Your Thai wife in America: How You Can Make Her Happy Far From Home

Thai international marriage is somewhat complicated, because both of you should decide, which country you will live in. If you’re a Westerner, you’ll probably have some difficulty in living in Thailand. You may want your Thai wife to live in your country. But will she be happy to leave her parents and relatives? Is she going to miss her homeland? In fact, she is. But you, as a good husband, can make her happy far from home.

Here you’ll learn, what you can do for your Thai wife in America. But before you should know something about her likes and needs.

What is a Thai girl like?

Thai girls are sweet angels. They’re well-bread, calm and reserved. They’re never seen angry, so you can think that they always smile. Thailand is called the land of smiles thanks to its nice ladies. You’ll be charmed by them, when you start a conversation with them.

Here’s the most important personality traits of amazing Thai girls:

  • They always wear a calm face. Thai women don’t show their emotions in public. That’s they way they were raised, when they were little girls.
  • Their words and their thoughts can be quite different. They don’t disclose what they think about people. They don’t like long arguments, so it’s easer for them to agree than to say what they really think.
  • They respect their parents greatly. This culture of respect for parents is common for many Asian countries, including China, Japan and Vietnam.
  • They are organized housewives. They are used to maintaining the home and don’t mind doing it. Whenever you want to help your Thai wife in America, she’ll be grateful. But she’ll never ask you for help, will never complain that she’s tired.
  • They don’t like showing love and affection in public. All those kissing and hugging is for some private place, where you’re alone.
  • They don’ like to be pushed, they need time to trust their boyfriends, especially if they’re from another country. So, when your Thai wife is comfortable with you, you’ll be happy together. She may feel a bit shy in the country, she never was before. So, help her get used to it.
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How you can take care of your Thai wife in America

Thai girls don’t ask for much. They are too modest and well-bread for that. But there are some things that beautiful Thai girls do need. And one of them is security. She doesn’t want to worry about food on the table and clothes to wear. She doesn’t need luxury, but she doesn’t want to be poor.

She’s ready to work hard for you at home or at a job. She wants to feel good enough. If you are kind enough and appreciate her work, she’ll love and respect you. Thai men are known for their abusive attitude to their wives. They don’t respect women. Some Thai men even use their fists and cause their wives serious injury. So, don’t be that type of men. When your Thai wife decided to marry a man from another country, she hoped that her life would be better.

Do you know what else you can do for your Thai wife in America? Provide her with as much TV and internet, as she wants. Girls in Thailand do watch TV, especially together with their boyfriends and husbands. It’s a good idea to watch some Thai movies or American movies with Thai subtitles.

Being far from home, your Thai wife will have to speak English all the time. But she’ll want to keep her native language in her memory. That’s what she needs internet for. She’ll watch Thai shows on YouTube and stay in contact with her friends and parents.

Another thing you can for your Thai wife in America is find a Thai supplies store nearby. She’ll be happy to cook the food, she’s used to. You’ll have a chance to taste Thai cuisine. Some say it’s delicious, and others don’t agree. Just imagine, how happy you’ll be, when you come back home from work and your Thai wife is waiting for you with a marvelous dinner.

And here’s one more thing you can give to you lady if you want to make her happy. It’s gold. Thai women don’t like either silver or diamonds. The best gift for them is gold. It must be yellow and not white or red.

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Is a Thai woman happy with an American man?

Thai people call foreigners “Farangs”. Many years ago, they couldn’t imagine that Thai women would ever be in relationship with Farang men. Some old people are still against it, but young women find it simple and pleasant to communicate with strangers. Now it’s so easy to travel around the world, that Thailand and America seem to be so close to each other.

Modern parents of young Thai girls don’t frown on international marriages. They understand, that their daughters will live more happily abroad. Since young men and women send money to their parents, that’s what they also think about.

No matter how open-minded Thai girls and their parents are, Thai international marriages are based on great cultural misunderstanding. Thai girls are family oriented. They consider that Western men are not devoted to family so much as they have to. This misunderstanding can lead to serious arguments and complicated troubles.

If Asian people celebrate family, then Western people celebrate independency. It’s clear that parent-children relationship in the USA are based on freedom. Adult boys and girls leave their parents’ houses, and everyone is so happy. The different situation is in Thailand.

Another thing that can lead to misunderstanding is cheating. Thai tradition doesn’t like it, but tolerates it. It’s a common situation for Thailand, when a married Thai man has another woman on the side. She’s called “small wife”. Of course women are not happy than their husbands cheat on them. That’s why they marry foreigners and expect commitment from them.

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How to treat a Thai wife in America

Here you’ll find a few useful tips about the way you should treat your Thai wife, if you want to keep long-term relationship with her.

  • Never argue in public. As you already know, Thai women don’t show their emotions in public. They are so much shy, that their biggest nightmare is airing their dirty linen in public. So, if you do something wrong in public, you should be ready to a great revenge. When a Thai woman is angry, she either screams in private or she starts silent treatment. And this variant is very, very horrible. It can last for hours, days and weeks. Thai women are as stubborn as mules. You’ll have to try as much as you can to show how much you regret, if you want this silent treatment to be over.
  • Never insult her family. Even if your Thai wife whispers you this or that gossip about her relatives, you should never say any negative views, even if you have something to say. Your lady will be greatly insulted.
  • Never insult your family, while she’s watching. Respecting family and parents is natural for Thai people, so they expect everyone around them to do the same. It’s no good to fight with your relatives, when your wife is around. She’ll be embarrassed, and then she’ll punish you with silent treatment.
  • Respect Thai culture and religion. Thai people take their religion seriously. Whenever you visit a temple in Thailand, follow the rules. Cover up your bare legs, wear a top with long sleeves.
  • Get used to noisy meals. It’s a part of Thai tradition to invite friends to meals and talk loudly, while eating. This noise pollution is a natural surrounding of a Thai meal.
  • Be patient while talking to her. Don’t forget, that English is not her native language. It can be stressful for her, when she wants to tell you something, but she doesn’t know how. Google Translate can help. Try not to laugh, when your Thai wife makes some mistakes. You’d better help her, prompt the words she wants to say.

Why Thai women marry foreigners

Thai women are sure that Western men are much better, than their local ones. They consider men from the USA and Europe ambitious and mature. They think that setting and reaching goals is so great. They don’t see those features in Thai men, who seem to care about nothing. They are scared of any responsibility, and it’s not what a Thai woman wants.

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So, now you know much about the way you should treat your Thai woman, if you want to make her happy. It’s not hard, if you love her.

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