their mothers. But, as it turns out, socio-economic success prevents them from fulfilling their traditionally main mission – to become good wives.

Most men are not interested in one-time dates; they are looking for wives – gentle, shy flowers, which then give birth to children. Educated Chinese women have many shortcomings: they are educated, often have experience living abroad and are influenced by the Western culture of dating and emotional expectations. It is difficult for such women to find a place in their native China, where traditional courtship practices flourish. They do not want to give birth to children after the first date.

China has succeeded significantly in the economic sense, but the sphere of public relations here lags behind a whole century.

Beautiful Chinese women want to leave the country

The idea that young people are able to choose a life partner is relatively new in China, so the dating culture here is in its infancy.

The generation born after 1980, when the “one family, one child” policy was introduced, was not easy: they were doomed to find a mate in the dramatically changed living conditions. Firstly, mass migration has led to the fact that people are less likely to create families with colleagues or neighbors. Secondly, the new demographic policy along with the traditional desire for China to have sons by the end of the 1980s led to terrible consequences: due to the spread of ultrasound examination of the fetus, female embryos were disposed of without hesitation.

As a result, today in China the most unbalanced ratio of men and women in the world is 114 boys per 100 girls. Most of these “boys” come from poor rural areas (rural women were allowed to leave the village in search of work and husbands). Neither the purchase of housing, nor the purchase of a car are accessible to them – almost mandatory attributes of a Chinese groom.

Beautiful Chinese women must obey the family

Beautiful Chinese women must obey the family

In modern China, families have the same expectations for daughters that were once presented to sons. And since the Chinese state system for caring for the elderly leaves much to be desired, parents expect the care in old age from their children.

Both daughters and sons must pay the debt to mothers and fathers and give birth to an heir. If we talk about the marriage sphere, women are expected to have a very definite model of behavior: they must forget about their own desires and satisfy the needs of their parents and future husbands, despite their own academic and career successes.

Perfect beautiful Chinese wife

State social advertising also contributes to this unhealthy atmosphere. All this can lead to the fact that lonely beautiful Chinese women will reject offers to raise for the sake of starting a family, and married women risk making dubious financial decisions for the sake of buying a family nest or even suffer violence in marriage – not just to become “unmarried.”

It is not surprising that the generation of successful independent women does not fit into the framework of social expectations. In the last 30 years, a trend has been observed in later marriages.

It would seem that a beautiful Chinese girl shouldn’t have a hang-up from the suitors, given how much the male population in China exceeds the female. Nevertheless, life makes its own adjustments, and the point is not only that the percentage of men who have received the same good education is very low.

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