What kind of men do Chinese beautiful women want

30 million Chinese men in 2020 will seek a partner, although perhaps this will not be reflected in the official statistics of China. Women are in a clear minority and have the opportunity to choose and choose: more and more of them do not want to marry the Chinese, but prefer western husbands for themselves.

In dealing with foreigners, Chinese beautiful women prefer to call themselves English names, they always look great and are ready to join Beijing’s nightlife and, perhaps, start flirting with Chinese men.

Chinese beautiful women are in the minority

Chinese beautiful women really can choose for a long time, as the girls in this country are in the minority. When they choose to have fun, they attract huge attention, offers from men of all ages from all sides pour in. Young guys, basically, just want to have fun, but those who are older are looking for a potential wife. In China, there is even a special designation for unmarried men who are over 30. “Shengman,” as they are called, literally translated, it means “extra men.”

Due to a rule requiring a family to have no more than one child, canceled in 2015, there are many millions more men than women in China, because many parents in a situation where they could afford to have only one child preferred to have a boy. Today, men have to deal with the consequences of a decision made at the time by their parents, which in practice means that in 2020 there will be 30 million more men seeking women in life than women.

Chinese beautiful women want to marry the western men

If you believe the book The Demographic Future, written by American analyst Nicholas Eberstadt, more than every fourth Chinese in their thirty in 2030 will remain single. For the traditional society that China is still, this is too serious an age to remain unmarried. Many problems arise especially outside the big cities. In contrast to the West, China still has an incredibly conservative and traditional idea of ​​what it is: to be a man. A man should have a wife, several children, a house, and be able to support and provide all.

Today, whether a Chinese man can find a wife or not depends largely on his financial situation. Wealthy people in cities hardly know about it. However, it is very difficult for the rural poor to realize their dream of a family, because the few Chinese beautiful women prefer to find the one who will be better off providing them.

Chinese beautiful women often choose Western wealthy men as potential breadwinners

Chinese beautiful women choose western charm

The “One Child Rule”, which was repealed in 2015, still has consequences for the sex ratio in the most populated country in the world, and will have consequences for many generations to come.

The rule led to the fact that many parents, in a situation where they had the opportunity to have only one child, preferred the boy, because in traditional society, the boy and men still play a predominant role. This means that in 2020, among those who are looking for a partner, there will be 30 million more men than Chinese beautiful women are. More than one in four Chinese in thirty in 2030 will remain single.

The worst situation is in rural areas, where there is less money. Because in China, where it is assumed that certain means are needed to start a family, Chinese beautiful women often choose Western wealthy men as potential breadwinners.

Chinese beautiful women don’t marry local men

There are many examples that Chinese men are willing to go to extremes to marry Chinese beautiful women and become one of those lucky ones who are not destined to end their days alone.

Some Chinese, for example, go to marriage agencies and spend a lot of money to find the perfect wife. However, more often than not, it is a waste of money and time, as Chinese beautiful women last time are increasingly marrying Europeans and Americans. In the 80s, the first case when a Chinese woman chose to marry a man from the West became a sensation, but since then many have followed her example. In recent years, this trend has become even more apparent. Chinese beautiful women find Western men attractive for several reasons – they are more confident, less complex, with humor, it is especially emphasized that they are tall and muscular.

Western men always are tall, handsome, and funny. In addition, they are crazy about Asians. Many Western men in Beijing are trying to find a wife. Foreigners believe that an attractive feature in Asian women is that they are more traditional and gentle than women in the West. Chinese beautiful women are more likely to become housewives when they get married and take care of their husbands.

What Chinese women do not like about foreigners

Although Chinese women may like to flirt with Western men, relationships do not always end in marriage. The fact is that Western men do not understand that if they want a soft and attentive wife, they themselves must be traditional men. That is, you have to pay, carry heavy loads, build a house, take responsibility, and provide for her and the family. Without one, there is no other. Not all Western men, unlike local men, understand what a real gentleman and breadwinner should be like. In the traditional Chinese sense.

Chinese beautiful women do not like portly fellow and especially fat men

How to attract the attention of a beautiful Chinese woman

As you know, in China there are much fewer girls than men are. Finding a wife in China is almost impossible for local men. This certainly does not stop Western men and they are coming up with new ways to attract the attention of Chinese beautiful women.

Chinese beautiful women do not like portly fellow and especially fat men. They also pay attention to the appearance of their chosen ones. It is not necessary to be dressed in the latest fashion, but some style must be present.

For a serious relationship, Chinese women choose only rich men. For entertainment – anyone will do. If a Chinese woman cannot meet a man who will pay for her, then she will not start a family with a beggar. In this case, Chinese beautiful women are more likely to focus on a career, job, education.

Correspondence with Chinese beautiful women

Correspondence online is the most important stage in a relationship. Do not immediately call anyone to the cinema or devour a date. Be sure to start by chatting on WeChat or QQ. Talk about simple things, what she ate, how the mood, how she feels, try to joke if she is normal with humor. Correspondence and chats can last a long time, do not be scared, just write and write every day or every other day. If she constantly answers that she is busy, there is no time, the phone is down, and then it means she has no desire to talk further with you.

In correspondence and chats, it is very important to constantly telling compliment. How beautiful she is, how smart, how beautiful again. After compliments, she will usually take off her pictures, all sorts of selfies – it begs for more compliments. Keep talking and admire her beauty, then you will achieve the result.

Date with Chinese beautiful women

The first date may occur in a day, or maybe 2 months after meeting with Chinese. Both options are allowed, if the girl is serious, then she waits for time, she does not go on dates right away. You can invite her to the cinema, to the cafe, to walk in the park.

On a date with Chinese beautiful women you need to behave naturally, do not be shy – they do not like this. For everything, a man must pay himself; you do not need to divide the bill, even if the Chinese woman insists very much. If you kissed a Chinese woman, then you can plan a wedding, now this woman is yours.

Don’t forget about the compliments. At this stage of your relationship, the man becomes the “best friend” or “good friend”, which means that your relationship has advanced to the next romantic stage. Relations should develop further. Chinese beautiful women allow them to meet more often at this stage. Men must give different gifts to Chinese women. Chinese beautiful women all their lives as children, love funny and cute gifts, compliments.

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