What You Should Know About Dating Indian Ladies

Indian culture is so unique, that it’s impossible to know everything about it. It’s full of stereotypes. So, if you think, that it’s enough to know a bit about curry and Aishwarya Rai, if you want to date an Indian girl, that’s where you’re wrong.

Dating Indian ladies is far more than just exclaiming something unclear about Bollywood and paneer. All those things are awesome, but that won’t impress a girl from India. There must be something else. You should show her that you really care, so it’s necessary to do your homework before you ask an Indian girl out.

What if you marry an Indian woman

What you should know about Indian girls

We’ve prepared much useful information for you. Let’s start with the things you should know and remember, if you don’t want your Indian girlfriend run away from you.

  • Not all Indian girls have dark skin. A great number of people, who live in India, have fair skin.
  • Indian people are considered great cooks, and yes, they can cook well. Or, at least they are aware about the location of a good Indian restaurant.
  • Young Indian girls respect their parents greatly, and they’re very conservative. It means that they do want to know who their little daughter hangs around with, and whether that guy is going to marry her.
  • Modern Indian women are against arranged marriages. So, be prepared to good old traditional dating. Restaurants, cinemas, shopping together…
  • Indian weddings are extremely loud and huge. Actually, they are the craziest events you’ve ever seen and attended. So, if you want to marry an Indian woman, get ready to something really big.
  • All Indian people have their specific nicknames. This tradition concerns your Indian girlfriend and her numerous friends and relatives. What’s crazy about them is it’s literally impossible to pronounce those sweet nicknames correctly.
  • Indian people respect their culture and country, and your girlfriend is no exception. She might come from a strict and traditional family, feel a lot of pressure from her relatives.
  • India is huge, people, who live in this country, are extremely different. There’s a great number of Indian dialects, and it’s really confusing.
  • It’s not polite to ask your girlfriend about worshipping cows. Maybe she and her relatives don’t eat beef. It’s not a good topic for discussion at the first date.
  • If the only thing you know about India is Bollywood, it doesn’t mean that your girlfriend knows all the actors and actresses, who have ever took part in there. Maybe she doesn’t care about movies at all, or maybe she’s more in for Western culture and Western movies.
  • Indian girls’ mood changes so fast, that it’s impossible to feel the transformation. She can smile and suddenly get sad or serious. Try to get used to that.
  • Indian ladies are protective and caring. When they fall in love with a man, they can get overprotective. It’s in their genes, nothing can ever be changed here.
  • Since there’s much molestation and harassment in Indian culture, the local girls try to learn as much as possible about the guys who they like. They need to make up their minds, whether they’re worth the risk.

Those are features, common for all Indian girls, no matter what part of country they are from. Let’s find out some character traits of girls from different regions.

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Girl from the North of India

  • Her mentality and dressing style can be either traditional, or modern. She looks so charming in her saree and in her tee and shorts.
  • She’s strictly against any eve-teasing.
  • She’s professional at street shopping and getting profitable bargain. She can make any street seller put the price for his goods lower and lower.
  • She likes to eat and drink well. Delhi is full of amazing restaurants with delicious food, and a Delhi girl knows exactly where to go in order to get taste buds sing.

Girl from the East of India

  • She’s fiercely independent. This girl won’t ever be called clingy.
  • She is so fond of reading, that a great gift to her is a book. It’s necessary to know what kind of books she likes to read.
  • She’s also the one who knows much about movies.
  • She respects her culture and country and wants everyone to do the same.

Girl from the West of India

  • She is rather down-to-earth. She doesn’t like to dream about anything. She just sets her goal and reaches it.
  • She prefers street shopping over coming to elite boutiques.
  • She’s extremely loyal.
  • She’s crazy about good food.

Girl from the South of India

  • She looks amazing. She has curves and she’s proud of them.
  • She’s also very smart. It’s impossible to be cleverer than her.
  • She dresses up traditionally, but she thinks modernly.
  • She’s interested in her culture, likes to sing and dance.

All those character traits should be taken lightly, with irony, because they’re nothing but stereotypes.

How to find an Indian bride

What is dating like for Indian girls

Dating Indian ladies is no piece of cake. Young girls totally obey their strict parents, and they have to lie to them and hide from them in order to send or read messages. Late night chats happen from under the blanket and late night calls happen in the balcony in a hushed voice.

When parents, relatives and unknown people around get to know that a girl starts dating, they insult her. The social pressure is really huge. A woman, who’s about 30 years old and not married yet, is considered an easy target for insulting. That’s why it would be honest to declare the intentions at the very beginning. The Indian girl doesn’t like to waste her time on the guy, who doesn’t want to marry her.

Actually, there’s no such thing as dating for an Indian lady. At first she hangs out with you a couple of times, and then, if she’s satisfied with you as her boyfriend, she’s in a relationship with you. When you ask an Indian girl out for the first time, she needs some time to think it all over. She wants to decide, whether you’re a good guy and deserve her time and attention.

How to date an Indian girl

Now it’s time for some tips. After reading this your dating Indian ladies will be easier.

  • Be fair to them. Some Western men don’t want to go any farther than just flirting. When they’re too indecisive, they wait for their girlfriends to get tired from this unclear situation and break up. It gives them chance to blame the ladies, that it was them who destroyed such great relationship. But it’s not honest and not manly.
  • Be nice and soon you’ll get a great reward. An Indian girls expresses her affection to her boyfriend with cooking for him. And it’s not just instant Sabji, it’s something complicated and very delicious! So, don’t forget to appreciate it. Do you know how long it takes to cook something precious?
  • Be loyal to them. When you’re in a restaurant or a cinema together with her, don’t look at other chicks! Indian girls feel it when you don’t stare at them and they’re not happy about that.
  • Be attentive to little details and tell her compliments. Indian girls change the shade of their lipstick and nail polish. It can be cherry red, light red, volcano red, and those shades are not the same. That’s what you should understand and remember. Your girlfriend will be happy when you say something like “I see you look different. Is it your new lipstick?”
  • Be polite. When you go shopping with her, carry her bags and pay compliments to every single dress she chooses.
  • Show your great attention, when you listen to her. Look straight into her eyes. It’s important for Indian girls. They need and like attention. They need their boyfriends to encourage and support them. They need a strong man next to them.
  • Make her laugh and never argue with her.
  • Wear good. Indian girls want to see a charming young man next to them.
  • You can pay for your lady at a restaurant, but when she wants to split the bill, don’t argue. Indian women care much about equal rights with men.
  • If you don’t agree with her eating or dressing style, never tell her about it. The same thing concerns her taste of movies, music and so on.
  • Be careful! Indian ladies are good at acting and fooling men emotionally. Your girlfriend can make you feel the way she wants you to. Perhaps, she’s a bit manipulative, so don’t obey her manipulations.

Well, now you know much more about dating Indian ladies, don’t you? They’re cool and charming, their culture is mysterious. It differs greatly from Western one. So, if you want to marry an Indian woman and live happily with her, you should make the first steps correctly!

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