What you should know before looking for a Chinese wife

Chinese women expressed their minds of marrying men from other countries, so it was the start of business of introducing local ladies to foreign gentlemen.  Western men seem to be head over heels with Chinese women. They consider them charming, mysterious and extremely beautiful. So, if you’re looking for a Chinese wife, you will find much useful information right here. So, let’s start!

How to find Chinese wife

Why Chinese women are awesome

If you’re looking for a Chinese wife, you probably already know, how awesome she might be. But let’s find several reasons, why Chinese brides are amazing.

  • They’re real friends. They’re loving and caring, that’s their character. She’ll be always there for you, no matter what problem you have, your Chinese wife will help you solve it.
  • They’re crazy about lifelong health preservation. Chinese women do know how to take care about their bodies. Their heads are full of useful healthcare tips, so they exactly know what to do, if you want to keep your health as long as possible. Due to influence of Confucianism, which is deeply rooted in their minds, they strictly follow the concept of wellbeing. No matter how old your Chinese wife is, the first thing she will do in the morning is her physical exercises.
  • They believe that things around them will change dramatically. It’s the way of their lives and it influences every little aspect of their lives, including their marriage. This feature differs from Western culture, because men in the US tend to maintain their standards until proven wrong.
  • They’re greatly dedicated to their families. A family means a fortress for Chinese people. When a foreign man marries a Chinese woman, he becomes a part of her family. Now all the opportunities, love, care and tons of homemade food are available for him. Chinese families are famous for respect for the elders and a great number of traditions.
  • They cherish their rituals and manners. What’s the first thing you remember, when you hear about Chinese culture? Of course, that’s traditional festivals. It’s such a sweet tradition of spending the holidays together, even if people have to spend much time onto traveling long distances to their dear ones.
  • They respect the Guanxi. It’s a concept about connection between people. It’s about values of loyalty and building strong relationship, including family, marriage and friendship. This Guanxi connection can be life-long, which creates a huge social support to people.
  • They have cha bu duo philosophy. It means “more or less”. Actually, it’s the antidote to perfectionism. It means that Chinese people do their best, but don’t try to do anything flawlessly. They admit the possibility of failure, and it doesn’t hurt them.
  • They don’t care about fashion and wear the things they like. China is not the country, where fashion is considered the big deal. You’ll find a huge variety of styles, and a crowd of people who don’t want to follow the rules.
  • They understand a business opportunity, when they see it. Whenever they can get a bargain, they do get it. If they want to buy a restaurant or a mall, they unite with their families, and pursue their common goal together.
  • They don’t depend on judgement. They don’t care what people think about them.

Well, are you excited? Those little cuties seem to be perfect, don’t they? You probably want to find a Chinese wife and live with such a perfection till the day you die.

How do I get a Chinese bride

Types of nice Chinese girls

Those were the traits common for majority of Chinese women. But let’s remember that they’re different. And what’s OK to one girl, is not good for another. Actually, there are two categories of Chinese girls:

  • Traditional girls. They differ from Western women greatly, so that’s what American men love about them. They stick to traditions and family values. Their top priorities are caring for their husbands and raising kids.
  • Modern girls. Those girls are open to Western traditions. They’re professional and well-educated. They’re dedicated to self-development rather than to family values. Local society doesn’t accept them, so they prefer living and working abroad.

So, those two categories differ greatly, and it means that every Western man, who’s in for a China beauty, can find the woman, that fits his needs. Those, who don’t like culture of their country and prefer something exotic, choose traditional girls. Those, who don’t want to change their lives dramatically, find a Chinese woman in America.

Why Chinese women marry foreign men

Foreign men are looking for a Chinese wife, and they don’t mind marrying them. Let’s find out the reasons:

  • They consider foreign men rich and prosperous, much richer than local men. So, marrying a foreigner means marrying a purse to them. They don’t mind going abroad with their foreign husbands. It gives them the possibility to travel around the world. So, marrying a foreigner helps the Chinese woman to meet her goals.
  • The Chinese woman, married with a foreigner, has a good social status. Since China is interested in attracting foreign investors, Chinese women like foreign people and things. Local people greatly respect a woman with a foreign husband. So, it means much for the local woman’s vanity.
  • Western men are considered manly and polite. This stereotype is the consequence of Hollywood movies, and some women believe them much more than reality.
  • Some Chinese women are seeking American men, because they’re already studying or working in the US, so it’s natural that they build up the relationship in the city where they live in. The same happens with local women, who work in foreign-funded enterprises and see foreign men every day.
  • Chinese girls are looking for American men, because they like American way of life. They want to pursue foreign life style, its customs and habits.
  • Chinese women want to be equal to men, and Chinese traditions underline men’s superiority. Some women don’t like it and they hope to build the equal relationship with a foreign men.

Now you see that your dream of looking for a Chinese wife can come true, because Chinese women want to find foreign men too. She and you have particular reasons, and it’ll be great if they coincide.

Do Chinese women make good wives?

When you’re looking for a Chinese wife, you surely want to know if you’ll find the woman you want. It’s clear, that you don’t need disappointment. Right here we’ve collected some common traits of Chinese wives.

  • They are loyal and jealous at the same time. If she loves you, she’ll stay with you till the end, no matter what difficulties and problems you have. Marriage is important for Chinese people, it’s one of the values they cherish.
  • They never forget their parents and relatives from China. No matter where they live, they’ll miss their hometown and want to go there as frequently as possible.
  • They are never bored. They always find what to do. They adore theaters, cinemas, travel, restaurant and sports. They lead a very active lifestyle, so their husbands are not bored with them.
  • They’re extremely beautiful. Their high cheekbones, deep dark eyes and full lips can make any Western man totally crazy.
  • They seem to be overprotective about the finance and children. They don’t like wasting money and don’t allow this to their husbands. But at the same time, they’re generous to their families and … strangers!
  • They care much about reputation. They would never dare to do something that tarnish reputation of her family.

So, that’s what a Chinese wife is all about. Are you impressed?

I want to marry a Chinese woman

How to date a Chinese woman

When you’re looking for a Chinese wife, you surely want to know how to attract one. We’ve collected some rules, that you should follow if you want to have a great date with a China girl.

  • Don’t play with her feelings. Chinese women are shy and gentle, it’s no good to betray their trust.
  • Don’t meet her parents until you’re sure that you want to marry her.
  • Show her respect. Chinese women are interesting and intelligent, they do deserve respect, so why not express it to them?
  • Talk to her and listen to her. Any girl needs attention. She wants to be respected and heard. So, don’t ignore her words and try to make her happy.

Well, now you know much more about Chinese women than before. And you’re ready to find a cute girl from China and live happily with her.

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