What You Should Know Before You Decide to Marry a Thai Woman

Thai women are considered to be so sweet and lovely. They’re well-bred and polite. What’s more pleasant for Western man, they’re come from patriarchal society, that’s why they accept men’s leadership and they’re ready to follow them. So, those of men from Europe and the USA, who had some bad luck with Western women, may want to marry a Thai woman.

What are Thai women like?

Thai women are unique, because they seem to have good manners from their birth. They speak soft, move quietly. They are so polite, that seem to be angels. Let’s have a look at some other interesting features of beautiful Thai girls.

  •  They follow etiquette of their country, which says that the head is the most sacred part of a human body and feet are the least important part. It means, that you’ll never see a Thai girl with her feet on the table. What’s more, they don’t use tables as chairs, that’s too rude for them.
  • They smile almost every single minute of their lives. That’s why Thailand is called the land of smiles. It’s not only about tourist spots, but all its regions, even those, where foreigners don’t live in. The only reasons why Thai girls don’t smile are the following: they have a really bad day (that is possible) or they are too shy to smile at strangers.
  • They don’t show off their emotions in public. They prefer putting a smile on their faces. Only when they’re alone they can express their emotions at full.
  • They can tell lies, because they don’t like arguments. If you ask your Thai girlfriend about anything, she may reply yes, because she knows that this answer you expect. She doesn’t want to upset you, that’s why she’ll try to keep her emotions to herself. But this volcano will erupt sooner or later. If you’re married a Thai woman, she may agree with you for several weeks, but then her patience is over, and then you’d better run for shelter and save your life. If you don’t want to see this explosion, you should let your Thai wife express her emotions and disagree with you.
  • They always say “Mai Pen Rai”, which means “Don’t worry”. You shouldn’t accept this thing literally. In fact, it’s a reason for considering what you’ve done wrong. This phrase is said by Thai women in the same situation, when Western women say something much more rude.
  • They are considerate. They deeply respect their partners and take care of them. They don’t embarrass their men in public, because they prefer discussing important things in private.
  • They are organized housewives. Girls in Thailand are raised as workforce. They are used to working and taking care of the house and family. They know how to maintain their household, but they appreciate any help from their partners.

Those were characteristic features for all women, who live in all parts of Thailand. Now, let’s discuss differences between the girls, who live in different parts of the country.

  • Women from Northern Thailand. You will be surprised how calm and peaceful they are. It’s easy to fall in love with a girl from this region.
  • Women from Northeastern Thailand. People, who live there, always work in group and help each other. They build houses and temples together. Girls from this region have the biggest patience possible.
  • Women from Central Thailand. They love freedom, so they are more independent than girls from other regions. Some of them are westernized, which means, that they respect traditions of the USA and Europe.
  • Women from Eastern Thailand. They are relaxed and warm-hearted. They love freedom too, but still they can’t compete with girls from the central region.
  • Women from Southern Thailand. They are active and strong. They can seem loud and direct, because they’re used to saying what they think. That’s how they differ from girls who live in other regions.
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Do Thai girls make good wives?

That’s the first question you might have before you make up your mind. Let’s remember, that all women are different, even if they come from one and the same country. So, some Thai women are not created for long-term relationships, but others can bring you so much happiness. If you treat her well, of course. You’ll feel that she has a heart of gold and you’ll love Thai traditions she’ll bring into your home.

Thai women, who choose marriage, don’t divorce so fast as a majority of Western women. They don’t get angry with their men for a long time. But much depends upon you! Thai women are used to following their men, but they’re also used to being treated well. If you try to be the master of your house and tell your Thai wife what to do and where to go, she probably won’t tolerate it. And you’ll be left alone.

So, before you decide to marry a Thai woman, remember the main rule: Happy wife – happy life!

What about differences?

There are some types of differences you’ll have a deal with, when you start an international marriage with a Thai woman. First of all, it’s cultural one. Thailand is not a Western country. It has its own unique culture and you’d better respect it, if you want to live happily with a Thai woman.

It’s not cool to complain how hard it is to live in Thailand. Your Thai wife won’t respect you in this case.

Another difference that you may have is an age gap. It doesn’t raise brows in Thailand. Of course, a 20-year-old girl won’t fall in love with a 60-year-old man. But an age difference somewhere between 10 and 20 years is quite all right here.

Young Thai women prefer elder men, because boys of their age are not serious. They’re nothing more than playboys, who drink around with their friends.

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Where can you meet Thai women for marriage?

A great number of Western men find amazing Thai girls in dating apps and websites. Such ladies speak English a bit, that’s why they create their profiles and don’t mind marrying foreigners.

If you come to Thailand in the hope of finding a local girl for long-term relationship, you don’t have many chances. You can find some at coffee shops. If you see a girl you like, smile at her and start a conversation. Ask her what she thinks about the town. If she smiles back, you can ask her, if she’s single.

Wedding traditions

One wedding tradition is very important in Thailand. It’s dowry. Your girlfriend’s parents might make it clear that it will be presented. You can get worried about it, but if your Thai girl loves you, she’ll do everything possible to make it painless for you.

Dowry presentation is a great show, but it’s just a show and nothing more. You’ll have to show the guests how rich you are. You can get a loan and after the wedding ceremony you can give the money right back.

The wedding ceremony in Thailand is a great celebration. Over 300 guests can take part in this event. And it can be very, very long. It can be separated into the morning ceremony and night one. You’ll have to pay for much foods and drinks, photographers and musicians. You’ll have to take care about the guests, who live in other towns. They’ll need hotel rooms, booked by you!

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A part of Thai family

Families in Thailand are very united. If you decide to marry a Thai woman, it means, that you’ll marry the whole of her family: her parents and her siblings. The similar situation is in South Korea, Japan and China. And you know what else it means? You’ll have to send money to her parents every month! Yes, old people in Thailand get some money as a pension, but it’s not enough. Your Thai wife will want to help them.

If you become a part of a close Thai family, your wife will stay but your side no matter what. Even if you decide to leave Thailand and go to your country, you’ll have to remember her parents. You can invite them to your place once in while and go to their place as well.

Thai people greatly respect their parents. Here’re some examples:

  • When they come into the room and see their elders inside, they bow down.
  • If elders sit on the floor, younger people kneel down and crawl past them.
  • Younger people are not allowed to be in a higher position than their elders.
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Now you know much. Do you still want to marry a Thai woman? If you’re sincere to her and love her, she’ll love you back and take care for you. If you take her to your country, she’ll miss her home. You’d better surround her with Thai things, so that she can feel as if she’s at home.

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