Vietnamese Women and American Men: Can They Be Happy Together?

Vietnam is a unique country, and its culture differs greatly from that of the USA. Cultural differences and language barriers will be the problems, which you’ll have to solve, if you are an American man and you want to marry a Vietnamese woman.

Right here you’ll learn, if Vietnamese women and American men can ever be happy together. We’ll tell you what local people think about foreigners and what things you’ll come across, when you arrive in Vietnam.

What local people think about foreigners

An American man differs from the locals. It’s clear that he’s from another country. And every foreigner, who comes to Vietnam, is considered to be rich. Many Vietnamese men and women believe that all Americans have bathroom made of solid gold and huge amount of money.

They just can’t imagine that a man from the West can be poor. Every foreigner is viewed by them as a walking piece of gold. This mentality is shared by amazing Vietnamese girls, and you should take this into consideration before you start dating with one of them.

You’ll be surrounded by a huge crowd of local girls, and some of them can be gold diggers. That’s the name for those, who only cares about money.

The reason for such a legend about rich foreigners is the foreigners themselves. When they go on a short vacation to Vietnam, they spend all the money, they’ve been saving for months. They can afford to do that within a 2-weeks-long vacation, and local people see that and believe that it’s their habitual style of life.

Vietnamese women seeking marriage

What the locals expect from foreigners

A level of local people’s expectations is quite high. Vietnam is a country of a patriarchal society. It means that beautiful Vietnamese girls are used to follow their men. They need someone, who will take care of them, and this expectation includes money.

When they start dating with a man, they see him as a potential husband, who will provide their family with everything necessary. A Vietnamese girl doesn’t need much. Just a roof over her head, food and clothes.

But some Vietnamese girls are westernized, they expect much from men. When they choose a man for a date, they pay attention to his appearance, job, education level, wealth and family connections.

What you should expect

Local people enjoy playing matchmaker. It’s a kind of hobby for them. As soon as they find out, that you’re single, they’ll try to introduce to you their daughters, nieces, friends, cousins. They don’t care whether you like the girl or not, they just want you to date her.

If you’re not too picky, you’ll have a chance to meet about 10 girls within the first month of your stay in Vietnam. Don’t expect all of them to know English. Yes, there are some people, who don’t speak this language, even if it’s considered the lingua franca. A language barrier is the thing that you’ll surely come across.

Only Westernized girls, who go to night club and meet foreigners, know English well. The same can be said about gold diggers and those, who create their profile at a Vietnamese dating site.

So, if you want to meet as many girls as possible, you’d better learn Vietnamese a bit. That’s how you can expand your dating pool. You don’t have to be fluent. Just a couple of words, to start a conversation with a beautiful local girl. When you’ve chosen one for dating and long-term relationship, she’ll help you learn her native language. It’ll be fun and romantic to learn Vietnamese together. When Vietnamese women and American men can speak the same language, they can live happily together.

I want to marry a Vietnamese woman

What you should be prepared to

Foreigners look unusual in Vietnam, they differ from the locals, so no wonder they attract great attention and curiosity. Some men and women will stop and stare at you, whenever you pass them by. You may consider this curiosity as willingness to go date with you, but it’s not platonic curiosity, nothing personal.

Some girls are just interested in talking with you and looking at you. They don’t view you as their potential boyfriend or husband. You can also be a goal for those, who want to master their English with your help. They can even give you their phone number, but as soon as you try to ask them out on a date, they’ll immediately turn cold.

So, you’d better distinguish romantic and platonic, otherwise you’ll get disappointed.

Who you will attract

Let’s have a look at the types of Vietnamese girls, who’ll be attracted to you.

  • Gold diggers. Girls, who look for rich guys. Do you want to become a sugar daddy for a Vietnamese girl? Well, some of them want to you become one. Such girls can be men in night clubs and Vietnamese dating apps. Tinder is one of them, it’s the most popular dating app, and you’ll find about 3 or 4 girls of this type for every 10 swipes.
  • Westernized girls. Such girls like everything foreign: people and things. There are not many girls of this type in Vietnam. They know English quite fluently and have some experience of dating American men.
  • Older women. Vietnamese people consider a woman over 25 years old an old one. If she’s not married, she won’t have any luck among local men. That’s why she views foreigners as her hope. They believe that American men are open-minded, and they don’t mind dating a woman over 25 years old. Such women are well-educated and they have a great career. What’s more, they speak English quite well.
  • University students. They are young, they learn English in their universities. They are interested in practicing their English skill much more than dating with a foreigner.
  • Vietnamese mail order brides. A great number of them come from poor families, they live in small rural towns. They want to marry a foreigner and leave their country. They do believe the myth that all foreigners are rich.
Looking for a Vietnamese bride

What problems you’ll have

When you come to Vietnam for the first time, you’ll have a trouble in screening girls. It’s not easy to understand which type of girl you see in front of you and want she wants from you. She can be a gold digger, a college student, or a poor mail order bride. You never know what shady past is hidden behind her back. It’s impossible to know, unless you can read thoughts.

Local men can easily tell “good” girls from “bad” girls, but it’s hard for foreigners, who’re fresh from plane. But this situation is not hopeless. When you get some experience, you’ll understand the local girls from the first sight. At least, from the first date.

Let’s take a look, how a gold digger behaves at the first date:

  • The first thing she asks you about is your salary. She may seem to care about your money more than about you.
  • She asks you to give her money to pay for the taxi. When you arrange a date in the place far from her place, she’ll have to get there somehow. You can order a taxi for her, but don’t give her money.
  • She tells you a sad story about her sick friend or relative, who needs much money for surgery. She asks you to pay for the surgery.
  • She wants your first date to be in a luxurious restaurant. Some gold diggers want you to pay for delicious food. So be careful. The best place for the first date is a café, but not an expensive restaurant!

When you date a good girl, she has a curfew and low expectations. She’ll be quite happy to have a cup of coffee with you. Local good girls don’t drink alcohol, that’s why a night club is not a good place for the first date.

You’ll find out that a date with a good girl is rather cheap. You’ll have to pay for a coffee and some dessert for her. A dinner at a mid-range restaurant is not expensive either.

How to find a Vietnamese bride

How you’ll live with a Vietnamese girlfriend

There are some issues between Vietnamese women and American men, concerning neediness and clinginess. When you find the girl you like and start dating her on a regular basis, she’ll try to lock you down as soon as possible. You should be ready to long daily conversations, constant texting, video chatting. You’ll have to spend a significant portion of your time on that. If you don’t, your Vietnamese girlfriend will become angry and spiteful. Do you need this?

Well, that’s what you have to expect and be prepared to, when you want to find a Vietnamese bride. We hope, our information will be useful for you.

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