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Why young Japanese women want to marry as soon as possible

Oriental girls have always attracted many men. More and more marriages are registered with spouses of different nationalities. This is not surprising since interracial marriages have a positive effect on interracial relationships.

Of course, ideal marriages do not exist, just as there are no ideal wives and husbands. Therefore, such marriages were no exception in the emergence of conflicts between spouses. Interestingly, the reasons for dissatisfaction are peculiar.

How Japanese women show feelings

Often men complain that they lack manifestations of warm feelings on the part of their wife. Japanese, unlike English-speaking foreigners, rarely use direct declarations of love. The situation changes dramatically when it comes to world stars – here for Japanese women there is no limit to emotions and feelings.

In many countries of Asia, in particular in Japan, there are unique ways of expressing feelings when it comes to physical contacts. Their foundations are significantly different from our usual attitudes. Therefore, others regard what for someone can be just a manifestation of flirting as an encroachment on personal boundaries and freedoms. Even a light touch can be seen as a hint of something unnatural.

Attitude to single girls in Japan

Less than half a century ago, Japanese women who had sat up in girls were compared to a Christmas cake. In the new millennium – with New Year’s noodles. The transition from one gastronomic metaphor to another is due to a change in age, after which an unmarried Japanese woman practically loses her chance to get married. Behind these sexist jokes is a very serious problem: the number of marriages in the Land of the Rising Sun is declining, and so is the birth rate.

The situation looks all the more strange when you consider that the vast majority of Japanese and Japanese people dream of marriage and consider creating a family the main life goal.

Girls who need to be married have been compared to a Christmas cake in Japan since the 1970s. However, now the situation has changed: the average age at which marriages are concluded has increased by 4.2 years for men and 5.2 years for women. In 2010, this figure was 31.1 years for the Japanese and 29.4 years for the Japanese.

As a result, women got relief. Today, 26 years is no longer a sentence. And local witters came up with a new joke, replacing the “Christmas cake” with “New Year’s noodles.” That is, girls after 31 are no longer as fresh as their younger peers.

Japanese women desire to get married

With all this, however strange it may sound, 86 percent of men and 89 percent of women in Japan dream of getting married eventually. In addition, 80 percent of single and unmarried Japanese respondents say that creating a family is the main goal of life. In other words, most Japanese people highly value marriage, although the age at which families are created is constantly increasing.

The desire to get married appears in most Japanese women at least once in a lifetime, regardless of whether she has a lover or not. This is a natural desire to be with someone you love and want to make a family. Nevertheless, when this desire appears among lonely women, and they frantically try to find someone who will marry them, it is frankly not connected with feelings.

Reasons Japanese Women Delay Marriage

The reasons why Japanese women postpone marriage are about the same as for women from the USA and Europe. Modern Japanese women are well educated, passionate about careers and less financially dependent on men. However, there are also specific Japanese nuances. For example, according to the tradition, which is still very strong, the time interval between the wedding and the birth of a child does not have to be large. Accordingly, a woman who believes that she is not yet ready for motherhood is in no hurry to marry. Another problem: marriage usually puts an end to a career. Again, by virtue of tradition, Japanese household chores are divided unevenly in the family, in other words, men do little to help women manage their households and take care of their children. Few people can combine full-time work with maintaining order in the house. In addition, husbands often in direct text ask their wife to quit shortly after the wedding, and employers are not inclined to hire women with minor children.

How to make acquaintance with a Japanese woman

If a foreigner wants to get acquainted with a Japanese woman, then he must know some things. Firstly, you should choose a girlfriend by age. Secondly, it’s not the best idea to just approach the girls on the street and offer to meet, exchange phones and more. Yes, they will listen to you, but most likely the relationship will not go away, and if you press and insist, she will call the police. There is an option to make acquaintance on the Internet, through social networks, but this is a long and not reliable way. The best way, in my opinion, is to get acquainted through your friends or colleagues. That is, a Russian girl makes contacts with a Japanese woman (even just on the street) and they begin to communicate. Then she offers the Japanese woman to go somewhere together and afterwards says – but would you mind if my friend goes with us (you can even say brother). You come to a meeting, start to give out compliments, pay in a cafe or karaoke, and it went. It is then that it becomes clear whether the Japanese woman wants to develop relations. It is possible that her friend will come with the Japanese woman – the options are increasing.

Japanese women postpone marriage are about the same as for women from the USA and Europe

What do Japanese women want from a date

Most importantly, Japanese women are not spoiled by the manifestations of romance. Japanese guys practically don’t give them flowers, they don’t carry stairs on their hands. Therefore, romance is a strong side of foreigners, but it should not be too flashy. Do not come on a date with a bouquet of several dozen roses, a small bouquet is enough, something small but beautiful. For example, Japanese women love sunflowers. Open the door in front of them, carry on your hands, hold your coat…

As for entertainment, that most of the dates you will just go shopping, where she will “shop.” In second place is a visit to karaoke, cinemas, Disneyland. Therefore, they also love to be photographed in a machine with stickers. In Japan, on dates it is customary to pay everyone for themselves, but if a man pays, they will be happy. This is also a mandatory manifestation of romance.

Modern Japanese women are well educated, passionate about careers and less financially dependent on men

What do Japanese women like

Japanese women do not like to walk and even take one metro stop. If you somehow break the law (for example, occasionally ride a hare) this will not be approved, but as you are a foreigner, you will be forgiven, but she herself will never do that. I am Japanese – we can’t do this, the answer will follow. Many Japanese women like branded clothes or dress for Europeans, but they don’t like to wear kimonos – they say it is difficult to wear. When traveling abroad, they will only go to the places indicated in their guidebook and take pictures against them in order to show them to friends later. Passing with them by some other route is for the most part doomed to failure – if this is not in the guidebook, then it does not seem to exist.

Japanese women do not like to kiss or hug in public. If at the beginning of your acquaintance she will allow this (to show others that she is with a foreigner), but with the development of relations it will go away. It’s also not customary here to cuddle at a meeting, especially when crowded. It’s not customary to see off to the house, let alone to the apartment.

How to marry a Japanese woman

Many Japanese women are very positive (even with a certain degree of enthusiasm) towards acquaintance and marriage with a representative of a different nationality. Many of them dream of meeting a tall blue-eyed guy. Well, which foreigner does not want to have a relationship with a miniature and fragile girl who will be distinguished by fidelity and sensuality? Therefore, let’s figure out how to get acquainted with a Japanese woman for marriage.

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