Why are Japanese women so pretty

Japanese women after 25 years, and some as young as 20, begin subconsciously and even consciously to seek a partner with a view to the potential creation of a family and the birth of children. Moreover, the coveted husband may even be a poor student. Most Japanese women at this age will not meet just like that, from a partner they definitely need at least the ostentatious desire to get married and some kind of family prospects. If you suddenly, having met a couple of months, tell a Japanese woman that you are not planning to get married and offer to meet just like that, for mutual pleasure and pastime, then most likely she will leave you.

How to build relationships with Japanese women          

Japanese women are not spoiled by the attention of local men, so for a full-fledged relationship more than enough to meet once a week. Residents of the Land of the Rising Sun are very tolerant of adultery, unless they incur any material losses or decrease attention from their partners, and they completely ignore adultery. What all this promises is a potential future Russian husband of a Japanese woman, and the fact that he can meet with more than one Japanese woman, without prejudice to these Japanese women.

Of course, you should not abuse it, but it’s better to quickly decide what, with whom and how you want. By the way, do not be surprised if your Japanese girlfriend has one more guy “on the hook”, this is normal for Japanese women who have not yet despaired of getting married. You will not know about him, and this will not hinder anything. After the wedding, Japanese women become very, very devoted wives, moreover, tolerant of your little “mischief” on the side.

What is the secret of beauty of Japanese women

Japan is a record country in the number of centenarians. It is here that the largest number of people live, whose age exceeds one hundred years. One of the main secrets of this phenomenon is a healthy diet. Residents of Japan are guided by the principle of obtaining the greatest benefit when choosing products. What do the main commandments of the Japanese culture of health, beauty and youth look like?

No beauty secrets will give the desired effect without correction of nutrition. Japanese people like to drink green tea. Green tea is one of the healthiest types of tea in the world. It is rich in antioxidants, which are involved in the process of weight loss, slow down the aging process, and help in the fight against free radicals. Therefore, Japanese women age more slowly than others do. Unlike the Americans, who in most cases prefer a piece of fried meat, the Japanese are lovers of seafood. Therefore, Japanese women are thin.

The mystery of Japanese women

Europeans and Americans are attracted to Japanese women by their mystery. The land of the rising sun has long been famous for its cultural traditions, but most of them are as old as the world. In addition, even if they are respected, new modern standards appear not only in the culture itself, but also in the concept of beauty and attractiveness of Japanese women. For most Japanese women, their height does not exceed 160 cm. Seamlessly, this has turned into a trend and now short girls are considered insanely cute and pretty in Japan. Puppet skin color – this is considered incredibly beautiful in Japan.

The appearance of a European girl is the dream of any Japanese woman! This trend is one of the main ones, which, like white skin, has remained unbreakable for a very long time.

If you are a foreigner in Japan, then get ready to receive many compliments about your appearance. Japanese girls are very complex about their Asian facial features and the desire for European standards for them turns into a real race for beauty. Japanese broad eyes try to create artificially wide, large, bright eyes, double eyelids, a small face, hair of a different color and many other things. Japanese women love all western trends. Therefore, it is not difficult for a European or an American to fall in love with a Japanese woman.

Almost everyone has heard about the love of foreigners for Japanese girls

Why Japanese women respect and can love men from the West

Almost everyone has heard about the love of foreigners for Japanese girls. Nevertheless, not many knew that girls from Japan are very warm towards Americans and Europeans. How, for what and why do the beautiful representatives of the Japanese nation like them? The Japanese, in principle, adore all Slavs and Europeans.

In Japan, a real boom in everything Western, including appearance. Many Japanese and Japanese have an operation to expand their eyes. This is also seen in speech. You can easily pass by the Japanese and hear some Western word with a Japanese accent. In addition, it doesn’t matter at all whether it will be in place or not. Japanese women also adore bright eyes. Blue / green, and indeed any color that is different from Japanese. Also Japanese women love long eyelashes. Well, some Japanese women like growth, and the massive physique of a man’s body from the west.

Japanese women really like the fact that foreigners treat them like a lady

The main reason that Japanese women choose Western men is their mentality. Western norms of behavior is very strange and unusual for the Japanese, but at the same time very attractive. Japanese women like when men is a gentlemen – he give a hand, carry heavy things and if they go near the carriageway, then a man always goes near the road. There is nothing special for Europeans, however, practically no Japanese have these features in Japan. For a simple Japanese, it is the norm to give his girlfriend heavy bags, and to go next to yourself staring lightly at the phone. Any man in Japan will first think about himself, and therefore already about his companion.

For many foreigners, the good old-fashioned Japanese family may seem strange

Western men want Japanese wives

The image of a Japanese woman has long been overgrown with various myths. In the view of foreigners, Japanese women are supposedly the exact opposite of Western girls. They are soft and meek, very gentle and caring, ready to give themselves completely and rely on their husband in everything. Of course, for some foreign men such a vivid and feminine image causes sympathy and a desire to build a serious relationship with a Japanese woman. f for Japanese men some manifestations of the feelings of their soul mates seem quite familiar and understandable to themselves, then for a foreign spouse it is not so simple. Spouses often lack affection and sensuality from their wives. Say, the Japanese are attentive and caring, yes, but in the expression of love they are secretive and silent. Many girls prefer to express their feelings with half-hints and do not say the treasured “I love you” every day.

Perfectionism in everything

This is another feature of the Japanese. Japanese women especially. In the Land of the Rising Sun, it is rarely possible to meet a girl who would not watch herself and her appearance. Cleanliness and neatness – the main scourge of Japan, which extends to family life. The house should be clean and pleasant to smell, so no dirty toilet with a raised seat and socks scattered on the floor. Conflicts within such international marriages are also generated by the Japanese woman’s demand for self-care. Doing a shower a couple of times a week and a stale shirt will fail. Foreigners are forced to take care of themselves both at work and at home, so as not to smell unusual then for the Japanese (their sweat has no smell at all).

Who is the head in this house?

For many foreigners, the good old-fashioned Japanese family may seem strange, but all because a married woman becomes almost the main thing. Who is the head in this house? For many foreigners, the good old-fashioned Japanese family may seem strange, but all because a married woman becomes almost the main thing. Nurses  are not popular in Japan. Therefore, a young mother always has to do on her own. This often leads to the fact that a woman refuses to work (at least temporarily) in raising a child, and all the chores of the content fall on the shoulders of the man.

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